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Would you buy your clothes and your shoes and electronics online (i meant everything)

i buy shoes every now and then (i pay 25% of its price in my country) and im gonna study in germany next year (that would be expensive ) shopping in germany is expensive - too expensive for a poor guy like me i was wondering , is it possible

What's a good necklace size for someone who is around 5 feet? !

It really depends on where you want the necklace to come down to on the person's neck or chest and also depends on the size of the person.

An 1hr ago....

I got thing on Dicks sporting goods they were all in stock I live 15 mins away (they didn't sell the thing I needed in the store) how many day do you think I will get them

Why do people like "Black Friday" so much?

I know everything is on sale. But I don't see why they like shopping.

I paid for two day shipping on amazon for pre ordered items to get them the day they come out, but now it saying I won't

I preordered two books in January and payed for 2 day shipping for guaranteed delivery on the day they come out, which is February 10th. it is now telling me I won't get them until February 11th. If I'm paying for two day shipping to get them on the

Does anyone know where i can find this coat?

i saw this girl wear it at my school but she wouldnt tell me where she got it. well its cuffed at the end of each arm sleeve and its cuffed at the end of the jacket as well, which means it cuffs around your waist. its light wear & looks like its

What should I give my nana for christmas?

My Grandmother likes angles, candles, and stuff like that.

Where can I find a big plush stuffed monkey for my granddaughter

Looking for plush monkey Approx 48" high, brown

Where can I find fake, non-prescription Halloween contact lenses?

I just need one pair. They can't be ridiculously priced either. I'm looking for under $15 for the pair (shipping not included). I would like to find them in store so I don't have to pay shipping but I am not excluding online. Preferably a red that do

Where would you buy measuring tape to measure your body for a cosplay?

You can buy one just about anywhere- just look for the sewing/patching/ ironing boards and whatnot.

Where can I find Nike Hyperdunk's (Black and White) Size 7?

Please help I really want these shoes and I can't find them anywhere

where can I get the prefect gift for my mom?

bed bath and beyond they have the best lotions and bath soaps so she can relax after a hard long day

Does ups deliver on New Years tomorrow? or what about Saturdays and Sundays?

According to the UPS website no normal delivery service on New Years Day unless it's deemed critical/urgent. Back to normal on Friday January 2nd.

is there a website or app that can give me a quote or estimate of a item I'm trying to sell after plugging in the detail

yes. craigslist and ebay. goto craigslist website and type in your item and you can see the fair market value for that item. goto website and type in your item and you can see what the world is selling and paying for that item. go forth my

How much would this be worth?

i bought a disney villain doll, and noticed it has a visible misprint on the back instead of of disney it says disnev, this in not scratched, it's bran new in the case, with all it's papers and i only bought it about 6 months ago, it's not used eithe

What is a great gift to give my 8 year old sister?

I want to give her something that says "Hey you're the best sis ever." Her favorite color is pink (of course.) And she loves Doc Mc Stuffins, any ideas? Thanks!

Last minute mothers day gift ideas?

My mother is beaming in I'm afraid that there's nothing I can do... Help me Anyone Canhelpme

Whats a cute doctor who gift idea?

My best friend loves Doctor who, and its her birthday in a a few months but shes moving to Canada soon so I want to give it to her now. I already have a few things that I think she might like picked out, like a tardis necklace and a weeping angel sh

Which bath and body works foamy soap do you like the best?

I'm trying to find a gift for someone. She likes things that smell good, but do not have a too strong scent left afterwards.

What's the best brand of deodorant/ antiperspirant that won't melt and will keep my underarms dry

You might have overactive sweat glands like me if no brands really help you with your sweatiness.

Where an I find a great deal for expensive shoes like kds Jordan's and kobes?

Try it has by far the best deals. You can buy hyperdunk 2014 for only 79.99$ , Finish Line has Lebron soldier 8 for 69.99$ (but the color is ugly) Nike and Finish Line have Lebron Soldier 8 for 89.99$ (in good colors). and I'm pretty

Where can I buy makko powder?

I'm trying to make incense cones.

What are some cheap ear buds that are good quality and loud?

I want some new ones for Christmas and I also don't wanna ask for too much, any suggestions?

Where can you find all the EOS lip balm

Where can I find all the EOS lip balm in Canada

Catalina clothing,are they a good brand name?

no they are not , they are no good and wont last so i do not incourage you to buy them

Where can I buy teen girl's swimsuits that are cute but also cheap?

I don't want a regular boring triangle top think like fashionable, I love Victoria Secret ones but I don't like the how their bottoms are mini

Where can i find an Emo mask where it cover from your nose to chin? Thx

like those half masks people wear over their face for cold weather that have designs printed on them like the the lower jaw of a skull or something, try budk catalog online

What are popular things that occupy teenagers other than phones, computers, consoles etc?

I'm an adult but my age has teen in it so I guess it still works haha. I read a lot. I draw and write. I like cooking and listening to music. I like playing music. I like studying new things. I like to just walk around and look at things, especially

So if the mall opens at 9 on the day when the Jordan 3s come out so what time should I get there?

Never... this is a way to extract maximum dollars with minimum value. Wait 'til the shoes are on closeout.. That way you will be a win/win.

Where can you buy power balance bracelets?

At the scam section at your local sporting good store. I suggest save your money.

What is the best store to buy boots?

Payless has good quality boots and shoes for prices that don't suck royally, and a lot of their shoes mimic name brand designs, which is cool.

What would be a good Christmas present for a girl?

Is she atypical? Because not all girls want candy and jewelry- if she's a big fan of something, like a book or movie or series or band, find something that will go along with that to show her that you've actually been paying attention. The best gifts

What is better for shaving a razor or a hair removing lotion? (for girls)

My cuz uses veet for her LEGS it really depends on WAT ur shaving ummm i would use a razor for ur "lady spot" lol but she says the veet burns so i wouldnt recomend it

What christmas present would you give your friend (girl/boy)(14)?

I am a guy 14 and I am getting a skinning knife, hunting compound bow, Cabelas gift cards and a tactical shotgun and pants if you are in to that kind of thing. I recommend sports jerseys for a guy or a knife or video games. Also the PS4 and the Xbox

Any idea to get Discount from Amazon?

I like to do shopping from online.This time from amazon i decide 2 t-shirt and 2 cart shoes but its showing over 400$.Is it not to much for this thing? What can i do? Those things are really important for me.

Accidentally threw away gift card, help?

Okay so I got 300$ worth of aeropostale gift cards this Christmas... I thought check card balance was a way to put the money into some sort of virtual wallet. I checked all my cards then threw them away but it wasn't until a month later that I notice

Where should I buy my school supplies Walmart or target?

I feel like target is a lot better but then people say Walmart cheaper but target is better quality then so I just want some opinions.

What are some cheap, good, online clothing stores?

I'm looking for like Plato's Closet type clothing or like, streetwear/urban wear.

Where can I get a cheap lifeproof case for the iphone 5c.

I need one. say I don't. I do. I'm the clumsiest person u will ever meet

Any one know of a place thats is selling a ukulele for $10 or $20? Or is anyone selling a ukulele for that amount?

i don't want a toy ukulele for like a two year old i just want a cheap ukulele.

Would a Visa gift card work for online shopping purchases?

I am 16 and do not have a credit-debit card of my own yet, but I want to buy some books and items from the internet that I can't find in stores. Can I purchase one of those $50 Visa gift cards and shop with that? Do you think it would work?

I am on a budget this Christmas. Are there any websites that you can enter info and keep track of your money an the item

probably but i don't know of any myself, you can just track your money and items with a pen and paper - just like keeping a checkbook, that's what i do

Is JYSK pronounced "JYSK (jisk)" or "J-y-s-k"

In Danish it is pronounced

When the Air Jordan 3 Fire Reds come out august 3rd should I buy online or go to the mall?

You can weigh and see the easier process for you. You can either buy it online or find it at the mall. However, buying it in the mall can be a good idea because you will have saved the shipping money that will be required plus you will get it immedia

What is a good Christmas present for my grandparents?

My grandpa seems to have everything, he is kind of a farm boy, since birth grew up on the farm until he met my grandma. My grandma has a lot of jewelry and seems to enjoy all the jewelry she has. She grew up not being able to have a lot of things, gr

How do you know what size choker necklace to get for your girl but you don't know what size she wears?

It depends on what kind of choker it is. Is it a tattoo choker? A classic plain choker? Lace choker? Or gem/gold colored chokers with beads? Generally, chokers fit one size all because most of them are elastic and it's not meant to choke anyone (ha!)