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my mom doesn't want me to masturbate she wants me to ask my dad what should I do

First of all, don't spam the site with the same question just in different categories. You might find yourself on the receiving end of a deleted question. Secondly, are you doing this in public or in private? If you're doing this where she can see y

two guys ,

so theres this one guy who i talk to whos adorable and funny who im starting to like and then theres this other guy whos really hot and doesnt talk much. who would you choose? why cant i have both? (not like relationship-wise)

What should I tell him after he said he loves me ?

I met this guy he is 23 years old and he was like my friend. After that he started teaching in my class math (he became my teacher) ,but the way he talked to us it never makes me feel like he is my teacher ! We used to talk and laugh a lot...Until ye

My son's friend suddenly stopped coming to our house, and abandoned a pet he keeps here. How can we mend this situatio

well you should figure out why your sons friend stopped coming to your house and abandoned his/her pet,and then come up with a solution

I got a boyfriend and......

and I like him a lot and so does he but he is shy any tips for me

How does one forget someone you like, but it will never get anywhere?

Me and this guy have been texting, but he is acting different than he used too. Like i care about him more than he does me.. how can i forget him..

my bf just dumped me and i love him wat shud i do

well with that info i dont really know what to tell you! i guess watch tv or do something you like

I need help now don't know what to do!! read plzzz

I have a friend and Friday i when out with my other and I saw him and went up to him and we are all 13 and his eyes were red and I knew he was high so I asked him and ran he came back and told me not to tell anyone one I said ok walked him home and

I like a girl and she might like me. Should I ask her out?

So i really this girl in my Spanish class, and i think she likes me back but I'm not sure. She always jokingly messes with me and puts her feet by me. She keeps trying to get my attention by writing silly notes on my paper or nudging me with her foot

Who do you trust/rely on?

My best girl friend sent me a texts yesterday saying that I'm a good friend and I'm always there for you

How do you fall out of love?

i fell for this guy, and he really likes me too... but he has a gf that he cares about and doesn't want to hurt her. We have bee keeping our distance for just over a year but our feelings for each other are still very much there. i think the best thi

What is the best thing to do when you like your friends boyfriend and he likes you?

Don't do anything. The worst thing to do is go for him. He's just a boy. Risking your friendship for a boy this the most horrible thing you can do. Just imagine how you would feel if your friend tried to steal your boyfriend.

Is it wrong that he asked me to marry him?

My boyfriend is 15 lives in Miami and I am 14 in Georgia. I have a good feeling our relationship will last for a long time. He asked me to marry him and he was dead ass. I mean he was in tears and everything. I've been in relationships where guys tal

What does it mean when all you do is think about a person who you have a crush on?

Like you even dream about that person? And you even think about that person everyday, and night and you tell that person that you can't help it but you have to watch them

What to get for her birthday

my girlfriends birthday in next week, she will be 15 what should get her?

What age range is appropriate for a 15 year old to date?

my sister thinks it is weird that my boyfriend is 17. he had just turned 17 and I and 15 and 1/2. Is that too big of an age difference? we have been together for 2 years. he is a senior and I am a freshman.

What is the easiest way to ask a girl her phone number?

Use her phone and tell her u need to call your parents, but call urself, then u will have her number in ur phone teehee

Teenage guys: is it unattractive when a girl does things that are mostly done by guys like long boarding or skating?

cause i love both (long boarding more though) and ive heard people say its "weird" for girls to do. idgaf cause i enjoy it, but just wondering! thx :)

I really think my life is messed up but how do i know

my life is just ..... awww i can't find the right word for my like my step mom abuses me and my dad and her say its not but idk any more my bf wants a 3 way relationship and everything my ex bf wants me to move in with him and three of my other exs a

My whole life i ve never been depressed i never known the feeling until him how do i fix my broken heart

Distract yourself with tasks you enjoy. Read, write, draw, do something to escape your reality for a while, (I don't suggest drugs though...). If you still love him, just think to yourself, "He's happier this way. He's gonna live a better life.

When would be the right time to tell my parents that i'm dating?

My parents are very strict and I have been struggling with my grades. I'm dating a boy named Tyrone and if things go as planned (such as keeping my grades up & staying with him) I want to wait till around Christmas time (about 3-4 months from now

I'm going to prom with my best friend since kindergarten. Should i give her a goodnight kiss on the lips when i drop her

Should i kiss her? And if so, should i kiss her on the lips or on the cheek? I've been in love with her for about 2 years now, but i don't think she knows. Also, we have a different kind of relationship, we don't really touch that often (hugs, wrestl

What should I do?

So there's this guy that I really like and i have no idea what to do because there's this girl, ya she's nice and all, but she flirts with literally EVERY guy she sees and the thing thats annoying js that she doesnt even like the guys she flirts with

Boy advice? (read description)

I've never really liked anyone except this one guy. I really reaally liked him and at the beginning of the year we would always talk and a few people told me he liked me. I was like really really happy. Since then we haven't talked and whenever I cat

I'm in a difficult situation and need some advice... (please read description)

I've been sad for a really long time. The only people I have told are my two friends who live far away. I'm sad because in the school I go to I have always been disliked and left out. People avoid me and treat me differently and I'm bullied. Not real

How can you make someone a better kisser without offending her?

so we kissed and it was really short and it felt like we were both trying to hard. and then we kissed again and same thing happened. i want to make us both better kisser's without offending her.

How do I get a girl that is way out of my league?

I really like this girl but another girl Anna decided it would be funny to ask her out for me, now she looks at me weird but I make her laugh sometimes. She can sing and play guitar, banjo, alto sax, and piano. She is athletic and beautiful! I am com

How do I get the smell of cigarette smoke out if my room and clothes?

My dad smokes in the house all the time which causes my clothes and room to smell like it. I think it's gross and embarrassing to have that scent on me. I want to know if anyone knows any ways I can't remove the smell. Help?

I like a guy that all of my friends hate. Help?

my best friends hate the guy I like( he also likes me). one of my friends liked him, and he didn't like her, so now she says she "hates" him. my other friends entire family hates him and his family. how do I tell them that I like him? how d

Why do i feel jealous?

i like this guy at my school and he knows but hes got a girlfriend and i feel really upset why? P.S. he flirts with girls on the bus, but he GF doesnt know, and i dont wanna mess up his relationship at the moment and i dont wanna wreck our friendship

A part of me is telling to fall love , but other part is afraid of it, especially i don't have many experiences in it,

I'm in the exact situation. I honestly don't know. I've been with an amazing guy for about 2 months now and I like him more than I have ever liked anyone. I'm beginning to think that I love him. But it is scary. It really is

Is there something wrong with me?

a lot of people tell me im beautiful and funny, and that my life is perfect. but I long for a boyfriend. im not mean, or stuck up, but loud, funny, and approachable, but im aloof sometimes. all of my friends have one, and I just feel so left out, im

What should I do with this girl?

So I know I have been asking questions here about her for a bit, but I want to make this perfect. So I talked to her and I let her know she is very beautiful, pretty and polite. She was shocked, and thought it was sweet. So in 2 months, my school has

Should I feel bad that I used to date someone transgender?

I'm not a l8sbian, but I just found out my ex boyfriend's friend that he was actually born a female and I don't want to feel bad.

Is it wrong to kiss before holding hands in a relationship?

My bf wants to kiss me but we haven't even held hands yet. Its my first kiss too and I'm really nervous. Please help me.

I went on a date and it didn't go very good what should I do?

I just went on one date with her but I have known her since elementary school and really like her but on the date she made fun of the way I talk. I have a country accent and have a speech impediment where I slur the letter s. I know that she likes m

How Do you talking to your boyfriend about him cutting? When? How?

we are both 14 and i dont want an awkward conversation. Help Please.

How can I stop being so jealous?

A little more information would be nice. But if you're talking about jealousy of other girls, then you should know/believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way, live life happily and know that there is no need to be jealous of anyone.

How to tell when the guy you like likes you also?

I really like my best friends brother. we have hung out for the past 3 weekends together. my best friend told me that he likes me. I like him. he hasn't really done anything even though he knows that I like him also. how do I know if he really likes

What do I?! More details inside!

My friend has nightly panic attacks; she shakes and hurts herself and screams, they are that bad. I'm helping wherever I can: I tell her that she's loved, I give her a hug whenever I see her, and everything else I can think of, because she's scare of

How do I act around my girlfriend and friends at the same time?

You just act how you would normally act. O_O If you have to act differently or be someone other than yourself for either one of them (girlfriend or your friend) then well.... let's just say that's really bad.

Can some one help me figure out my guy problem?

I am going to say right away that I am not desperate, i'd just like some tips. :D Uhhh, I am told by many guys that I am too much like a "Brother" or put into the "friend zone)"and am often mistaken as lesbian . But I am quite pos

What should I do about me being shy?

I am very shy, and whenever I say something funny and outgoing people always look weirdly at me, even if it is something someone else would probably say that would be fine. Now I finally have the chance to be friends with this popular girl, but I won