Why do I have faint headaches that happen regularly?

2015-12-26 23:24
Okay so I noticed that i have been getting headaches lately. But they arent headaches. It seems like a slight pounding where my temple is and it just stays there for awhile. It goes away with medicine but comes back later. I fall asleep with it and wake up with it. IT WONT GO AWAY!!!!! i told my mom and she said to drink more and in a week we will see the progress. But i am so concerned!!! should i be worried? it becomes worse when i am near light and i kind of hear weird sounds???

Sounds like migraine although those aren't faint. Stay hydrated with lots of water, stay away from caffeine(coffee, tea, chocolate) It could be tension or stress.Are you breathing properly when exercising? Are you having trouble with vision? Start keeping a journal to see if a pattern develops. Doctor can determine the cause.
Faint headaches can be caused by migraine, stress or migraine headaches. It is advisable you visit your doctor for a proper check up and medication.

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