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What's the difference between a US Senator and a US Representative?

There are two legislative bodies: Senate and House of Representatives. This is called a bicameral legislature, and was the result of the Grand Compromise between the Virginia Plan and the Connecticut compromise (not a single plan but a series of comp

Do you think that the United States will go to Another war? and why?

I think yes because this country is always being attacked. I don't know why they are always putting threads to this country.

Why do people seem to think a selfie is a person taking a pic with 2 or more people?

a selfie is one or rarely two people. Not three and more, thats a portrait not a selfie. keyword: **SELF**-ie

What do you think of what happening in Syria ?

The entire Middle East is a mess. The world needs to stay out of it and let them work it out or destroy them selves. They had ample opportunities to make peace amongst them selves. They can't grasp that concept and lash out at any nation that tries t

What human rights are being violated in Saudi arabia

None at all, each country has its own sovereignty has rights to their own laws , people from other countries seem to think they can force their beliefs onto any country they don't like. Our version of human rights can be completely different to other

The advance called picket's charge began from a place called what ?

Seminary Ridge and Spanglers Woods. Pettigrew from the woods, and Pickett and Anderson from the ridge. Pickett had the longest maneuver to make, a sweeping left-flank over open field.

What inspired the Europeans the start exploring in the 1400s

They have been doing it a lot longer than that. Land places to settle and live. It was not only the Europeans but those that lived in Asia as well.

Why does Andrew Jackson not have a monument in Washington, D.C.?

Most of his actions as president were very controversial and are still brought up today. I would say the main reason that he doesn't have a monument in D.C. is because of the Native Americans and the Trail of Tears. Most people see a monument not onl

What fundamental economic problem confronted the Freedmen after the end of slavery?

Availability of jobs, and the business owner's willingness to hire them for said job. They also had no homes and were basically at the same stage of an immigrant taking his first steps off of a boat and onto American soil.

Is a right move to help Ukraine with weapons?

What weapons would make a difference? Offensive weapons, because Ukraine needs to inflict an embarassing loss in order to stop Putin from invading his neighbors. This means heavy weapons (tanks, artillery, mobile infantry) and impressively large amou

Are there ever times where violence is necessary?

Yes. To defend yourself or your loved ones or your property. If the outcome is you or a loved one will be seriously harmed in any way or if someone's going to burn your house down you bet! If we were all passive and let anyone do whatever they wante

Will Russia pay the Greece's debt with Europe?

You mean Germany, I think. Russia has little interest in helping a NATO country especially one with nothing to offer them during a time when oil revenues are down and they are in a fight with Ukraine.

How old do you have to be to date?

what is the appropriate age exactly?

Who will be the Republican candidate in 2016?

At this point, most talking heads and so-called analysts believe that Hillary Clinton cannot loose. If she runs, she will beat anyone that the GOP (right now) can offer up. I'm not saying that's a good thing.

Can wifi save Iphone history ? My cousin says everything you do in the Iphone anyone can see it in the wifi -I find it c

If you have your settings to allow them to be shared with anyone on the wifi, yeah. But it doesn't save it 'in' the wifi. However, every last thing you do online is archived, so be careful what you do; you never know what stupid stuff you do as a kid

What did the Swastika mean before Hitler used it?

In China today and before Hitler used it. It's considered a lucky charm and sign of peace. Basically a Nazi swastika and a Chinese swastika are 2 very different symbols.

why is it the youth today think money grows on trees and soon as you have your college degree you will be making 100,00

I think that is a lot of generalization. It is true that some think that. This is most likely due not having the proper work ethic instilled in them growing up or due to not understanding the current job market. However, don't forget that there are s

Will we ever have a global purge ?

If by purge you mean where governments allow for lawlessness for a time in their jurisdiction, it is almost ludicrous to let any population "run wild" for a time, because there isn't a mechanism to restrain it once started. Most of the worl

What are all five countries in which homosexuality is punished by a death penalty?

I know they do in Iraq, but I can't find a list of all the countries, I know there is about five or something.

What are the politics like in Ethiopia?

I need some information for a word project thanks! (if you comment/help)

Why do people care about the color of people's skin?

I hate racist people and i just don't get why people care about the color of your skin.

Who is the oldest man in the world?

According to Wikipedia the oldest living man is Alexander Imich at 111 years 109 days. There are older woman but the question was asking about the oldest living man.

What is the Republicans constitutional argument against the affordable care act?

Major job killer. Even the unions are against it now. Look at how many people who had jobs have been let go or forced into part time jobs because employers cant afford all the added expenses. How can you buy anything if you dont have a job? This is d

Who is the richest man in the world?

Bill gates is currently the richest and has a net worth of 79.1 billion

While a minor is on probation (im talking 13), is it ok to leave the county if you had battery on someone?

it's SO EMBARRESSING, please dont even ask, only answer if you know FOR CERTAIN. this is for florida,

Is there any difference between genocide and ethnic cleansing?

EDIT: I guess there isn't much difference. Ethnic cleansing is the process or policy of eliminating unwanted ethnic or religious groups by deportation, forcible displacement, mass murder, or by threats of such acts, with the intent of creating a te

Why were many mills built in the northeastern united states?

I'm studying this in Social Studies right now. There were a lot of rivers in the northeast, and they needed a river with a current to power a water wheel which would power the entire mill. Factories started popping up all over the map when the steam

The doctor says my 15 year old non-smoking grandson has black spots on his lungs. What could cause this?

It could be natural physical structures on his lungs. Other medical disease associated with dark spots on the lungs is; damage caused by lung infections or worst of all lung cancer. For more information, visit

Why do the dentists ask you questions at the dentist when they clearly are working inside your mouth and you can't talk?

I really like ..yes.. Or ... No... Questions while in the chair. I usually just shrug my shoulders on the others. But they really do that all the time. I answer while they reach for another tool. Its not my favorite place to be.

how does a society justify this?

Sorry for the heaviness in advance. I just honestly don't understand this. Why isn't there a better system for taking care of the homeless? (whom most the time have serious mental conditions that need treatment) how can we all just sit idly by while

Who was it that said "Haiti made a deal with the devil in order to beat the French"?

Some crazy guy said this on a talk show but I don't remember the name of the show or the guy ):

Calculate the means of 3244, 553, 179, 213, 423, 336, 190, 440, 382, 111, 397

umm.. aren't you supposed to be doing these yourself? You'll never learn if you never do them...

Did Nick Matthews from Get Scared really quit?

I was asking because im in school and all the sites that have the anser are blocked

Why do people think black people are ghetto

it's annoying because I'm black and people don't think I'm ghetto because I'm not but everything I hear consists of black people being ghetto maybe if people didn't put everyone in the same group as one another we wouldn't be like this today !

Did Abe Lincoln father a child during his presidency?

Lincoln had 4 sons, no daughters, only one lived past teenage. none born in the White House, but one died in his first administration. 1. Edward (Eddie) Baker Lincoln: Born March 10, 1846 in Springfield, Illinois. Edward died quite young in Springfie

Is Syria going to be the beginning of WW3?

What are three examples of differences between people that prompt discrimination in our society?

Dexterity, place of birth, color of skin, disabilities, mental acuity, accents (when speaking), believes, sexual orientation...

How many earthquakes are there on a average day?

Searched the web and this is what I found the results may shock you

When do you think the next war with America with happen?

With who? When? Why? All in your opinion?

What is the 'nuclear option' in our U.S government?

The Senate Democrat majority voted to change one of the chamber's most fundamental rules, invoking the so-called 'nuclear option' for executive branch and non-Supreme Court judicial nominations. Fifty-two Democrats voted for the measure, an unprecede

Will this explain how the next US President will be elected in 2016

In 2012, Mitt Romney won 59 percent of the votes of non-Hispanic whites, who make up a majority of the electorate. In 2012, Barack Obama won 93 percent of the black vote, 71 percent of the Hispanic vote, and 73 percent of the Asian-American vote. I

Music and Art are culture. Fashion and Architecture are culture. Food is culture. None of these are free, so what if I a

Theory: If we truly want freedom and equality, then it must extend to social culture and our access to it, regardless of financial concerns, which should be naturally secondary to social equality.

What did you notice about the media (television, news, radio) in the United States when you first visited?

For international students, foreign exchange students, etc. only please. Compare it to your own country and please state which country it is.