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how do I become a better speaker? READ DESCRIPTION!

My communications/ argument & debate teacher says on my rubric that I need to talk louder. She writes this on my paper every time. I want to get better and be able to talk louder.... but every time I give a speech I feel that if I talk any louder

My high school starts in September and due to my circumstance I can go back in November. Do I get withdrawn from high sc

I'm a senior. Also I'm currently in different state and I need to stay here until November. I go to a public high school with a student visa.

What school should I go to?!

HTS or sms HTS has a great football team and so great friends. but small classes. and 2/3 teachers i hate. but I think its worth staying for football. i personally think HTS is good for sports. sms is larger. a lot more of my friends. if i go t sms i

What does GPA stands for ?

what does GPA stands for ?

What kind of subjects medical billing and coding teachers teach their students?

I want to take a certified program that only teaches coding, I heard and not the health part. I want to get a job in a hospital and not a private medical place. Because in a hospital I can only focus on coding and signing papers. And maybe answering

Is 1490 a good SAT score? I don't score very well in my writing, and my sister told me I can't get to a good college.

Critical reading: 500 Math: 600 Writing: 390 Multiple choice: 41 (1-80) writing score: 6 (1-12) My sister told me that with this score I won't get anywhere in life. Though I think life isn't about SAT game but I don't know if what she's saying is tr

What to do i am being hopeless ...

i feel that i can not do any better than others, i feel that what i will say or tell to anyone in class room , if it will be wrong student will laugh and espeacially one girl who use to laugh always , is my problem, i am going to give medical entry t

How to stay focussed to achieve the goal?

have determination to get things done..get excited about your ambitions or endeavours....

What is an easy way for a 13 yr old to make money, LEGALLY?

Get a news paper route, When I was your age I sold subs door to door and worked a fruit and vegetable stand. mowed lawns. washed cars.

How do I get a job with barely any work experience?

ok so I just high school school. I don't really have any work experience except that I worked in two warehouse but worked only one day for each. how can I get a job? no one seems to hire unless you have work experience. that's crazy.

Where should I work?

I have college classes four days a week until 3 pm. Im a great mechanic and construction worker. no where will hire me for that because they don't take me seriously, and I feel over qualified for a job at a restaurant or store. my life requires more

What are some good colleges for graphic design?

I am curious about the career.

Why do so many students go to college out of their cities even though they can go to college in their own cities

for most college students, the largest percent of spending is housing if they go to college far away from home. why don't they go to college in their own cities and live at homes.

job ideas for 14 year olds

what are some job ideas for a 14 year old, and not an actual job like at amigos or big apple bagels etc. just a job like a job around the neighborhood

Is it hard to become an E- 4 in the U.S army?

Sorry if this is an odd question. Can you become an E-4 in the Army Reserves? What is the pay like? And the mos is combat medic. Thank you.

What other type of employment can I transition to with experience in HR?

Currently I am seeking to relocate to Charlotte, NC; however, I am having difficulty securing employment in HR with a MBA degree. I am open to a career change.

How did Abraham Lincoln die?

how did President Lincoln die?

What would be the best choice? A detective or SRT? I am not guaranteed any of these spots (I know).

There are too many lawyers now it is hard to find a job as a lawyer bad idea. It sounds like you want to be in law enforcement. Become a cop and maybe the path will be more clear as you move up.

What other options are there in the world for a person looking to serve or assist in a worthy cause?

I always wanted to join the military but much like everything in N.A. opportunity is not everywhere. I'm looking for other options or causes in the world. Would love to travel or even relocate to another part of the world.

If you had an interview yesterday, how long should it take for them to decide if you got the job or not?

I think that if I got the job, they would call the next day. Is this accurate? -thanks

I have no idea what to go into for a career... I am a sophomore in College

Start out by listing the majors in your college and eliminating the ones you know you do not want to do. Then for the list you have left, try to determine which career would offer a decent salary, which ones you like the best, and which ones play to

Can a Non- Citizen,Immigrant,on Legal Status,Join the Military,either as a Soldier or may be in technical department? if

Requirements to join the Military is the following website: Before you visit your local recruiter, be sure you meet the minimum qualifications for serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. Some qualifications are required by all five services: You must

Where can you work in Henrico Virginia at the age of 14

list some jobs where you can work at the age of 14 in henrico

Why do we tip in California?

Okay I'm not saying I don't tip. READ THAT AGAIN. okay now I'm just trying to get an understanding of how it works in a state where you are paid minimum wage plus tips. If someone could be KIND enough to help me get a better idea. From what I

What should I study in college as a back up? (ADULTS ONLY)

I've been wanting to rap as a career since I was 15(even if it means opening up shows for other rappers and being on the road all the time). My family has been telling me to go to college for a Back Up career. I'm 23 now and don't know what college c

Im a freshman in highschool, i want to be a nurse .. But my grade average .. Ds .. Are there websites to talk to an nurs

i honestly don't think you need to be looking for a nurse to talk to online. if you find one, they'll probably tell you what i am about to : if your grades aren't where you want them to be, only YOU are capable of changing them. Speaking to a nurse o

what is a good art college in the US

I'm not applying yet but I'm an artist but no one I know is familier with the art world. I live in Maryland and hope to find somewhere close to home but I'm open to suggestions.

Should i get my GED if i only have four credits and a sophmore ?

Stick it out,no matter how long u need,your high school diploma is the most important thing you can do to improve your future,trust me on this,one, as a older guy,it's one of my bigger regrets is not staying in school,you can and will succeed in gett

What are the names of the planets?

I'm doing an assignment in class and I need help...

I want to open a school and be a teacher for special needs kids. What are some colleges and degrees to do so?

You would require: -At least a bachelor Degree (4 years) ~>with specialization in aiding special needs individuals ( relating to LST or Impared Facilitation) -[Optional] Bachelor/Masters in Mental Apprehention (1-2 years) -[Optional] Certification

Employee was in trouble for sleeping on the job but not fired. why?

This woman has been caught sleeping and texting during work and also being on the internet and reading a book during working hours. she has been reprimanded but never fired. She is a slacker and it bothers me because I have to work harder.. when wil

Are prophecies real?

the Greeks thought they were real a long time ago...... it really depends on what you think

What are some good first jobs besides fast food?

There's too many! Specially if you be in United States ? It depends on your age, your strength, your will,ect . . You can simply just type in google about jobs in your state & area & you'll find sites, just explore there's plenty of job sea

Okay so I applied for McDonald's a couple of days ago and have not heard back from them should I call them just to check

I applied Friday and still have not got a call. Should I give them more time or call tomorrow.

Do most Universities require an interview for college admission?

Another question, does submitting in your college application a month for the deadline improves your chances of getting in to the college of your choice? Yes, I know the admission people check everything from GPA, attendance, extracurricular activiti

Could I get into a decent college with my current grades?

When I ask this, I'm asking if its possible for me to go to a UC school. Or USC school. Right now my G.P.A. is weighted at 3.8333... and so I obviously get all A's except for 1-2 B's. I'm currently a sophomore taking the recommended sophomore classes

What Is Freshman Year Like?

I'm going into high school and want to know what to expect.

Who does background checks for secret service agents?

who's the person who does background checks and interviews people who want to get into the secret service?

Is homeschooling right for me?

im apologize,it's a bit lengthy. I'm very depressed with my school life. I'm a Sophmore in highschool and I don't want to end up failing. I know if I continue to stay in public school,I'll end up failing. I almost have no motivation in getting ou

How do you become a professional makeup artist?

like one that works for celebrities or something professional? I have a love for makeup that will never die and I want to do makeup for a living .

What courses to take in highschool for job at NASA (engineering and electrical)

well just get good grades and go to a good highschool ask the teacher your question, but im in a piloting class outside of school but they offee it olny for our schools

Where can a 15 year old get a job in dayton ohio

Child labor laws vary by location. You may be prevented from working, or you may need a work permit, and there may be limits. Jobs I had before turning 18 (in reverse order): computer programmer (Basic, 6502 assembly language), electronics salesman

I need to win ( read below ) to get a lot of money do you know any glitches?

my friend and I just bet a lot of money in a call of duty game and I need to beat him to get the money but one problem is is a huge hacker so I need to know some glitches to beat him got any?

My friend was telling me about something that he was learning in class the other day it is a prison called Alcatraz is

it is suppose to be inescapable over a period of hundreds years only 3 people have escaped