What clothes are actually "in style" for an 8th grade girl?

2015-12-19 07:29
I feel like all the things I wear are not what all the other girls wear. It's like the style keeps changing and I don't know what it is half the time and it's like teens these days get judged on what they're wearing but I don't know what to wear!! plz help! thank you! : )
I'd say don't rely too much on fashion because it is always changing and you have to stay true to who you are. But sometimes being trendy is fun. I think the tribal print fad is good for all ages and you can find something tribal almost anywhere. Straight leg, dark denim jeans are not going out of style anytime soon. Cute, bold colored flats are amazing. Pastel cardigans and sweaters are pretty and can be paired with pretty much anything. Knit sweaters are great if it's cold where you live. V necks are timeless and always look good (not a deep v neck though, unless you're wearing an undershirt to cover cleavage). Lace backed or shear button up shirts paired with a tank top that is a bolder color (and covers everything) looks great too, I like them when tied at the bottom of the shirt. Canvas pull on shoes are cool as well. Just remember that what you get should reflect you and what you like. These are trends, but don't get something because it fits the trend, get it because you really like it and it flatters you. I'm not sure if these are what girls wear in 8th grade, but i seen a lot of girls who look about that age wearing these, and girls still in high school too.
leggings are popular
A lot of Teenage 8th graders wear tights , ripped jeans , uggs or regular boots and converse it's all about matching and impressing someone else.
Wear whatever YOU want to wear, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of you"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind" -Dr Seuss
When I went to school, the smart students dressed with out any regard to style. The stylish students were the ones getting average and poor grades and were involved in all of the useless drama.
Don't be a slave to fashion, the sooner you learn this the simpler your life will be. Wear what YOU like, and just forget the remarks others might make at your expense. your wallet or purse will thank you.
Don't grade 8 girls just wear lulu lemon everywhere? Lol
why dont you wear what you want to wear and feel comfortable in.

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