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2015-12-25 23:56
I broke the inside of my laptop screen. the actual glass. my dad uses it sometimes. but hasn't an kinda forgot about it until now! my idea is in the middle of the night plug it in and put it on the floor and place a suitcase on top making it look like it fell and broke it. This plan is really unreliable. Any suggestions? :(
Tell the truth those screens are an easy repair unless its a really old laptop
Oh , better tell him the truth...But as you wish, these tricks could work as well... Good luck ;)
Its seems somewhat fullproof but if you tell the truth hes more likely to not give that big of a punishment than if he were to find out, especially if it was pure acident
I can tell you from personal experience in later years this will come back to haunt you. You will feel guilty and the guilt will eat away at you. If it's not too late go tell him right now and get it over with. Try to work up some tears. It might help.
Truth. Always.
Please just tell him the TRUTH! We Dads have all broken stuff when we where kids too! It ISN'T as big a deal as you think... My son never gets in trouble for accidents! Why should he? But I would be so hurt & angry if lied to! Stuff can be fixed or replaced, TRUST & relationships are more difficult to fix!
Tell your dad the truth. We all must learn to face the consequences of our actions. You can expect him to be unhappy and perhaps even to yell at you. You should only consider lying if your father has shown that he will physically abuse you. Has he beaten you mercilessly in the past? If not, it's time for you confess your guilt and regret. You might also offer to do something to make up for your negligence.
Tell him the truth
You said your dad and you don't get along but he trusts you? To keep that trust you should come clean..I'm sure it's scary but you will feel better later for it. It's not like you meant to..but apologize profusely and offer to pay for the cost of repairing it or replacing it. At least you'll get respect from him for it.
Be honest and tell the truth.

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