How do I get over him?

2016-01-01 23:31
He broke up with me about a month ago. I really cared about him and he really cared about me. He didn't want to break up with me a member in his family made him break up with me because they didn't like me he wouldn't tell me who. I tried to forget about him by reading that worked for about 3 weeks but I started thinking about him again. I want to move on I just can't seem to cope with the fact that he's gone. He told me that maybe we can make it work out in the future but I don't think that will happen. The main reason I'm still thinking about him is because my friend has some classes with him she keeps telling me she is overhearing on his conversations. She said that he was talking with one of his friends about me. He was saying how he missed me and he felt bad about breaking up with me. My friend also said he started crying after he finished talking. Any advice on helping me to move on will be appreciated. Thanks :)
Sounds like you don't really want to move on
Okay first off, to me, and this is just my personal experience, when a guy won't tell you why or who is making him break up with you, it usually means he's just making that up as an excuse to leave because he's not interested in you anymore. /: Another thing you should really find out about is if he is actually talking about you and crying over you in class. Guys don't usually do that, let alone cry in front of their friends. Make sure your friend is telling the truth and not just making up things to make you feel better.Look, all break ups are hard. I've had TERRIBLE ones ;c But only time will heal. Just wait it out and focus on other things no matter what. Looking back only makes it worse.
From what i know experience i had I'm 23 old enough, girl when a guy tells you he wants to broke up with because someone of his family or whatever who don't like you, thats a lie that means he doesn't want to be with you anymore and he doesn't want to hurt you so he lies. My man is still with me even tho his brother doesn't like me at all, and you should find out if its true that he cries for you it might be a lie from your friend just to bring your hopes up. A guy that lies like that doesn't cry over a girl that he doesn't care about anymore.
doesn't really sound like you want to, to be honest. sounds like he may not want to either
I don't know if I want to tell you how to move on... Because all that shows is that there's a possibility of you guys being together. Family can't always control relationships. But spending time with other people could open new doors and new sparks. It's happened to me.
Eat some brownies
That story doesn't seem right...It sounds like he wanted to break up...but used a invisible family member to do so....WOOW HE'S WACK!!

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