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Isn't it odd that everything just turned out perfect in earth

like birth how did it just happen so perfectly and who even decided to do that like I guess who invented sex it sounds like a retarded thing to think of and do and how the sun moon and earth r the perfect size and and distance that during a solar ecl

Do you really eat any spiders in your sleep?

once when i was little mabey 2 or 3 i pulled a dead spider out of my ear. no kidding im serious. i heard cockroaches drink your drool when you sleep.

What is a food scientist called?

is there a special name for them?

Does gas have fast moving particles

Yes. Molecules in gas move rapidly because they are heated. In a solid, molecules move very slowly until they are heated, in which case they move more and more rapidly until the substance melts and changes state.

Is there anything that I can do to dream?

I haven't had a dream in forever or at least I don't recall having dreams for the past 5 years or so, so is there anything I could do to have a dream I can remember having the next day?

If two people with down syndrome has a child would it have down syndrome?

Down Syndrome is an extra X chromosome (females have XXX, Males have XXY). Only half of the chromosomes replicate in the sperm and egg, so it would appear possible for either the egg or sperm to have the extra X as well. I don't know how likely thi

Why do i see the moon in the middle of the day?

The moon reflects the light of the sun all the time, it's just brighter and more obvious at night.

How much vapor will condense or undergo deposition per kilogram of air?

There is a lot of missing information in the question. It seems like this is a follow on question or one where the specifics are provided in a figure or table. This can not be answered as written.

If the half life of uranium 235 is 700 million years why do nuclear power plants replace then so often?

Because Nuclear power plants don't rely on the natural radiation caused by the decay of Uranium 235 to generate power. A neutron is fired at Uranium 235 to make an atom of Uranium 236, which almost instantly decays into an atom of barium 141, an atom

Why is the sky blue ? :)

The sky is blue because blue light is at the end of the short wavelength spectrum that is visible to the human eye. Short wavelengths are significantly more scattered in the atmosphere, than long wavelength light, such as 'red', for example. This mea

Are there places in the universe that aren't located in galaxies?

like in the spaces in between two galaxies. is there anything there?

How can I use more of the brains capacity?

I'm trying to figure out a way to trick the brain into thinking a very high level of intelligence is required to survive. My thinking is that the brain would be forced to create more neural connections more rapidly. Please give me your best ideas.

What household item has neon (the element) in it?

Also if none do then what simple/cheap things do Also do glow sticks have neon in it?

What did the microscope invention make possible

The fundamental thing that the microscope made possible was the realization that there are many things that we cannot detect just by looking. It opened up the concept that science can find things that are there that we can't detect. It introduced the

Can breast cancer happen in teens of the age about 14-15 years?

I think one of my friends has some of the symptoms although it's not that sure. I've noticed it to be an issue in women but I'm not quite sure about teens.

How big is jupiter

Jupiter has circumference of 43,441 miles, by comparison the Earth is "just" 3,959 miles in circumference. If you lined up multiple Earths it would take 11.2 Earth's to span the diameter of Jupiter... and to "fill" Jupiter with Ea

Explain why promoting regular exercise could be used as a strategy to combat rising levels of obesity.

“Based on past trends and with no effective interventions, BMI is predicted to continue to increase for males and females across the age spans. This would result in approximately ? of 5 -19 yr olds being overweight /obese by 2025.” (Healt

How long ago was the Ice Ball?

when the whole earth was frozen and most of life died.

How does the body respond to exercise

Please answer scientifically, thank you :)) (GENERAL STATEMENT)

I can i make my self genius in Maths and Physics, I have the basics but need a way to develop them ?

Well, don't forget to work on your English too. It doesn't matter how much of a mathematical genius you are if you can't make yourself understood. But, there are several colleges that put their classes online, for free. Not to mention a surprising

Why are earthquakes and volcanoes more likely to be found at the edges of the plates?.

Tectonic movement causes the plates to grind together, generating huge temperatures and creating faults where magma can come to the surface. And, when a fault jams because of friction and "pops" loose, the ground shifts suddenly in an earth

What are asteroids and where did they exist?

Asteroids are small, airless rocky worlds revolving around the sun that are too small to be called planets. They are also known as planetoids or minor planets. In total, the mass of all the asteroids is less than that of Earth's moon. But despite the

Why is the sky blue?

It is not light reflecting off an object like the desk in front of you or the palm of your hand. The sky is blue by another trick of light. There are many layers to our atmosphere and light bounces and refracts and scatters there all of them. So w

How new elements are formed?

during radioactive decay where orbital electrons go? and how at the same time half of the atoms decay, radiations come from all nuclei of the radio active elements so mass can be half at given half life, but how half of the atoms of the given sample

How many cell in our body?

Well as we grow we actually generate more cells, and people all have different cells because of diseases like cancer and autism, plus we regain cells if they die out. So really we have a infinite number of cells!

Why is the sky blue?

I heard it was something to do with satellites...

Do all tsunamis hit land?

Since all oceans are surrounded by land, yes. But with luck they will not hit with full force. The waves travel until something stops them, and unless two tsunamis meet in mid ocean, the only thing that could stop one is the coast of a continent.

As a part of my endless career path search, what is the scientist job where they are in labs studying diseases?

I was watching several documentaries, such as the scientists studying Red Rain in Kerala, India.

Why is the california freshwater shrimp endangered

Everything in the ocean/freshwater is slowly being contaminated with the Fukushima power plant leak. Very sad.

How does a cloud hold rain?

We all were taught of the process of how rain happens but does anyone know how rain is stored by the clouds?

What is the element (periodic table) I am thinking of?

*It rarely (if ever) exists in it's pure form in nature. *it creates compounds, which nearly are always dangerous *I think it starts with the letter 'b' (not sure though) *I think it's a noble gas (not sure though, probably not because compounds aren

How many moles of N are in 0.209 g of N2O

nobody has had the right answer yet

Is megalodon real?

i have been watching shark week and they say they have found a tooth that was only 1,000 years old but megolodon died millions of years ago hmmmmm!

Why isn't the entire world illuminated 24/7?

This may sound like a dumb question, but I have always wondered why it isn't. Light sources are everywhere and light is the fastest travelling thing in the universe. Shouldn't the entire world be covered in light if so many sources exist on it?

What is cobalt used for

Salts are extracted from cobalt to make "driers" Driers make oil based paints and varnishes "dry" or harden.

What year was DNA first successful by using just skin cells in crimes

I think DNA profiling in a crime scene was first used successfully in 1998 in England, the suspect in a rape case was arrested when his DNA (blood) matched DNA stored in a Data base.

How do you reduce the pain of braces?

Eat soft foods for the first few days Eat cold or frozen foods like ice cream Avoid acidic drinks and foods Chew sugar-free gum(I know it sounds silly,but it will help the blood flow) Avoid hard or sticky

What are epidermis?

The root word "dermis" pertains to skin, and "epi" means the outmost. So the epidermis is the outermost layer of skin.

What is a quark?

Quarks are elementary particles that combine to form hadrons (such as protons). While they cannot be observed in isolation, we can infer their existence by observing hadrons. There are 6 types of quarks: up, down, bottom, top, charm, strange. Quarks

What's wrong with my eye?

Alright, so I'm going to be completely honest. I got semen in my eye... Yeah, it's funny. Kay. Anyways, now my left eye is red and it hurts to blink, and I believe it's gotten puffy. It's just really annoying, so can you help me out with what to do?

Which tooth is the Canine tooth?

In mammalian oral anatomy, the canine teeth, also called cuspids, dog teeth, fangs, or (in the case of those of the upper jaw) eye teeth, are relatively long, pointed teeth. However, they can appear more flattened, causing them to resemble incisors a

How would a society avoid a 'robot uprising'?

Let's face it: science is steadily advancing to the point of true AI becoming a reality, and it isn't slowing down any time soon. However, there is always the concern with something of that nature turning against its creators. So, assuming making it

Why does wind blow, and how is it produced?

Welcome to the wonderful world of thermodynamics :D (lol) In a very simple explanation, as a gas heats up, it wants to spread out, expand more than when it's cool. So as the sun gives energy to different areas of the Earth, it heats up different are

Is there any scientific i can do with a horse?

I have a BIG science project were i'm going to do a experiment with something i like to do. And i choose horses, so is there anything i can do with a horse that is scientific?

Does more watts on a portable Bluetooth speaker mean that it is louder sound?

Consumer Electronics devices are notorious for using deceptive labeling schemes when communicating output power. If the output power is compared in the same terms, then yes higher wattage usually means louder sound BUT, you may not have the info you

Why is blood red?

Blood is red because of the iron in RED blood cells. It's even red inside your veins. Blue blood in your veins is a myth. - They appear blue on white people because of the way light passes through their skin. In typical white-person fashion, whoever

Is there a term for this - the notion or delusion of believing we have to discover the plan for our lives that was set

Just to clarify, a common thought process of many religious believers is to seek out their pre-established purpose or purposes, those designed by the deity they believe in. If we were to look at this from a psychological perspective, it would likely