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What is this song called? please comment any suggestion that you think it is! im desperate!

Its a girl and guy singing and its more like dance music, its a few years old and its about love! that's all i remember!

Who coined the term "Jump The Shark"?

Comes from Happy Days. As the show got older, they kept adding new characters or having the main characters travel. They ran a series where the Cunninghams and Fonzie went West. Fonzie wound up in a waterskiing competition against an expert. He won,

What do you think of One Direction's new song "Little Things" ?

I love it!!!! :) Does anyone know when it will be on iTunes cause I didnt see it yet :( Also people were saying Ed Sheeran wrote it is that true??

What are some of the best underrated or unpopular Hatsune Miku songs?

I think if you asked a lot of Miku fans that question, you would get a lot of different songs, and almost no agreement :) Anyway, my answers would be AO Blue, Amber Wind, Heart Decoder, Ambiguous Song, and I_say_love - which all have less than 100K

In the movie The Other Woman with Cameron Diaz don't you think the ending went too far in what they did to the guy ?

The glass part was outrageous but other than that the other girl was just taking her life back& returning the money

How old is lady gaga?

26 but dresses like a 5 year old for Halloween going as a sesame street character

when is the date the new NINJAGO MASTERS OF SPINJITSU season comes on?

the website didn't say the exact date or month

What's the name of the animated movie in which there's a living house and some kids wander into it, trying to find out w

Apparently it was the spirit of a spiteful woman who was once in the circus as an abnormally large woman.

What funny movie should i watch.

There are many funny movies, what I've heard Airplane is a big hit since it is so funny. There is also American Pie.There are some more Hangover, Grownups, Click and The Twins I dont watch many movies though :) Hopefully I helped It kinda depends wh

Are Elsa and Anna considered Disney Princesses?

Yes! I absolutely adore frozen so this is my kind of question!! Elsa is a queen actually. I know people refer to her as a princess but in the movie she is "Queen Elsa" :)

Will they ever make a fourth movie to the chipmunks

If Hollywood is stupid enough to continue the Die Hard series, they'll try to squeak by another chipmunk movie. They no longer care about the audience, just the take at the box office. Sadly the caliber of most actors today couldn't even be featured

I'm trying to write a song and does this line make sense? "When he's out of sight, My heart says run but when we un

When he's out of sight, My heart says run but when we unite, my heart says fight, But my will doesn't follow"

Is Hall of Fame a good song for a middle school talent show

I am an eight grader and my school is having a talent show. Me and a group of friends would like to play a song for it. We have a violinist, a cellist, a vocalist, and me, a violinist. I have transcribed the music, but want to know if Hall of Fame is

How can i stop listening to a song?

OKay so i've been listening to "Iris" by sleeping with sirens (its a cover) and im addicted to this song... i've listened to the song at least 20-25 times in a row already... im listening to the song right now and i need to stop but i cant

*SPOILER ALERT* In Prometheus, how did the alien end up in the engineer's body, did the squid plant it there?

Well, the title pretty much asks all that I wanted to ask. In the very last scene of Prometheus, you see the supposedly dead Engineer start to writhe , while a lump starts to protrude from his chest (Any one who saw Alien will know what's about to h

What are some great horror movies on netflix?

My cousin and I would like to watch some horror movies tonight, but we feel as if we've watched all the good ones, and we can't find anymore. We would prefer things similar to The Ring, The Conjuring, etc. Basically anything that's supernatural, no m

Whats a good movie to watch?

Some good movies to watch include American Pie: The Reunion, Taken 2, The Bourne Legacy, Haywire, The Expendables 2, Wanderlust, Snow White And The Huntsman and The Amazing Spider-Man. We also have Iron Sky, Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance, Franken

Who played Zod in The Man of Steel movie?

Michael Shannon ... That took me a whopping 1.5 seconds of research ... WHEW! I'm worn out!

Are there any fantasy romance animes?

I've watched slog Animes but I really like the fantasy romance animes, the ones where there's a bunch of people with animal forms and their really cute? yeah, so I was wondering if there are any good ones like that out there,

What is some good R&B - Hiphop music ?

I love listening to hip hop and R&B music but i need more! Plz help

where can I get some music

for my sweet 16 I'm doing a beach volleyball party and I want some music. I don't want lyrics with it just the beats like hip hop. but I don't wanna get an itunes account if I'm only going to use it once. any one know of a store I could get a cd or 2

What songs are 3.32 minutes long

The closest I could find to that exact time was Halestorm - "Nothing To Do With Love" at 3:31.

Is K-pop popular? My South Korea friend said K-pop is very popular all over the world but the only one I know is PSY

k-pop is EXTREMELY popular in Korea and other asian countries but not as much in the western world

Who here loves Gravity Falls as much as I do?

Nothing can beat Gravity Falls. I love that show sooo much that I actually capitalized the title. (Yeah, it's that good)

has anyone seen the bible on Netflix

how would u describe it to someone

is the supernatural anime like the show are they the same?

I've seen an animated version if the show on YouTube. They sure do use the same voices. I think Jensen ans Jared are apart of it, cause if you Google them, it's listed under their movies and tv.

I really liked the secret life of the American teenager but I'm done all the seasons. Any suggestions of a new series I

The Vampire Diaries Pretty Little Liars The Walking Dead Hart Of Dixie New Girl Awkward Orange Is The New Black One Tree Hill True Blood Hemlock Grove

can you save a cracked english horn reed?

I don't exactly know what kind of cracked you are referring to. Be careful of what kind of glue you may use especially if your mouth is in contact with the area. The guy in the video used a wire. See link.

what Are some good shows/movies to watch on Netflix?


Song that was written about a girl and her best friend committing suicide? This story was linked I believe somewhere on soundhound or something.. the song was word for word what the girl had sent via me

Tips on preparation for a nerve-racking audition?

i have a bassoon audition on december 15th and i only chose my song today. tips on perfecting the song and managing my time??

Is Tinker Bell an official Disney Princess?

I've wondered this like through out my whole childhood.

Do I need a bass in my band?

Wee have 2 guitars and a drum set but we don't have a bass, do we really need one?

Anyone know any inspiring songs?

Like, songs about getting through depression or something like that. Any songs that have a good message.

The woman that plays on Orange is the new black had a sex change to be a woman. Is this true in real life or is she just

she is really transgender in real life too. here's some info on her here.

Anyone know the name of a movie where there's a serial rapist on the lose and some weird dream aspect?

There was a creepy movie I watched once, I believe it was on Netflix. There was a woman trying to have a child, but couldn't conceive so she was having help from doctors and there was some dream aspect to it.. where when she went to sleep she would d

Did Garth Brooks play a concert in Tampa in '97 or '98? If so, what was the setlist?

this was one of his setlist in 1998. it was probably similar or the same to this one! The Old Stuff Rodeo The Beaches of Cheyenne Two Piña Coladas Two of a Kind, Workin' on a Full House Shameless Papa Loved Mama The Thunder

What are some good rock bands

examples: breaking benjamin, Disturbed. etc

when is walking dead season 4 coming on netflix? (NO spoilers please)

Probably sometime when they're filming the 5th season.. It'll still be a while.

Is their a limit to how good someone's voice can get?

Is there a limit to how good someone's voice can get through practice? I want to be a great singer like Freddie mercury, but when I see him sing he has such an awesome powerful voice and it frustrates me when I think about how I may never even come c

Anyone know some good anime shows to watch? Please and thank-you.

I love reverse harem. I want to watch anime similar to Diabolik Lovers. It has to have romance, but not boring romance. Also, I want the anime to have cute guys please! I have already seen Ouran High School Host Club, Inuyasha, The Familiar of Zero,

How do I begin learning how to sight read? (WARNING! I KNOW ALMOST NOTHING!)

I have been in my middle school choir for almost two years and the teachers have only touched ( not even scratched!) the surface on sight reading. All we ever did was mimic the sounds that our teacher told us to sing and we never really needed to kno

should I go see the fault in the stars or 22 Jump street?

Depends on the type of mood you are in, if you feel like a tear jerking sappy movies than Fault In Our Stars is something I recommend. But if your for a hilarious comity thannnn 22 Jump Street is another I recommend.... I take my movies very seriousl

What is papa roach's song scars about?

It seems that it is pretty obviously about a past relationship, taking a quick look at the lyrics. By 'tearing' his heart open, he is referring to thinking back upon this past relationship.

What are good songs by Chris Brown?

I love to dance & sing. Music is my life! I'm more into Hip Hop & R&B music. Here are some tips and songs that i listen to by him for some tips. Yeah x3, With you, Look at me now, Should've kissed you, Yo (Excuse me miss). I love listenin

What are some band names we could use?

My friends and I are wanting to start a band. We're around 13/14 and we want to do something with pop music. I think were just going start out with dong covers before we write our own music. Anyway any names for us? Also what songs should we do a cov

How old do you have to be to go to a concert?

my little sister who's 12 wants to go to a 1D concert. she would go with her friend and her mom I think. she would've been sitting a section away from them. I want to know if she can sit by herself or do you have to be older. and she looks like she's