How do you train a puppy?

2015-12-15 14:53
He does his buisness in the baby's foam letters.
Put those expanding gate things across the kitchen doors. Cover the floor with three layers of newspaper. Every day throw out the top two layers and put down two fresh layers using the old third layer for the new top layer. Feed puppy in one corner and he will eventually dump only in the opposite corner. Then you only have to paper that corner. Every time you see him dumping, tell him "Go potty" and praise him when he finishes. When this has gone on long enough, take him for a walk and take that third layer with you. Tell him "Go potty" and praise him when he is done. After that always take him for a walk at the same time and go to the same place.
Good ideas above, would only add to make sure to clean up the "oops" spots with an enzyme cleaner so that the smell is gone and won't confuse the puppy.
You have to take puppies outside every couple of hours, consistently. Eventually they learn that's where they have to go. No hitting, or putting their nose in it. Crate training also helps them to learn how to hold it, but only after they are a few months old.
Take him outside regularly and when he goes to the br outside give him a treat

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