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Who invented sports?

Curious question

How to stop yourself from having an anxiety attack?

I have game tomorrow and I am having an anxiety attack b/c I haven't been to practice in a week b/c of a project, I'm not the best player, but I'm not the worst when I try hard, and I feel so unready and so lonely b/c when I tell my friends that I ha

what is the best way to train for football by yourself

I only have myself and a football I'm training for Quarterback & safety

What should I name a basketball team?

I am making a basketball team for a school project and I need a name, the city the team would be in is Newark, NJ. Can anyone think of a good name? I'm out of ideas.

Tell me something about Lionel Messi?

Yeah !!! He is the Best player in FIFA World Cup 2014.. I want to share something about Lionel Messi here..

Why does the football coach keep trying to get ne to play for the team?

I am five foot ten and two hundred pounds so the coach keeps trying to get me to play linebacker for the team but I don't want to play football. What should I do?

Which national team will be the winner in FIFA Brazil World Cup 2014

It's wide open this year. Brazil Spain Germany Argentina Columbia are all serious contenders. I'll go with the home team Brazil. They looked amazing when they slaughtered Spain in the finals of the Confederation Cup last year

what are good excises for cardio?

There are lots of good ideas on here but to be honest the best is, & every sport does this no matter what is running, running every or at the very least every other day will help your carido workout the most swimming is a great way as well but no

How do I last more rounds in boxing

You dont. You just get rekt m8.

Who won the world cup

tell me please

Why don't they ever make a new court for basketball?

doesn't it get boring with the same old 2 hoops

What is a great airsoft gun for around 50 bucks

preferably an electric gun with medium fps

Does Home Depot sell panini baseball cards?

I've never seen a Home Depot sell baseball cards ... 'course, around here, baseball cards don't have anything to do with construction/remodeling

What is the most expensive NBA card?

May be this would help ( ) Follow me if it did thanks.....

Should I create my own sneaker?

So I own a little company called Sneaker Hunters NYC, and I was wondering if it would be realistic to try and make my own shoe. More like a casual sneaker like a new balance or saucony type of shoe. I have a great amount of profit in about 4 months a

Are there any online dance classes?

I want to become a dancer but my family can not afford the time or money to go to a studio. Does anyone know a free, online course for dance that I can take? It can also be a account (not just a website). I would like to learn lyrical and

Whats a way to bring up my gym grade fast

Practice daily if you have a C, D, or below and study the sport/subject before the test.

Who will the Texans take with the #1 pick in the draft?

I'm betting Clowney if they don't trade the pick. Clowney and Watt on the pass rush! Ouch!

Can I "open carry" a 2inch blade Tomahawk?

I am planning on doing a large amount of backpack camping (where you have to carry everything you need and weight is an issue) and I would like to get this tomahawk. Its purpose w

What are some fun sports to play?

Every sport is fun in it's own way! It just depends on what you like! If you like team sports try football, baseball or basketball. If you like individual sports try golf or tennis!

I'm looking for some new hobbies!?

I enjoy hiking, biking, and the outdoors but those are summer hobbies. During the winter I'm bored. What are hobbies I can try?

Which WR would be a better fit for Chip Kelly's offense?

Brandin Cooks, Odell Beckham Jr. or Marquise Lee?

If I went to summer camp and brought my computer and radio to listen to rock on, would that be a good idea?

Like if I decided to go to my cabin and do so that would be good since I like jamming. Ahhhh. Camping. With a little rock thrown in. That's what is so good about recreation and tourism: VACATION.

How strong or weak am I?

I am a 14 yr old freshman playing football and wrestling. I weigh 165, I'm 5'10. I bench 105 for a one rep max and squat 145 for a three rep max. Btw I'm an offensive lineman

Was Black Onyx scratched from the Kentucky Derby?

Just wondering it was showing the odds (I was far away from the tv at this time) and it said something by Black Onyx's... I believe it said SRC or something? Please help :) Thanks!

What contacts should I use for camping?

I wear contact lenses (monthly) and i am really loving camping! Just it's a hastle to need to pack stuff to wash my hands and find a flat spot to put the case for cleaning, anyways, I was wondering if you guys think I should buy pair of overnight co

How old is Heinz Field?

Im assuming your a steelers fan.

I have been wrestling since I was 4 and stopped in 7th grade....

I am now a sophomore and want to pick the sport back up. If a practice for a year, could I be any good at the sport? Or is it to late? I've been playing other sports in my three years off.

How could I play better on wing/shooting guard and post?

I have a pretty big game tomorrow and I wanna know how I could get better. I obviously can't do much about it now because the game is tomorrow but I need some thinking skills. Kind of like motivation. I am good with 3 pointers, so that's why I play w

What does it take to be good at most sports all-around?

You cant bevause at every sport you need different characteristics like football ol are big tall and strong wrs are fast and good catching lbs are shorter but still tall and muscular

The best way to stay warm skiing?

I am going skiing in the morning and I don't have much ski aquipment to stay warm. 15 degrees is gonna be the high, and -2 is gonna be the low temperature.

What's a double-double and a triple-double in basketball?

i dont know what it is but im supposed to get them in Nba 2k15

What are some good weight loss exercises to do with out bending one of my knees?

we'll I injured by knee at dance and can't bend it! I wanna do exercises but idk which one I can do with out bending it cause it won't! I don't wanna just sit on the couch and get fat I wanna exercise!

Can a soccer player be succesful in American Football?

I can catch a car going 30mph by running and also its hard to catch me while im running. I ve been playin soccer for 9 years im 15. I wanna start fotball but i want big career is it possible?

I'm a starting can I look better in football?I want to look cooler and I already have a nice visor

Get nike neon Green football socks, Nike arm sleeve (one of course), hand warmer and towel. Plus some kick a $$ cleats. (Not your team color/black or white) get something your teammates don't have. Wear one nike football glove on non throwing hand.

What's the best way to learn a new Gymnastics skill?

Just practice it and watch other people do it. Take some pointers on how to do it better from your coach.

Can i play a sport at another school?

my school doesnt offer soccer so i was wondering if i could play soccer at another school in my district?

Which team will win the dolphins or the jets

How are we supposed to know? We can't tell the future. l

My ankle has been hurting for a good year or so what is wrong?

so im a gymnast and ive been doing gymnastics since i was 2 and the past year or so my right ankle has been hurting really bad. my parents say to give it a rest and that does work.. i wear an ankle brace so much people think im faking when really im

What's a 3 second violation in basketball?

i keep getting fouled in NBA 2k15 for no real reason it seems so i wanna know what it is.

ok so i am homeschooled and I am a shy teenager and I want to make some friends what can I do to stop being so shy?

I go to the park and there is teenagers my age and I want to make some new friends and I am just to shy please help me.

Why is soccer so common in other countries?

It is the most cheapest game only one football and played by 22 players and 2 referees and linesmen. Practically all can afford this, poor or rich, So this is played throughout the world. This is one of the best and most popular game played in the