Why does so much of my hair keep falling out and how can I stop it?

2015-12-15 13:33
I have very thick, long brown hair. When I've brushed it and I run my fingers through it, my hands come away covered in thick clumps of hair. Also my hairbrush is covered quickly after I've just cleaned it out.
Also in the shower, the drain almost gets clogged up because so much comes out when I was my hair. What's going on, why and how can I stop it?
Well, there is normal hair loss and abnormal hair loss. Firs off, a person loses 40 to 100 hairs a day in average. If are like many people who chose to wash their hair every other day or more, this can contribute to making it seem like you have lost more hair than you have, because you've lost 80 to 200 in total since the last time you messed with your hair. Brushing can also loosen hairs and pull out more. You will lose 40 to 100 no matter what. Now if it is abnormal hair loss, it is usually pointing to either an illness or dietary problem. This is if hair is coming out in clumps, bald patches are forming, or if hair can easily be pulled from the head. If this happens you should consult a physician immediately because it needs to be taken care of as soon as possible because if that is what is happening to your hair, imagine what is happening to the rest of your body. However, I doubt this is the case and so you probably shouldn't worry. It's probably just natural hair loss.
These answers are all correct about normal daily hair loss. However, if you're asking this question because you've suddenly started experiencing MORE hair loss than what's normal for you, then you really should see your doctor. It could be a health problem. The first thing that comes to mind is hypothyroidism.
Every day you lose hair. If you put your hair up a lot and when you take it down realize a lot of hair falling out that's kind of normal. Since you lose hair every day it seems like you lose more once you take it out because it had no way to fall out. Diet and stress could also affect how much hair you lose and even genetics
Stress can causes hair loss as can changes in your hormone balance and dramatic weight loss or eating habit changes. It is however natural for hair to fall out daily - approx 150 hairs are lost each day normally and this would seem like even more if you have long hair. I have long hair and I have to clean my drain every second day, unfortunately it is normal. You cannot stop natural hair growth but you can reduce the amount clogging your drain by regularly brushing your hair. I believe there are keratin hair oils you can buy also to improve hair strength. Also work on your stress levels and eating a balanced diet. If you still feel your hair loss is unnatural check for bald spots as you could have Alopecia (Alopecia is also made worse by stress - but it can grow back if managed effectively).
It's imposible to stop loosing hair, you loose 100 a day,
Have your thyroid checked.
one important thing, find out information about your hair's type we have different types, & you have choose the best shampoo special for your hairs type or it will really effect which is over falling, then make sure if you're not using too much hair product stuff, like creams, sprays, . . then even if you use them wash your hair properly & regular at the end of the day, (((make sure you're not using products for extra power of dying your hairs, cause extra heat in regular use will make hairs fall more)))beside all things related to your DNA & hairs &effects it could be also be from stress moments or too much enthusiasm you might have about something these days in your life, try to be calm about it & do some relaxation.beside all also you can use some Vitamin shampoos so help to fixing process. Good Luck.

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