How does one get swept down a storm drain?

2015-12-28 03:38
I read about the Iowa kid who was swept down and was wondering. The rains usially arent very wide/tall/whatever, and hes a teen
He was probably playing around and fell/jumped or slipped in.. fast moving water is VERY strong, just a few inches is enough to sweep someone off their feet, a food of water or a little less can carry someone away depending on how fast it is moving
This happened when I was living in Houston- the heavy rains flooded the sewer system, causing some of the manhole covers to pop off. People treading through the hip-high water unawares step in the open hole and...
I have seen similar things in the news in southern California. Though the water in storms drains after a storm may be only a foot deep at the edge, it's moving fast and the bottom of the drain is slippery. Once you have lost your footing (which will be instantly if you fall in), it is almost impossible to get back to your feet. You can get rolled over and over, hit your head, and once your unconscious, you quickly drown.

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