My friends say that I'm emo.

2015-12-22 10:53
I just listen to BVB, PierceTheViel, Sleeping With Sirens, and wear black converse with black skinny jeans and that's about it. My sister also thinks i'm emo, and my mom just thinks i'm crazy. So i dunno, help?
Emo is short for emotional so if you're a very emotional person then that's the only legitimate reason to be calling you that. People have made it so that when they call someone emo; they mean that they wear a lot of black, listen to metal bands, and probably self-hurt. It's a stupid stereotype made from people who don't really know what they're talking about so don't pay it any mind. You can wear whatever you want and listen to whatever you want so don't listen to them :)
Don't listen to the people around you.
We'll who do you think you are try finding out the answer and then you could answer your own questions:)
Ha! Do you feel emo? Cause if you feel emo. Then you're emo. But if you're not sure, you're prolly not. Although. You could be into the "emo" genre of music.
Emo is a music genre. Please get it right.
Emo is just a stereotype and a label...People think of Emo as a bad thing...Emo originally stands for emotional and people often classify Emo people for styling their hair over their eye(s), wearing skinny jeans, wearing black and dark colors, wearing a lot of eyeliner or eyeliner at all, wearing band tees, wearing Vans and Chuck Taylors, being depressed, suicidal, shopping at Hot Topic or Spencers, what kind of music you listen to, and that they cut themselves. Emo is also a genre though.People call me "Goth" and "Emo" all the time, but I don't care. So you shouldn't either.Just be who you are...
Emo is a stupid label. Tell them that you're being yourself, you're not trying to be something that people are picked on everyday for looking like.
If you don't consider yourself emo, then you aren't. It doesn't matter what other people think. Don't listen to them. :-)
those are bands that fit into that music genra, just saying. guessing you don't like being called emo i would get some brighter clothes at least, and i would advise against wearing bvb ptv band shirts as they don't help your case. converse is dope though, keep em. :)
Wow.. You have a punk style, my friends called me emo for wearing black converse and spike bracelets.. Then I looked up the definition of emo and showed it to them, they felt dumb lol
theres more to emo than that. tell them

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