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What is considered fast food in France?

I'm writing a book were the main character goes to paris, and lives with her roommate in the more 'ghetto' areas. However, I've only been a tourist there, so does anyone know what french people consider fast food?

How many islands are exactly in Indonesia?

I have heard that there are several hundred islands in Indonesia!

On what date did West Virginia become a state?

West Virginia became the 35th State of America back in June 20, 1863 . West Virginia and Virginia Separated because of what happened during the Civil War & Slavery especially how harsh the times were back then for every one. If you more informati

What's it like living in Saudi Arabia?

I got a job there with a good paycheck so I'm thinking of moving there and I want to learn about it

What are some places to visit in Mexico?

I am taking a trip to Mexico and I am interested in visiting different tourist attractions. Also, any activities I can do while there?

Where should i live?

i am currently living in southwest Louisiana and am soon planning on moving. i hate the weather here, its always hot and i would much prefer somewhere with more seasonal diversity. all of the reviews i have read online about other states were always

If you had the TARDIS what would you do with it?

I would take it to go back and ride a dinosaur. Or, I might go to the future where try hopefully have clean resource energy for cars, and give the idea to someone way-back-when so that we'd hopefully have a cleaner future. I might also go back in tim

I don't like to fly and I was interested in travelling overseas. Is it still common to travel by ship from Canada to Eur

I think the main deterrent is time. Flying is so much faster. That said, you can still find ways to go by ship. Call a travel agent. They often know bits of info you don't get 'on line.' At the change of seasons, cruise ship lines move their ships to

Do people in other countries appreciate America as a good place to go or a good vacationing spot in the same way we do t

And on that matter, do they also look at Americans in the same way that many of us look upon foreign people (I.e. 'wow, an American accent, how sexy!' 'Oh cool! You're foreign!')? I'm just curious. I've heard it both ways, I just wanted to get a wide

How hard would it be to move to a foreign country such as Sweden, Italy or South America if you only speak English?

In every country, there are people who speak English. If you were to move here to Finland, there are many people at the airport who speak English and who are there to specifically help people who don't speak Finnish. Sweden and Norway are the same. B

What are some differences between florida and chicago? ex: the temperatures... etc.

A vast difference. Chicago is windy, cold, rude ppl, lots of snow. But the food is excellent Florida has Palm trees, sand, sunshine, warm temperatures

Is Bradenton, Florida a good place to live?

One beach town is as good as any. Contact their chamber of commerce and ask for crime statistics, cost of real estate, cost of living, Hurricane and flooding plans etc.

What language do people in California speak

Depends on the city in California you are in, English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Korean, Various Philippine dialects, Portuguese, Russian, Native American, Indonisian...........and many more, just depends on which part of Ca

Questions on hurricane Irene, please read details

I'm doing a report on Hurricane Irene and the Earthquake that was in Richmond on August 24, 2011. I need the answers to the following questions: 1. What was the last known strength? (Date/time of last check as well, please.) 2. When is it supposed to

Is Oregon, Texas a real place

No, there is no town or city in Texas named Oregon.

Where in the US is a good place to live when starting out in acting for the film industry?

I know that there is a film hub in Atlanta but besides Hollywood and New York, where is a good place to start out.

What airport is closest to Fort Hood, TX?

I'm writing a book, and I'm trying to find the closest airport to Fort Hood. My characters are going there to be deployed.

what states and cities that are located near swamp like deep think forests that have or had history of coal mining?

writing a short story but I need these requirements for reasons I can't explain till I get to that chapter done and put it on my website ( I will make up my own town because it'll be a very small southern town possibly called sou

How much spending money should I bring?

I'm going to Madrid and Barcelona in Spain and then a couple places in south western France and ending the trip in Paris. I'm going to be gone for 10 days. Any ideas of some spending money amounts?

How long is a flight from L.A. To N.Y.?

5 Hours and 45 minutes

Why is Alaska not considered the biggest state in the US?

I've heard and read about that Texas is the biggest state, but clearly Alaska takes up one side of the US if you laid Alaska over the US. Why is that said?

Any advise on Ireland sights. Got 7 days. I like complete castles and friend likes rugged landscapes & caves. Start

Dublin city can give you a great time as you visit museums and other historical sites. Lakes of Killarney and Ring of Kerry can give you beautiful mountain scenery. There are also great monuments, houses and castles to charm the tourists. The site ht

How much would it cost for a family of four to go to Hawaii

I want to earn money for my family of 4 to go to Hawaii. How much would that be? Including plane tickets to Hawaii for 4 people!

How far is New york to chicago by airplane

I went there for a convention for Supernatural in 2012. About two miles and takes 2hrs and a half to get there. :)

I'm a single male 62 years old in louisiana I'm eligible for social security and need a decent place to live what are my

if you can work a few more years your SS benefit will be greatly increased. Hold off if possible. And I liked Shreveport.

I'm deciding on where I want to go to college. Im thinking Europe or Australia. Russia...advice? How to do it? How much?

I wish I could go to Russia but I unfortunately DO NOT KNOW RUSSIAN! Idk why I always had such a fascination with Russia. Maybe I can learn Russian in college? just always have been that random girl that always dreamed of going I guess. havent done m

How much do I need to visit California ?

I'm from Malaysia and i love to visit california, but I have no idea how much it'll cost all for that..

What do you need when you go out in nature?

ok...we are going to a village...3 days from now...and there are some of my classmates with me...some girls and boys...we are going to make camp fire have a meal at 12 and get back before what should I get for my trip?what would we need..

Do a lot of people go through the Chihuahuan desert?

I'm writing a book, and I'm wondering, would there be a lot of people going through the Chihuahuan desert? What are the roads like? Would it be easy to go through it unnoticed?

What is the best vacation for this situation?

My best friend and I want to go on vacation together with both of our families. Probably next year in the summer or the year after that. There are 5 teens and 4 adults. Also nothing crazy expensive, but really fun and maybe (maybe not) rollercoasters

What man was president when the U.S. attacked the Hawaiian islands?

Actually Roosevelt was president during the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. Pearl Harbor occurred 7 Dec 1941. FDR was in office 1933-1945.

Unmapped places in the world?

I'm writing a book, and it's going to be set somewhere unmapped, or poorly mapped, even. Is there any place like that in the US? Or would it have to be set in a different country? South America, maybe?

If its 12am in eastern time, what time is it in South Korea?

in eastern time 1:00 am in South Korea it's 3:00 pm

Which country has the most fat people in the world?

Here are the 10 fattest nations for 2014: 10. Trinidad and Tobago ... 30% obese. 9, Venezuela ... 30.8%. 8. USA ... 31.5%. 7. Mexico ... 32.8% 6. South Africa ... 33.5% 5. UAE ... 33.7% 4. Jordan ... 34.3% 3. Egypt ... 34.6% 2. Saudi Arabia

What are the rules to send an inmate stationary package to Tehachapi State Prison

Well no drugs no pens I don't think u can send pincels but just Lose writing paper , blank envelopes and stamps or u can buy stamped envelopes which is easyer u can send pictures up to 5 at a time

What man was president when the U.S. took over the Hawaiian islands?

William McKinley was the president when the Hawaiian Islands officially became part of the United States. McKinley signed the Newlands Resolution on July 7th 1898 and the American flag was raised in Lolani Palace. Further information can be found on

What are the best things to do in New York?

Me and three other people are going to NYC in one month, and I was trying to research some things to do there, but non of them seemed to catch my eye. Keep not, I am also 13, so so thrill seeking stuff, if you know any.

What do you think about Russia?

Write 3 words to describe Russia, Russian people, advantages and disadvantages of Russia. Thanks in advance.

Is Calgary, Alberta a good city to find employment?

If you have previous employment experience or certain qualifications then yes.

Long Beach Memorial Hospital in long beach California. what county is this hospital in?

I need the county this hospital sits in (2801 Atlantic ave)

When is tourist season in desert regions?

Definitely not summer or winter, the weather is too extreme. I'd think fall would be more ideal than spring because it'd be cooler but that's just an assumption. It might also depend on where it's located (US, Middle East, etc.)

Can you live in biosphere 2?

Can just anyone live in biosphere 2 and for how long?

What to pack to a church lock in?

It goes from 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM, and I Don't know what to bring. They said no electronics besides phone.

What things can I do for a boring week of summer?

My parents are shipping me off to a relatives house for a week, so they can take a vacation and it would all be great but they have a 4 year old child with ADHD. They will spend lots of time with him. We can't go swimming that week, so do you guys kn

What is the capital city of switzaland

The capital city of Switzerland is the city of Bern or Berne. The city has a total area of 51.6 km2 (19.9 sq mi), and you can find out more information here