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how long does an average turtle live?, in years I mean

Depending on the type of turtle, it could only be a few years. Some tortoises, which most people incorrectly think are turtles, can live much longer than humans. Tu'i Malila is the oldest confirmed tortoise, having passed away at 189 years old

Why do my ostriches lay eggs? Is this normal!?

I just thought they would have it straight away, im really concerned my ostriches are glitched! I let them out of their pen into the field and found 3 eggs and i thought they had babies like humans and sheep do...:O

How well do the roach killer bomb things work?

ok so i just saw a huge roach the size of my freaking palm and i REALLY hate roaches so later today im going to go buy something to kill roaches and i was thinking of those bombs but ive never used them before and i dont know how or if they work well

How can i tell if my hamster has diarrhea

i was just thinking that it would be good if i knew the symptoms as i know if they have it bad it can be fatal

What does Your Pit-Bull Like? (please read)

I'm rescuing a 3 year old pit in March, and I want to make everything perfect for him cause of his rough life. He had been abused twice as a pup "near death beating" and I hear he is the shyest thing around people. I am still waiting to get

How often should you take a small breed dog (yorkshire terrier) outside in a day? Im having trouble training my dog.

I suggest that you take it outside at least twice: in the morning and late in the evening. I would add another outside period midday if possible and immediately after the evening meal. Many dogs will ask to go out. Some people install a doggie door.

Do cats have webbed feet?

I believe the Vietnamese fishing cat does

Its legal to have chickens so is it legal to have an ostritch for a pet?i would like to ride on it.

Even if you could have an ostrich, it would never let you ride it. Go buy a horse.

My Dog Ate A Food Freshening Packet, Will she be Ok?

My dogs Riley and Sadie got into our pantry and ate an entire bag of salty nacho chips and beef jerky. my dog Sadie recently had a life threatening illness, we didn't find out exactly what it was but we needed to keep her away from people food. when

Should I show jump compete my horse the way he is? Or train him?

My horse bucks occasionally, and he is spooky. But he is such a good jumper. He can easily trot a 4ft jump (he's tall). My trainer says that I have a head start if I compete him, but when we go to new places he is so spooky and he flings himself over

What should I expect from my dog being in heat?

How long does the cycle last? I found some blood on the floor today. She is an 8 month old Lab, we don't want to get her fixed yet but don't want to do the doggy diaper thing either.

What kind of bird should we get?

My family have been interested in birds for a while. The price range should be at least under $50. My mother wants to be able to handle it. She said she would like to let it step up on her arm after proper training. One that is quiet but not too quie

how can I stop my baby chicks from knocking over their bowls?

we have four baby black ostrilorp chicks. when I feed them and give them water in the morning they alwayse knock over the bowls and so I am constantly giving them more!!! the cage is a mess!!! how can I stop them?

Why do dogs turn around in circles before they lay down?

I've always wondered why. I tried it once but I just don't get it.

My puppies both i think,got died today andf the other one is getting worse,what can i do and is it contagaious

My dog got parvo when we first got her. One of the major things that can kill puppies with it is dehydration. The vets,if they haven't already,can hook her up to a I-V. With parvo is very sad but it's difficult to tell if they will live. I understand

Are there any animals that make no sound?

Sorry, Geddy72, back to the drawing board. Sometimes, they make sounds that we can't hear. You might be right about turtles, but lizards hiss, or make a similar sound, many fish make sounds, that attract fish of their type. Most Rodents make cute li

What is wrong with my dog?

She is a fox Pomeranian. It seems like every time she is about to fall asleep, she starts twitching and breathing really heavily almost like she is dreaming. The weird part is her nose starts twitching and her eyes stay half open and when you watch,

How do I convince my parents to get me a horse? Help!

I've been riding since I was five, and I'm 13 now. The grades thing won't work, because I already have all A's. They just say no, they won't even explain why. I need help there too. I ride English, and really love endurance riding. I know how to tak

Tips on big equestrian jumping shows? (Please don't remove)

Hey guys. I'm getting in to jumper shows. I am already an advanced order, jump 4 ft, and now I have a trainer with a lot of great connections and she will introduce me to a Grand Prix rider this fall and she's going to evaluate my skills and possibly

What type of homes do Arctic wolves have?

I'm doing an animal project at school and my favorite animal is an arctic wolfe but i need some more background knowledge on them. plz help.

(Equestrian) What's a good stride to start counting down to the jump?

In show jumping 3ft+, how many strides before the jump should you start counting aloud strides?

We are going to have a interview of getting a new puppy, what are the interviewer looking for?

we've been their once and everything went well but she told us that she wanted everyone in the family to accept the dog and not only some of you, it is true that a few of my family members don't really know about dogs but, we well be the one taking c

Do boy dogs like girl dogs better usually?

Yes the own them and wont like other male dogs around them. Then again they become a pact eventually. The head dog will eat out of everybody's dish to show dominance .

What kind of cat is mine?

his paws are all white, and so is his body, beyond his paws are brown and the base of his back is too, he is long and slender with a brown fluffy tail, he meows a ton and when I get home. his nose area is black and so are his ears, he has long fur an

Should i call the animal control?

I was out berry picking in my backyard when i saw i birds nest, thinking it was empty I picked a few berry's over the nest. That's when i saw there where 3 baby eggs in there now I'm scared since my arm was over the nest the mother won't come back.

How do I get my dog to be nice around other dogs?

I can never enjoy a day at the dog park because my dog attacks the others and I have to leave after 5 minutes or less of being there! My dog Bandit has grown up without other dogs in his life, he's 5 years old now and I really want to get another dog

How to introduce an adult male cat to a young female kitten?

I might be moving in with a friend in a few months, but she already has an older cat (maybe 6 years old?) and my kitten is about 6 months. Both are neutered, but I'm worried they wont get along. is male and female ok? and what should I do if they fig

Why does my cat lick and chew on my hair?

I'll just be sitting at the table on the computer or doing my homework or something and my cat Luna will just come up and start attacking my head -- not hurting me, but chewing on my hair. Sometimes she'll put a paw on my head and use claws to keep m

Why is my cat sleeping a lot and pooping out side of the litter box

How old is you cat? Most cats sleep 12-16 hours a day . Pooping outside the box could indicate a medical problem, Or if the cat is a senior it may be feline dementia, one of the first signs is that they tend to forget how to use a litter box.

How to convince my parents into getting a pet snake for me?

I have wanted a pet snake for awhile now, (Actually since I was 5 years old and I am 16 now.) I tried making a deal with them for Christmas, where'd they just buy me the aquarium and a heat lamp, and I'd buy everything else myself. They said that t

1 day back i had bought a silver arowana 5 inch.But it does not taking any food... Please suggest me what to do now....

Well I know for a fact they need a lot of space and they need really good clean water. If he is small he just needs another fish in there. when there lonely they tend not to eat. Just some suggestions

How long is a goldfish's memory span?

I've heard 3 seconds and 3 months :/

I'm getting a couple glow fish for my aquarium. What should I name them?

I want unique names so far I'm defiantly naming 1 Jaws and 1 Malleficent but I need more please comment!

My dogs eye is bleeding?

My two Yorkie's had a SERIOUS fight today and one of the yorkies' eye is bleeding. I gently whipped the eye gently with a rag when I noticed the Iris seemed to be peeled like an eye surgery when the doctor sticks a sharp tool under the Iris? I'm scar

What do you feed pet minos

meaning a small fresh water fish

Can domestic dogs and foxes have offsprings?

A fox and a dog can have offspring. I had a dog years ago who was part fox. He was the cutest and fastest dog I've had. He looked like a fox, only he was cream and brown colored. He was also very protective of me.

My Baby puppy chihuahua was bitten really badly from the eye and leg. what should I do?

it's been crying ever since the morning. I want the puppy to stop suffering. SOO PLEASE HELP ME!

Why isn't my dog nesting?

my Shih tzu has puppies due either the end of this week or next, she has a whelping box but only gets in it when we put her in it and doesn't stay in it very long why?

What can I use to gain weight on my horse?

Horses need 2-2.5% of their body weight in roughage. (Hay or grass) it needs to be quality forage or it just doesn't do the job. If your horse is older or growing and on nights where it gets colder than normal, feed more hay. Check to make sure he's

What do house spiders like to eat?

I am very scared of spiders of all sizes. There is a black one the size of a quarter that's on the loose in my house. We do have ants and even cockroaches. Are spiders attracted to either of those? And if you can, is there a way to lure it out in the

Are lizards related to dinos

i have a bearded dragon and I have been wondering if my lizard is related to dinos

Can dogs sense danger or dangerous people?

One night when I was out walking our dogs we passed by a house where a new family recently moved into. A man and a couple of kids were standing by their car next to the house. One of my dogs started pulling away from them with her tail between her le

My dog has chewed his tail raw.....

I took him to the vet and was told that there really wasn't any particular reason for the chewing but that now my dog has fixated on his tail. Is there any way to bandage/cover his tail that would be difficult for him to remove?

How deep can a badger dig?

How deep can a badger dig? Like in feet and inches? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!

What would be the most dangerous between these six animals?

Australian Saltwater Crocodile, Australian Box Jellyfish, Blue Ring Octopus, Stonefish, Cone Shellfish, and the Great White Shark

How long do guinea pigs live for?

my grandmas guinea pig died last night she heard him squealing and she was holding him because she wanted to comfort him in his finally moments he was 7 years old but my grandma has a guinea pig who is 10 years long do they normally live f