Should the legal age to buy cigarettes be raised to 21 years of age?

2015-12-31 06:19
Recent polls suggested that Colorado should raise the age to smoke and buy cigarettes. I want to get an insight of what other people think about this
Why do people smoke?I tried it a few times when I was younger. What normally resulted was I'd smoke for a 1 - 2 weeks and then need to cough up all kinds of crap for 2 - 4 weeks. It seemed futile at best. I certainly did not find anything attractive, comforting, or pleasing in that. I mean, other than to try to be "cool", what other possible reason is there to start smoking?I guess I would not make a good spokesperson for a tobacco company.
Yes , kids will smoke and die man so when the age is raised smokers will not be too young to die.
These different age limits for different things are contradictory. If a person is considered old enough to:-- join the military & fight-- vote... then they are old enough to decide whether they want to drink or smoke. .Frankly, I'd be in favor of deciding on ONE age where a person is considered an adult in every respect. That includes driving and jail sentencing, as well as military, voting, drinking and smoking ... and whatever other current distinctions exist.
Yes or make it go up 1 time a year then we may not get any new smokers.
I think yes because when youre 18, smoking can be something your just doing to be cool or impress someone and while doing that you can get addicted to them or get lung cancer from it
No they should just make them illegal to begin with its a dangerous unhealthy and dirty habit.
It will have little effect ,When I was to young to smoke,I would just buy them at a cig machineOr steal them from my parents.But I guess it wouldn't hurt to raise The age -.......
If you're old enough to pay taxes, you should be old enough to spark up a fine, grade-A-tobacco, domestic (or Turkish blend) coffin nail. Also, our troops shold be able to have a drink before they're 21.
It is not the age factor, it is awareness which should be developed in the children and its effects on the health of people and people around them. They must be shown short films on the effects of smoking to general public. The patient dying in hospitals and their faces and mouths who get cancer by smoking. The sufferings of the families etc.

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