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What is considered to be a good GPA ?

5.0 is the highest, but above 3.5 is good

How did Christopher Columbus bring horses across the sea?

Please answer fast! I need it so fast for schoolwork!

How to get straight As in middle school

Middle school is actually when I BEGAN getting straight A's. I just got the mind set that School is the most important thing to worry about for my future. So i paid attention and took good notes and such. then I ALWAYS made sure i did my homework, an

what are "women rights"?

for my history class homework

Math test helpp

ok so i have a big math test tomorrow im in 8th grade (chapter 7 inequalities/systems) and its so hard i barely know any of it and my math teacher doesnt teach anything. Is there any tips or websites/videos that you have that can help me for my test?

What is a good and understandable myth that i can write a lot about ?

You don't have to read many pages in history to realize that the sky above the Earth looked very different just a few thousand years ago. You might wonder why the ancients named their god after a planet that most people now can't even point to. Well,

What is % as a fraction

per cent, per hundred, /100 think of other words like centimeter or century.

What are good sites to look for Iowa and its capital?

I just need Iowa and its capital.

How do I state this....?

I want to say that in the 20th century, British culture was highly influenced by class. I want it to start off like "In 20th century Britain...(This is the part I am having trouble with. Is "Britain" the correct way to address it?)

If you would write about something you believe in what would it be?

If I were to write about something I believe in , it would be my love for helping people . I take great pride and joy in putting a smile on peoples faces . That is the main reason I plan to join the army to be a medic once I am done with school . He

Did Cleopatra have anything valuable to her?

Not a person. Like did she have a staff or a special royal thing?

what does "Multiply the input by itself and then take the opposite" mean?

I know that the "multiply the input by itself" means x to the 2nd power but what does "then take the opposite mean"? Do I subtract or....???

How does ocean pressure effect 2 divers- one in a fresh water lake and one in a small pond- both swimming at about a dep

There is an inverse relationship between gas volume and gas pressure as explained in Boyle's law. As the pressure increases, the volume of gas in a compressed space decreases. The deeper underwater you go the greater the pressure, and the greater a

I need help with my homework

my sister can't do this its really hard she is in 5th grade its adding fractions and my mom try's to help but she still can't get it its adding fractions like 1/2 + 23/98 or something so can some one me help my sister

How do you do a recursive formula for this sequence? 1, 4, 9, 16?

I noticed that (with the exception of one) that they are all root numbers. But how do I write the expression?

what are some fundraising ideas?

At our school we sell boxes of chocolate, candy, we have hamburger sells, and we are selling soy bean candles right now. you could also do carwashes, or an event such as a concert or a waterslide that they have to buy tickets or passes for.

What makes more sense: size of pizza OR pizza size?

Well the title is pretty much what I have to ask!

What does "adapt" mean?

what does "adapt" mean in animals?

Where is the Polar Bear in the Food Chain?

Where is the "polar bear" in the food chain?

Help with a geometry problem?

Point J is between H and K on HK and HJ = 5x -3, JK = x-9, and HK = -5x. Find HJ

What is a lightning?

It is the effect of what happens to a bunch of charged atoms. Also lightning does not strike down, it goes up. Look it up, it's true.

What are some methods to remember words?

I have a preposition test on Friday and I need to memorize 53 words. How?

If my average is a 59 what grade on a test do i need to get to bump it up to a 65

You'd need to find out what percentage of your overall grade this test will count for. Then you'd need to do a little algebra. If the test counts for half your grade, then: (0.5)(59) + (0.5)T = 65 29.5 + (0.5)T = 65 (0.5)T = 65 - 29.5 = 35.5 T = 71

Who was the emperor of Japan in WWII?

This is the exact question and the textbook doesn't say the answer! Help!

What is verb past ?

I m Brazil and i have difficulty in verb past... help me ! pleasee i wanna some examples ...

What's 1/4+1/3+1/2+1= ?

just convert into a common denominator in this situation 12ths. 3/12 + 4/12 + 6/12 + 12/12 = 25/12 (convert) and you end up with 2 and 1/12 : ) hope this helps

About how long will it take to do 29 pages of long, hard homework?

I need to do a lot of homework and finish it all tomorrow and today but i was wondering how long it would take.

Does africa export or import more?

help me!!! its for homework and i need it tomarrow!

if x=24 when y=80 and x varies directly with y, then find x when y=160

Well since 80*2 is 160, then 24*2 would be what x is. The answer would be x=48.

How would i solve this equation?

Use only the first full numbers, the decimals don't matter I mostly just need help with figuring out B A: 255 B ??? C: 26624 Answer: 6844 C * (B - A + 1) / (divide) 32768 + A=

What are the colony's of South Carolina

I have a project on the South Carolina colony

How is friction helpful?

friction is very helpful example lets say you are in a car going 90mph on a surface with no friction and no wind resistance and you try to stop by using the brakes you would go 90mph non stop so if there was friction and you hit the brakes you would

What is the official language that people speak in guatemala

The official language that people speak in Guatemala is Spanish.

Any poetry ideas? Read below

okay so i told my english teacher that i write.. and he wanted to read a poet ... i wanna write something new and that will show my skills but i dunno what to write about.. any ideas or tips? it would be great!