what to do if your parents keep snaking me?

2015-12-20 09:29
Going outside is the only thing i like to do and my parents put me on a bs schedule where my only free time is after dark and I'm not allowed out after dark. i sneak out most of the time but its not as fun when I'm always on the lookout so my parents don't catch me what can i do i already talked to them about changing the schedule and it got me in trouble
Just tell them it's not fair that they monopolize your schedule How old are you? Surely you should be able to do chores at night so you can enjoy daylight hours outdoors Are they upset at your choice of friends? Underage minors do have curfew hours to abide by according to most laws So if you get caught outdoors after 10 pm you could face citation and court penalty and fees So don't sneak out at night Ask you parents to reach a fair compromise with you and explain sunshine and fresh air are healthy for your growth process and they should not deny your rights to pursuit of good health and happiness After all its our constitutional rights. sometimes older persons don't like to be out doors but they should understand if you need to walk or get exercise or talk to your friends So tell them your request is not upsurd and its only fair
I get the feeling they don't trust you. And sneaking out of the house isn't going to change their feelings about that. How about showing them that you can be responsible for yourself?
Did something happen that made your parents give you inside time ? What is the reason you can't go outside?
Well honestly just keep doing good (which I'm sure your doing), and keep reminding them about maybe a bit of a schedule change. Sorry if this doesn't work. Let me know.

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