7 years twin sisters keep fighting

2015-12-26 20:31
how to stop them ? they shout and beat each other all day long
There behavior is normal. However, at some point it needs to stop. I would start taking things away from them. Isolating them to there room......tell them they must not be getting enough sleep so you are going to have to go to bed earlier until the two of you can learn to get along.
That normal!!!
That's life leave them me and my sister always fight
They both desperately need boundaries and guidelines. Whenever they fight, you need to put them both in time out and let them out of time out, only when they agree to stop fighting. You can also try to find things they would like to do together and encourage them to do those things instead.
Sibling rivalry is common as long as they don't hurt each other. You can advice them on the things they are fighting over and then leave them to solve their own differences. These will end with time. They are still learning how to live with one another.

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