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What's the difference between an apartment, a condo, and a townhouse?

in both apartments and condos there is one floor, usually with more apartments either above or below yours. a condo is generally purchased, an apartment is generally rented. a town home is generally rented, but can sometimes be purchased (usually cal

Where can I buy appliances at an affordable price?

Wanting to buy a washer/dryer at an affordable price in California, any suggestions?

Can i use the philips 120 volts lights in my 240 v home power?

You may have 240 v supply into your residence but that is split into 120 v for receptacles, lights, etc. You may have limited 240 v service for some appliances like electric dryers or other heavy electricity users.

Please i want compationate people's opinion on this question?

what should i do to help find my cousin another place to live? she is 25 and has animal's, and has never been intimate ! i can't keep helping her myself, and if i throw her out, she could be hurt by other's! the women's shelter won't allow pet's!

How can I get rid of the ants that are in my room?

Because they are everywhere and with summer around the corner everyday it gets worse the amount of ants inside my bedroom

What are pros and cons of recycling plastic?

I have to come up with 10 pros and 10 cons of recycling plastic or just recycling in general. :) thanks for helping

What is it like in summer camp?

well im going the to this next summer

can you clean the felt of a pool table?

there are special brushes, and cleaning solution. i used to have one, and it came with a brush to clean it. we also bought this wierd green colered stuff that cleaned it really well.

There is unwanted grass in my garden. It pops up wherever there are no plants. What type is it?

It's blades are bright green and wider than normal grass. What is an easy way to get rid of it?

Does anyone have any birthday ideas? its going to be my 14th and im a girl, i need birthday ideas, like what games i can

Im having my birthday party and i need birthday ideas, im 14, and there will be boys there, need party game ideas

Me and my two high school friends want to get a 3 bedroom apartment after we graduate and were wondering if we can get a

my friends mom is also gonna help with the payment of the apartment, shes going to pay around 400$ a month if that help, me and my other friend have a kitten so getting a pet friendly apartment is a must. of course we are all going to get jobs to hel

Will sunlight coming through a window screen and closed window counter cold air from air conditioning?

That's depends on the temperature outside the window. If low enough, then yes, the window will.

Eastern tent catipiollers read additional details

question 1: can they grow on bushes question 2: how do i exterminate them question 3: can they eat bushes and question 4: how often will they make a new web if 1 is removed

Anyone know best bug spray for my yard? My yard is full of Mosquitos.

The best thing is a mosquito zapper. I forget the actual name for the product but it is kind of like an electrified tennis racket that you hit the mosquito with and it zaps it. Not only does it not affect humans or pets when you touch it but is also

What are ways to make my home feel like a hotel?

The curtains, fluffy bed things, not childish, the carpet, and then if you have a bathroom in your room the shower pole is usually rounded and white lol and the things hanging up like the blow dryer

Do you need 2 apple trees to produce apples?

Do you mean as an apple orchard? If just for apple sauce or pie, probably only one! :) My grandmother has one and it makes EXCELLENT applesauce.

I've got a Banana Pepper plant, and I was wondering if it could survive the Colorado winter all by itself, because I can

It's named Timmy (the plant) and it has no physical protection/cover as of yet. Would putting a bed sheet over the friggin' thing help at all? Answers appreciated. Thanks!

I'm new to solar energy for homes and I need to know which equipment I need because I plan to move to Colorado in the ne

So I am planning to move to Colorado in the near future, up in the mountains and I need information about the sun exposure there and which solar panels will work best in Colorado's sun exposure (like monocrystalline panels or polycrystalline). Also,

How do get rid of gnats in your plants

there is a product called gnattrol works great its powder and you mix with water you can also use diatomaceous earth i assume your talking about the gnats that are in the soil. if your talking about the buggers that fly around neem oil a touch of ru

Should my smoke detector be going off when there is no smoke at all

Today it went off and there was no smoke. I am sure it is only a smoke one. The thing is electric and the battery is less then three months old. I cannot have it replaced even though it has a year warranty as it will cost $60 for them to do that

Can I make a fire pit with leftover brick?

I am planning on adding a fire pit in my yard and I have a lot of leftover brick from when we had our fireplace inside our house done. I am assuming I can just use this but am unsure. Also, do I need to use mortar or can I just stack them if it;s stu

Why does Parsley take long to germinate?

I'm planting some Parsley plants in a styrofoam cups and after 2 weeks there are no sprouts. Can anyone explain?

Building a mini terrarium - what are some small, water only plants I can use?

I want to use a few lightbulbs and hang them in front of a window with some plants that only require water (meaning no soil or sand) in them. Since I'm using lightbulbs, what are some plants that are relatively small that would fit and be able to liv

How often do I water my moon cactus?

I gave it a drop last week

Give me some advises of room dividers in a small apartment please.

I rent a small apartment and want to make a room partition of living room and bedroom, could you give me some room divider ideas? thanks. Of course, the owner don't allow me to make big change.

Is there such a thing as a monkey pod tree?

I think the monkey pod tree is protected in Oregon.

What type of flooring should I purchase?

The debate continues. I'm going to replace flooring in living room, hallway, stairway this spring. We have multiple large dogs. Debating wood, laminate, or carpet. Would really like wood. What's your experience?

Why does a round pizza come in a square box?

It is a packaging issue. Flat, square boxes can be more efficiently packed and shipped for wholesale use. The are more "space efficient". Packaging design is a science. You can actually get get a college degree from some universities in

Satin Stainless Steel Refrigerator

looking to buy a new refrigerator in stainless steel but can't tolerate all the finger marks. the satin finish stainless steel looks a good option that reduces the marks but has anyone experience and review of this? the salesman at HH Gregg says tha

What happens if you put bleach in the place of detergent in the washing machine?

i accidentally put liquid bleach where the liquid detergent goes... what will happen?

What are those trees called that when you were little and the little leaf things fell off, they twirled and children cal

There are several trees that produce 'helicopters.' In our yard it is an ash tree.

Whats something fun to do in the snow

I am going up the mountains this winter

Where can you find the cheapest foam batting material? I am making a seat cushion for a bench and the foam at Joann fabr

Look for a wholesale warehouse in your area or VOA ReSale thrift shop. They sell useable construction material from tear-downs/rehabs & such.

Toilet is getting clogged for no apparent reason. Very hard to plunge. Any suggestions?

go to home depot and rent a snake. stick it down the toilet hole and use the snake to clean the drain I'm thinking a kid put a toy in it or someone flushed a kotex down it and if that doesn't work then yes walt may be right tree roots may have grown

My Maytag dryer makes a loud screeching noise after it has been on for over 30 minutes. Any ideas?

Sounds like a belt issue. The belt will heat up and expand when used. The expansion makes it loose causing the screeching noise. If your dryer is a few years old I would get a new belt. If it is a new dryer, tighten the belt you have.

My Maytag dryer makes a loud screeching noise after it has been on for over 30 minutes. Any ideas?

Sounds like a belt issue. The belt will heat up and expand when used. The expansion makes it loose causing the screeching noise. If your dryer is a few years old I would get a new belt. If it is a new dryer, tighten the belt you have.

What could water leaking from under water heater mean?

It was not that much and has since pretty much dried. water heater is only 5-6 years old.

How do I get the smell of dog pee out of my mop?

NO-DO NOT USE BLEACH- vinegar mixed w"OdoBan",PET safe,non toxic,99.99%antibacterial cleaner avail at home depot for about $8 for concentrated gallon that makes 64 gallons) works on any odor,use in laundry,carpets,iv owned house cleani

How would anyone rate Atlanta ga

how is the schools down there? and what about fun activities.

What could be wrong with my gas furnace?

I woke up last night and furnace was not working. Shut it off and then turned it back on and it worked again. Did it one other time but since then it has worked fine. what could be the problem.

Are the new high efficiency washer and dryers really all that great? Are they worth the price difference?

I really like my top load washer. The trick is to buy a high end washer And than a stander dryer. The reason is cause the washer spins most of the water out allowing the dryer not to have to use so much energy

what things do I need to buy before I move alone?

I'm planing on moving alone next month but I don't know what things I need to buy.. any help is appreciated.

what percentage of people hate their mornings.

the are we supposed to know what percentage when you don't have any data???

How do you extract the glucose from a plant.

not for food or recipes or eating. just the glucose