How to cure a sore throat?

2015-12-23 23:23
Two days ago my nose started getting stuffed up and yesterday my whole head felt stuffed up. Today i have a dry cough and stuffy everything. Nothing is helping me get unclogged and nothing is really helping my throat. It hurts so much when i cough. Is school a bad idea? Any tips on how to stop this madness?
It sounds like you may have a sinus infection. Try getting a cloth and putting it under warm water. When the cloth is damp and has steam coming off of it, place it over your nose and mouth. Keep it there for 5 minutes or until the cloth cools. Then blow your nose. This should take away the stuffiness in your nose. For your throat I would suggest cough drops and a cough medicine (mucinex works great). I think you'll be ok to go to school, but if the symptoms persist and you acquire a fever I would go see a doctor. Hope this helps!
try eating honey comb honey combined whit lime juice, not lemon.
i have the same thing :( when i took showers i turned it really hot and tilted my head back so the water would be on my throat and it felt really good also the steam from the water will also help your nose to get unplugged.try putting some honey and lemon into hot water and drinking it. well i hope you feel better soon :)
It means......................Now your sick! ;D
tea, Sucrets, and of course medicine

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