Medical question (please read!)

2015-12-24 08:25
I started feeling nauseous last night. I was nauseous for about 17 hours and then I threw up once. I had cold sweats and I got really pale. I also experienced diarrhea. I now feel slightly nauseous but I haven't thrown up or had diarrhea in 5 hours. Why did I throw up? I considered food poisoning but I haven't eaten anything in about 18 hours. Could it still be food poisonig? I am also on my period. Could this have anything to do with it? I have also heard that taking certain medications can make you throw up. Last night I took a Bendryl and 100mg of Zoloft. Please answer!!! Anything will help. Please.
go to a clinic or hospital, the answer of a professional will be more helpful than anyone's home remedies
There are many forms of food poisoning. Sometimes the symptoms don't even start until several days after you've eaten.I am not a doctor or qualified to give medical advice.
Heard antihistamines can cause nausea. Just make sure you stay hydrated.Sounds like three day virus. Eat lightly. Don't consume too many artificial sugary drinks. Eat light soups and vegetables. Lighten up on desserts. Wait one week.

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