Can my bunny heal?

2015-12-16 17:38
He fell out of my arms into a sink when I was bathing him. He was spooked and scratched my face. A few days later he was having problems with one of his back legs. He cant really use one of them but the other one is fine. He is in no pain at all, but will his leg heal without treatment?
It will most likely heal. My rabbits have had several leg injuries before and were fine. If you can afford it, I highly suggest you consult a veterinarian. Your rabbit could have a back injury.
How do you know he's not in pain?? I've had rabbits and they're the quietest things ever! They won't let you know they're in pain, so please take him to the vet!
Carefully move two fingers along the spinal cord from the crown of the head to the base of the tail. Look to see if it seems swollen in any areas or if the spine begins to drag off to one side. Then carefully move your hands over the back leg and while doing so extend the leg, feel for any odd jutting's in the bones, or swelling in the muscular tissues.If swelling and bone fractures are only slight or not at all, the rabbit will heal on its own without medical attention. If the leg feels limp, with large swelling and you can feel oddly jutting bones along the fur, consult a vet immediately.
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There are a million things that could be wrong with him. Go to the vet. You cant find out unless you know what it is but from the details I see that he probably just sprained his muscle or something.
the body can heal naturally but if this persues then I would have to call or visit a professional and by that I mean a vet
yes he can heal with a sort of medicane

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