Why should the us lower legal employment age? And why not?

2015-12-23 05:31
I have a debate project and I need help.
It's all about maturity. If your son/daughter is mature enough or even tall enough to handle certain job they can have a job. It should be the parents decision if they will lower the age. They should have a parent "permission slip" to work if they are too young. Also in other countries they have strong trustworthy mature kids working jobs 24/7 with their family. They can also be interns.
There's no legal employment age, even babies have jobs in Hollywood and in modelling agencies.
So we can reopen the sweatshops of the 1890's, and bring back these businesses to America from South Asia
We shouldn't. If minors work as opposed to getting a proper education, it leads to a stagnant economy since that generation doesn't have the skills to improve existing technology and other important aspects of a modern country.
We shouldn't. We are battling for an increase in minimum wage. Lowering employment age requirements would make it more difficult to raise minimum wage to a living wage.

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