I recently hurt my wrist in a fall while snowboarding. Do you think it's fractured or badly sprained? Look at the detail

2015-12-31 01:27
My wrist isn't at an odd position, and nothing seems out of place. However it has bruised and swelled some. Also, I can't turn my wrist around like my healthy one, but I'm not sure if that's because of pain, or I just physically can't turn it. After hurting it, I went on snowboarding for 2 more hours, and it's been a day since I hurt it, but it hasn't improved much. I would think it's a sprain other than the fact that I'm not sure
If I can fully turn it. Please leave all your opinions in the answers
An X-ray will determine if it's broken or not.
It sounds like you need more practice snowboarding
That is mean I was suckish when i started any ways get an X-ray my mom does X-rays so I am pretty sure it is just sprained
Your Dr would be the one to ask, not people who can't see, or touch it. This is something that must be checked out by a professional.
i think youve got fractured. ask a doctor or else it might worsen
It definitely sounds like a sprain so I would just bandage it up with some sort of cloth cast that fits tight on your wrist. Keep the cast on for a week and then take it easy the next couple of days you take the cast off. I wouldn't worry too much about it being broken, you just need to act fast before it gets any worse.

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