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How did Halloween become a holiday?

I know its a little late to be asking this but im just curious ;D

Are aliens real?


What should i call my pet fairy?

She wears a green dress and has blonde hair with green eyes :)

What are some good R&B and Alternative songs I should listen to?

I'm looking for something new to get really into. I want to start a new playlist for my Spotify with newer music. So any suggestions? I listen to mostly The Weeknd, Jhene Aiko, Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean, SchoolBody Q, The xx, Childish Gambino, Ect! so an

Did anyone hear that the group INXS. Is not touring anymore ? What a shame!

I hadn't heard that, but I don't think they have been the same since Michael Hutchence's death. I saw them years ago and it was probably the most high energy concert I have ever been to.

Whats you favorite kind of music?


What's your favorite movie ?

Taking of Pelham 123 or The Dark Knight.

Why does Ask remove answer for the slave trade question when it's not inappropriate to provide details?

Specifically, slaves entered North America via South Carolina, Florida, and Louisiana even when Louisiana was under the French. From there they went to ports up the Mississippi River; Saint Louis was a major slave trading port. There's a bigot modera

Who is simon

i know i lot of people played simon says before but who eczactly is the "Simon" character

What do you do to get motivated?

think about how my DI would motivate me during boot camp

Would you rather eat a bug alive or eat a piece of trash?

When you do not want something, you throw it away. There are a lot of people (in faraway places, too) that eat animals, bugs included. Trash would more likely have germs or bacteria, bugs are small and have efficient waste processing systems, they're

Who is your Idol?!

My great grandpa. He was a great man, and he taught me so much

Which is better .. iPad or galaxy tap ?

According to the market reviews, the iPad is the best tablet. The iPad offers everything most users would desire to have and has more established commands. On the other hand, the Galaxy Tab offers the capability of adjusting to new technologies.

Who is your favorite person in the whole wide world and why? Would you die for that person and why? EXPLAIN WHY! PLEASE!

My favorite person is my daddy. He inspired me to do what i love and that is fix and repair cars. He was a marine and he tels his stories if ya know whatamean. He tells about his childhood memmories and what not. He is my favorite because he thinks t

It it possible that bigfoot could be an escaped monkey or gorilla?

I think it's just a hairy version of slenderman haha

How come people can't be honest with each other , how come they can't say what's on their mind instead of avoiding each

I've learn some people don't want to hear the truth and when you tell the truth some will not believe you, no matter how truthful and honest you are with them. Some times its best to avoid being honest and just "walk" on by.. I honestly thi

Bullying. Have you done it? Do you believe its right? Has it happened to you?

NOOOO!!! I would never EVER bully in my life! No, its cruel and drives kids and teens do death. Yes it has happened to me... pretty much my whole life just for being me. People made fun of me for dressing appropriate and not dating in the 5th gra

What is the most outrageous superstition you have heard of.

You can't sleep when your hair is wet

What is your favorite way to blow off steam?

Go for a walk or I do push ups against a counter. I can't do regular push ups from the floor due to injury. But counters work great. Adjust the tension by how far your feet are apart and how far they are from the wall.

Does the Media shape society?

I believe that it influences how everybody acts and what is "cool" today and causes all of the moral problems we have.

What age do you feel is appropriate to get married at?

I have a wedding to attend on Saturday (I'm a bridesmaid) and the people getting married are 17 and 20. I don't know if I should be disturbed by that or not. I also feel like they're only getting married because they have a baby together. What age do

How to stop feeling angry?

I recently gave someone else advice on this and unfortunately, I can't follow my own advice. I don't have anything to break and exercise isn't helping. I'm not sure why I feel angry too. Help ! Suggestions?

What are some good ways to comfort someone who is upset?

I'm just terrible at this. I have no idea on what to do. All I can manage is a nervous laugh and that seems to make things worse. Help !

What do you say to a girl when you ask her out

you gotta go in stealthy e-e first, make her laugh ALOT, and then manipulate her mind C:< if you got good ground with this, pop the question sarcastically :D not the rude kinda sarsarcasm :o ... (this is for when you are gonna ask her out though o

Do you like cheese?


Do dogs bite?

Do dogs have rabbies?

I bought three different pencils. Havent you seen _______ of them. (a)either (b) all (c)any

(C) Any. I bought 3 different pencils. Had you seen _any_ of them?

I have a friend who is trying to push her religion on me what should I do?

If you really don't want to follow that religion, tell her so. Tell her that you're determined to keep your religion, and that she needs to lay off. If she's really your friend, she'll understand and stop, at least mostly. If you're not religious alr

Is it strange when you're attracted to someone's personality more than their looks?

I'm not sure if this is considered weird or out of the ordinary. Is it strange? Is it normal?

What are some places I could have a birthday party?

I want to have a party somewhere away from home but not too expensive I'm lost I can't think of a place, like a type of place (I'm turning 15 so it has to be age appropriate

Why do I cry when I'm angry?

Usually when I'm arguing with my sister my voice starts to shake and I start to cry. Then she always has to say something about it. How do I stop from crying? I'm not an emotional person and rarely cry outside of arguing!

How do I change a word document to a jpg file to be inserted into my aol emails.

You take a picture of a printed copy. It is more common that you either attach the Word document file, or convert the Word document to an RTF file and attach that or convert the file to a PDF formatted file and attach that to the email.

If you had to give up one of your FIVE senses (sight, taste, smell, touch, hearing) only to find out the others increase

I soul go with taste. I lost taste when I had surgery when I was 18. Got it back about a month later. But... I know how to handle that and it wouldn't e as much of a shock as something like hearing, feeling, and seeing. I guess smell would be ok to l

If a medication is OTC in another country and unscheduled in the us can I have a friend ship it to me?

Yes. But not legally, as congress in it's wisdom has made obtaining drugs from outside the country illegal. However, there are lots and lots of people, myself included, who order drugs from Canadian and other pharmacies, and they arrive.... So...

Why Do Women Wear Fake Eyelashes?

Sometimes, I see people wearing these *ridiculously* long and thick obviously false eyelashes. What's the point?

What is Tinder?

It's an online dating app.

What are good poems about someone stealing from you?

A girl in my class is trying to steal my boyfriend and is almost successful. I usually feel better after listening to a song or reading a poem when something bad happens. Do you know any good poems or songs about someone stealing from you?

What does the term P.S. stand for?

you know how at the end of a letter or an email you put P.S. for extra stuff? what does it stand for?

how to make my hair lighter without dying it

im a light brunette and i really want to get lighter hair, maybe a bleach blonde. but i dont know how to make my hair lighter. im not allowed to dye my hair so are there any easy non-harmful/damaging ways to get my hair lighter?

If I pre order Advanced Warfare from Amazon, will I get it the day it comes out?

When it's released, it is shipped to Amazon who, in turn, ships it to you. That takes time.

What is another way that cellphone's are dangerous?

Radiowave radiation can cause cancer. Given where most people keep their phones (pockets), genital cancer is an issue. They are distractions from driving, walking, and actual face to face interaction (creating danger/antisocial tendencies). They can

How do I stop feeling creeped out?

I am extremely extremely easily scared, and I was stupid enough to read all about "Five Nights at Freddy's." I didn't download the game, thank goodness, but I still feel freaked out and disturbed. Please don't post troll answers- I really n

do only lovers hold hands?

This is really awkward but holding hands is a gesture I really enjoy. So I do it with my sister/farther/mother/friends. Is that wrong or gross in any way? Because lately I've been seeing people who don't think it's appropriate to hold hands with a fa

How can you stop biting your nails quickly?

There's this brand of nail polish called ulta3 that I got for like 3-4 bucks and their nail polish tastes DISGUSTING. just get the top coat in the colour natural. I looks pink but comes out colourless. It makes me stop every time I use it.

Is it bad to ask so much questions here?...I feel bad asking my best friend all of these questions so i come here. Is th

Well my best friends the only one i ask these questions and i feel bad asking so much of them xD