How can i help my friend lose weight ? (Read below)

2015-12-17 02:29
My friend is really insecure about herself and i wanna help her. I only see her at school. I can't come over cause im always busy outside of school so...any ideas on what i can do?
Snapchat her alot or kik her alot it will help her know that she has u with her and that ypur supportive of her even though u can be there
you should bring her healthy lunches and try to workout with her at least once a week, itll be easier for her to get started with a friend helping her
well have her eat healthy and maybe you can have her try insanity, but that is your friends problem if she is insecure and wants to lose weight then she need to work hard to (not trying to be rude)
want to weight loss then go for Garcinia cambogia fat buster.... this product is too much good for reducing weight and provides you better body shape..
Give her lots of suport! Tell her shes not fat and that shes beautiful also try introducing her to some nice people that you may know. Making new friends can raise self esteem!

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