I want to buy my first longboard, read details

2015-12-22 10:55
I don't know how long it should be, i am 5'8 and will only use it for cruising. also, any specific recommendations would be awesome. i have to buy it online because i don't live anywhere near a longboard shop. (kind of on a budget though). thx!
I say go for a longboard. I love longboarding a lot just because it doesn't really compare to skateboarding. They are both two different things. I would recommend the Apex 40 Diamond Drop. It's everything I love in a board. It's expensive so maybe you can try looking at other boards by Original. Try looking at Pintails. Your best bet is to research yourself because what I like, you may not like and so forth.
If you want a cheap longboard you could always look into a sector nine. They are a relatively new company that produce quality longboards for a wide variety of budgets I've had mine for 2 years now it was $100 and it's still in great condition especially considering I beat the crap out of it
Don't buy a long board. Unless you're one of them hipsters trying way too hard to be hipster. And budget wise? Better off with a skateboard. Really fun and makes you look cooler.From a girl's perspective anyway :) and probably guy's too

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