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Am I stingy?

Normally,I share everything with everyone,lately I've cut back on it because people have taken advantage of me.I'm afraid my standin' up for myself has turned me stingy though.Whenever I'm eatin' and my boyfriend ask me for some, I get really annoyed

My bff is super clingy please read details

my best friend is wicked clingy and we have been best friends for three years and we have done so much for each other and we need each other she follows me everywhere she even switched her homeroom to be w/ me and HR is only 5 minutes i'm trying to m

How can I convince my parents not to move?

this is our 3rd time moving & this school is the school I actually feel at home with. I'm doing a lot better than I was before & in band I play the best out of everyone (which I though would be impossible) ill be in high school next year &

I use to be angry with my boyfriend now a days,, i feel that i am lacking that importance and i don't want that..

i use to be angry with my boyfriend now a days, and i don't want to, i feel that i am lacking that importance and i don't want that and want to keep passion alive forever, please help

Why people often change partners?

People change partners for all manner of reasons. Some change partners because they realize they don't love them like they thought; others because of some sort of abuse, others for discontent, and others because they are bored. Each person would have

How to be a nice girl friend and a wife

my question is recently my boyfriend complained me about my mistakes which i make very often and hurt him by them. and those mistakes are like i say some thing sometimes with no care at all, taunt him, when he told me something i scold him ( only whe

I need good advice to keep my BFF relationship strong

I have a best friend and recently we have been falling out over silly little things such as her taking my rubber and pretending she didn't have it and she got told off for talking and blamed it on me for telling off her (though apparently she knew it

I have a mate who goes out with my crush and I can't help feeling a little jealous

One of my mates go out with the person I fancy, and she goes on about him all the time. She knocks on me but not to see me, but to get me to waste my credit on calling him (she doesn't have his number and has no credit). It's hard for me because I ha

What are some good ideas for a 1 year anniversary present (for a girl)? something that is cute and says how much i love

a picture frame of you two -a scrapbook full of pictures of you to -a jewelry set -a movie or drive in movie - a romance broadway musical like moulin rouge -a fragrance set or gift card to her favorite store -a bouquet of. flowers or roses -a box of

Why is love so complicated?

Love is not complicated as long as you are aware that-you cannot make someone love you and you cannot prevent it.You cannot imprison it and you cannot command nor demand it,it has no borders and it is unpredictable.It strikes like lightning without a

My ex husband wants me to spend time with him, but every time I do my boyfriend gets mad. What do I do?

My cousin had this problem. Her ex husband wants to spend time with her and she wants to spend time with him. When she spends time with him her boyfriend gets jealous and mad. She doesn't want to hurt her ex husbands feelings because he is sensitive

Is it normal to like someone who is older than you ?

He is older than me ...i don't know how much but i look like smurfs next to him!!

What to do with my valentine gift , want answers quicker and as many as possible...

hey all, i have decided to give my lovely guy a valentine gift totally different from other people, what i have decided is to write our story , ( love story ) from beginning to this day in my own words and my feelings, and upload it with a pic on his

How do I stop liking my crush (and my ex-eek!) when he flirts with me and most girls but I know he doesn't really care a

I went out with this cute boy who I've fancied for ages but he finished me and I was really upset for a while. However now I still like him a lot as do many other girls- I know it won't work because I've experienced it (he's a bit full of himself) bu

How can I overcome my fear of social contact and being open to meeting new people?

I'll try to elaborate better, but ever since I was a child I've been very shy around people, and have trouble making new friends. I had no problems before I moved states 6 months ago, because I was around the people at my other school for 6 years, an

Why do people get mad when another person dates their ex?

Is it because they still miss them or extreme jealousy? If not, then what is it?

There's this girl in one of my classes and she always compliments me in what I'm wearing.

When she does it I want to tell her she looks pretty, but then I get tangled with words. So she waits for me to say something besides thx cause that's all I can get out, and she just turns back around. so how can I avoid that?

What should I do for my boyfriends birthday?

His birthdays October 29th.

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For the past 2 months, David has been pressuring Lila to have sex.she just knows it will happen soon. she'd rather wait to start having sex, which makes it hard for her to start talking what kind of contraception to use. what advice would you give ?

My best Friend Recently told me he has loved me for over a year what do I do?

He just got into a relationship himself and told me he did because he has been trying to get over me. He said has loved me for a very long time and would leave her for me, i always thought we were just close friends but after he told me i realized i

What does it mean when a high school guy says "i want to get to know you" and "if my opinion matters"

Ask yourself , if he's the type of guy you might be interseted in getting to know. Usually has boys got one thing on there mind. And its not between your ears. Its between your, well you get it. I'd check out who he hangs with and see if your fri

Should I be concerned about this budding relationship?

I've been dating a girl for about 2 months now and I'm worried a couple things... some background: I am older than she is (14 years older), she works part time and is going to college full time, I am a finance professional. Ok so at first the age was

how do you talk to a girl you like in class if you dont sit next to her

Talk to her outside of class when the period ends. Or when you have to do partner work, you can try to sit close to her and join in with her convos. Try small talk. I like a guy that doesn't sit by me in class, and he always comes up to me while I si

I just met a girl about a month ago and she seemed really nice and easy to talk to so i got her number and texted her l

and when i texted her she suddenly became alittle less interesting. she wouldnt say much about herself and she would only talk to me if i started the conversation. she didnt really ask me many questions about myself. she would however keep the conver

How to have a conversation? (Details in description)

A person is very mad at me over a misunderstanding, but they walk away and give me a mighty silent treatment every time I try to talk to them. How do I initiate a conversation to clear up the misunderstanding when they refuse to even talk to me?

What does this mean "you're the kind of girl i would take to a movie and dinner, not just a movie"?

It means that he wants to get to know you better, there are too many distractions at a movie, & he can have your attention at a dinner table:-)

Why do we dream of someone ?

because you often think about that one person, if you do not know the person and only saw them once and if you're not thinking about them then its your brain randomly organizing your memories while you sleep, if you never saw a person that you're dre

Is having a Mentor in life important? If so, how can it change a persons life?

if you have been a mentor or had a mentor in your life can you tell us a little about how it effected your life?

Me and my babe hug all the time but i want to kiss him in the cheek how do i do that?

Well, when you're in the hug, you're right next to his cheek, so just turn your head a little and kiss him the next time you hug.

How do i keep my sister out of my love life plz help.

my little sister told my best friend annawho i wasdating because anna asked my little sister about who i was dating im pretty pissed off plz help.

should I purpose marriage with an engagment ring or wedding ring

I agree w/ werepanther1. When my husband gave me a ring, he knew I preferred a diamond studded band, because I'm a clutz. I was afraid I'd bang my hand against something that would damage diamond, since it is elevated. Unconventional for some, but I'

Im talking to this guy...he wants to help me out in life get me back on my feet....should i give him a chance and see wa

Thats sound nice of him but the flip side is some guys would want something in return. Just be careful and mindful.

How to ask a girl to homecoming if your not sure she will say yes?

so i have liked this girl for about a year and a half now and i asked her out in eigth grade and she said no. i just said okay and we went back to being friends. over the summer i lost weight and put on muscle and grew two inches. we were btoh audi

Why do smokers crave a cigarette after sex?

Even some non smokers smoke after sex.. What's the reason?

When do you know to kiss a girl

If your slow dancing with this girl you like and she likes you back what are some signs that mean she wants me to kiss her

I can't resist myself from thinking again and again that my boyfriend hasn't gifted me anything on my birthday and it ir

I rarely ever get a gift from anybody and am lucky if I'm even blessed with a happy birthday. I do ton's of stuff for everyone but I know they didn't have money but I always thought to myself that they could of at least chipped in together to buy a 7

Should I tell her that it was my first kiss?

I'm a 19 year old college student, and I just went on a date with this girl. This was my first date, but it went rather well. At the end of the date I dropped her off and walked her to her door. I knew I had to go for the kiss; she was showing a lot

my stretch marks make me feel ugly, depressed, and sad. I've never been over weight so what does puberty and growing hav

no guy is going to want a stretched marked girl. I feel so insecure. I can never wear a bikini and show off my body because I'm afraid of being in public like this to be judged. I was never over weight, but I have them everywhere that I'm that disgus

what do I do if a guy who I like but can't date asks me out?

ok so today this guy asked me out and I really really like him but I can't date yet because my parents are super overprotective. I want him to know that I like him and let him down easy but at the same time i want him to know that I can't get serious

Is my friend trying to steal the guy she knows I like?

I am female. Last week, my school had a Valentine's dance. A friend of mine and my crush's set us up and my crush asked me to the dance. We has a great time, though many people were making a big deal about my date. I have another friend-ish person wh

How do you get a guy back when you've lost him? (Read info)

Lets call him A. A dated me for about 2 weeks. He then broke up with me about a month ago. There was rumors that he was using me to get to my prettier friend. Everyone liked her better, so I believed it. let's call her E. Today, about a month after A

How can I put a girl in the friend zone?

There's this girl who I'm friends with and who is interested in me. She's cool, but I don't like her that way. I have a relationship with another girl, and I don't want her to interfere with it. But I still view her as a friend and I don't want that

How do I get him to believe me...?

My boyfriend went through my Facebook today, I haven't been on it for the past five months or so, he says he found different guys on there, and the guys have sent me messages. I don't know any of these guys and I've never talked to them. But he doesn

I have a crush on this girl that I make frequent eye contact but I don't know it she's in to me?

I barely moved to this new school and she seemed to go there before I came here and I when I first seen her. she gave me some serious eye contact and the more I glanced at her, the more I had an attraction to her, she added me on Facebook and I texte

My husband takes his iPad & iPhone every where, even to the gym, to dine w/me, shopping etc. & he's always on th

We have all become slaves to technology. I grew up with the phone attached to the wall. If you had to make a phone call while out, you used a pay phone. Now I do not know how I survived without a cell ! I take it everywhere. Do not think your husban

So I was talking to my boyfriends sister and she told me he usually pushes people away, cuz issue of his past, how do I

she said its mostly his girlfriends, when something happens to him he supposedly breaks up with them then when they try to fix things he will say anything to make them hate him so they won't fix it. i dont know how to talk to him about it without him

How do you get a boy to like you

what to do anything