Can you tell me what is wrong with my videos?

2015-12-15 21:33 here is the link... I only have 43 subscribers and I feel like I am doing something wrong... I post gameplays and do reviews of various items... I got like 5,000 views on one videos but not seeing it in my subs... Can you help?
You don't subscribe back to me, that's probably it.Joking, I've seen a lot of YouTube videos to know whats wrong, I've seen you play amnesia, and the quality was way off.also people adore reviews on latest released games, like The Last Of Us, but now it's a bit late and there's plentiful of reviews and walkthroughs out there. maybe on the next newly released game you'll get a chance, just take care of how you record.(if you can record like Pewdiepie does on his videos, that will be a major improvement)*warning, if you just heard of him and planning on watching a video, he usually plays horror, and the game he recently played "VANISH" was terrifying.*also feel free to comment back if you have questions, I check my answers daily.
I've seen your videos. It was great! Try advertising your videos on other websites, or forums. Make sure you have videos that other people will enjoy to watch. No one likes a bore. Good luck!
you should try a more natural post

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