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Can I lose my baby?

So I know I miss my period VERY often due to heavy stress/panic anxiety. I'm very nervous that I could lose my baby in the near future. does it happen like that, what is the probability?

What makes an infant pant with his tongue hanging out

If its a dog its just heat hes trying to cool off but if its a real human child i would be worried he could have throat issues possibly choking or have damage or things stuck on his or her throat or like auxarus said he may also be trying to copy a f

Does applying wax on your hair everyday will increase your hair fall?

I wear wax everyday when I go to school or go out. I'm not sure of my hair loss is increasing but I'm afraid I will lose hair and become bald in the future.

Is antibiotic ointment good for poison ivy?

I didn't put it on yet, but I have to make sure if it'll help or worsen it. Oh, and: it's just regular antibiotic ointment.

I am 17 and 5'5, i weigh about 165 lbs.. is that bad?

I am not really comfortable in my own skin, and when i try to diet, i always end up gaining it all backk.. :/ advice?

How do I get rid of a pimple?

I been picking the puss out (Uck!!), I used a daily pore cleaner and have been using it for a few days on the pimple, but it just doesn't seem to go away. I have to have school photos taken in less than a week and I don't want it on my face by than!!

I have a drug problem are there any treatment centers that will help?

i have a drug problem are there any treatment centers that willhelp instead of me paying large amounts of cash to be there or without my mom knowing considering she kicked me out of the house?

How can I do to make my mosquito bites stop itching?

I'm allergic (not severally) to mosquito bites. I have like 5 on each leg and haven't itched any. But they've been making my legs feel really tight, to the point where it pains to walk. I got these pill things from the pharmacy to help with my allerg

What is the rarest blood type?

Ab- I was told by my nurse after I had my daughter (that is what she is) then she told me any neg blood type is rare. I am a-

What are the side effects of being sleep deprived?

I haven't been getting enough sleep on school nights and I keep falling asleep at school. I also get very lightheaded. Also I keep waking up about an hour before my alarm, (which resides in even less sleep), then 45 mins, then nine minutes. (the time

Ugh like im so mad at myself! i NEED to lose weight :( help!

I personally don't use diets, I think they are unhealthy, I just work out every day from 3 to 7 or 8 (I am a serious dancer) and try making a food chart of what you eat every day, then try to make it a little bit healthier every day! stay positive!!!

How do you get rid of bags under your eyes?

And puffiness too.oh and red eyes?

Is it true that Jalapenos and other hot peppers help burn calories? And how many calories would 1 jalape?o burn?

Anytime you increase your body heat you burn calories. Any kind of hot pepper heats your body, however it is a short term effect and you only burn a few more calories. Basically 1 jalapeno pepper equals about an extra 3 calories burned.

How can i stop my hair fall ?

i used to have very thick hair but now i have lost them, my hair are very thin now and i am losing them day by day, please tell me something to stop it, worried a lot... :( .. help please...

How do "you" take care of your hypoglycemia ? Looking for people input..talked to the doctor extensively alrea

My husband has this condition, he keeps a form of sugar around him so he can eat some when it kicks in. It is best to eat 5 small meals a day so your blood sugar stays steady.

What do they do in a physical?

I am interested in becoming a LPN and i am wondering what they do in a physical exam? You need to have this done before you get a job, anybody have a list of the things they do to you?

Why is my jaw hurting when I chew?

the right side of my jaw will feel numb and swollen when I munch on something

Does medication really work for kids with ADHD?

The meds for adhd may very well work! Having said that, I do agree with RevHosanna, that dyes, preservatives, and too much salt, will in fact cause such disorders. Taking these man made things out of ones diet is a good thing. There's nothing like

I am trying to loose my stomach and gain a little butt. but its like I am not losing weight in my stomach area.

what exercises can I do to lose weight in my stomach or other things I can do to lose my stomach?

I am trying to lose my stomach and gain a little butt..

it seems like my stomach is not getting smaller it still looks the same. what exercises can I do to target that area and give me a little more butt. or other things I can do for both areas?

I need to ask that there is a bone from my right side on the center the chest is a bit outward. I have never faced diffi

On the center of the chest I have a bone which is outward on the right side which is kind of curving. I have never faced difficulty in breathing or something else and not even in lifting weight.. Am I eligible for Army?? And If not How can I cure tha

Please Clear me up on knee knocking.

I don't know I have knee knocking or not.. When I stand straight my knees don't knock but when I join my feet together my knee knocks an bit. Its actually not the knees but a little above from knee knocks and only when i join my feet together. Please

What would happen if a person gets injected with the same vaccine two times or four times?

Depends on the vaccine. But they are putting nasty things in those shots now a days. Mercury, etc,...Our children, as infants, are getting way too many shots.

When frustration sets in, what do you do to calm yourself, unload, or decompress?

any of my music. well, any of my music but Carly Rae Jepsen's call me maybe. usually I like that song, but when I'm frustrated it kinda drives me nuts. usually it ends up being one direction that I play.

how to lose 5 pounds or more

i really need to lose 5 pounds or more (more would be awesomeee). how do you lose weight fast?? what types of workouts can you do and how often? and what to eat and what to avoid eating. please no rude comments or comments telling me i shouldnt be co

Help! I am underweight my only 1 kg so I don't know who to tell and what to think/do?

I went on this website to find out if I was OVER weight. I had to type in my height, gender, age, weight, etc. So I did, and I discovered I am UNDER weight, but by only 1 kg. (I am 28kg- I should be 29 to 41). I don't know weather to panic, or just e

How to stop compulsive eating? Tips PLEASE!!

That's a tough one. If you want to, you can quit smoking or drinking or using drugs , but you can never quit eating. I see other good advise here. I would say to find other fun things to do that you can't do and eat at the same time. Hobbies and p

How do if your depressed or if it's just hormones?

I'm a 14 year old female. And I think I have really bad depression. I've cut quite a few times but had to stop because I have swimming and I feel like I need to cut, it helps. I'm sad like pretty much 24/7, but I don't show it and the few times I do

Why does it sound like I have water in my ear? (I'm fairly sure I don't)

For the past few days whenever I move my jaw or do any other sort of movements in that general area, it will sound like my left ear has some sort of fluid (most of the time). The sound is very akin to when you just get out of a swimming pool and you

How can i lose 30 pounds in 20 days?

You can't lose 30 pounds in 20 days. It would take the most extreme diet, and starvation to lose anywhere near this kind of weight. At the end of the 20 days, you would almost immediately gain back all you've lost, and maybe more. Can't do it in 2

I'm 44 years old need to loose 30lbs. How should I start?

eat healthy foods get a membership at the gym walk around your block on days your free leave sweets & soda alone Exercise daily drink water eat fruits

Are vapor pens bad for you

It depends on the type of fluid you buy. The majority is made of flavour (sugar and/or extracts) , glycerin ( kinda like an asthma puffer) and propelyne glycol (PG). The last one is the worst but it's not nearly as bad for you as the absurd amount of

What can i do to get rid of these small bumps under my eye?

Today after i took a shower i looked in the close-up mirror in the bathroom and noticed these tiny bumps under my eye. Right now i asked my mom what was it and she said that it is oily skin( I have a lot of it) so i was wondering what to do to or wha

Is lobotomy illegal?

Isn't it considered inhumane?

Does smoking show in a blood test and for how long

Wiki says 72-96 hours if your not a long term smoker. Suppose you could do an herbal cleanse to speed things along. Or, are we talking something other than nicotine?

Is it normal to have hour long nose bleeds?

I told my friend this, and she didn't think it was normal.

Can female birth control cause male infertility?

I don't think so? Since they are making a MALE birth control (about dang time) But if its a high dosage it could mess with his hormones.

How do girls get a blue waffle? Seriously?

they can't- it's a ridiculous internet myth.

Can dehydration cause chapped lips?

Yes ! Has happened to me a few times - it tends to mean you are pretty dehydrated and should stop and drink some water right away. Unless you are outside in windy winter- which essentially chaps your lips. Some people are actually over sensitive to

About how long does it take to get over a stroke ?

Some people fully recover in a few weeks others never recover. In general the most progress is seen in the first couple months but smaller improvements can be seen up to 2 years after. Prescribed medications, therapy, and actively incorporating the

Is running good for high blood pressure?

I don't know if i have high blood pressure but i do have alil anxiety.... I was wondering if running can help it? Or exerciseing? i been feeling alittle weird these days and im barely 19 lol...i just need to move around and run more?

Can you lose weight after pregnancy?

Yes, actually many women lose weight the easiest after childbirth. I,myself,lost the 35 pound weight gain in 3 weeks and was back to my pre pregnancy weight.

What happens if phenomena is not treated

If left untreated, empyemas can cause pneumonia to persist, and permanent ... If the pneumonia is severe, the lungs may become unable to do the work ...

If I have lung cancer what could happen to me that can get me rushed to the hospital

My mother had this form of cancer and I would like to understand why you are asking these questions. If you have this disease, you should be talking to your doctors. This is your second question about lung cancer. I do not want to provide answers whe

what will happen if a person swallows a flea

I personally don't know, but having a flea infestation right now I did some research for my pet's care and if a pet swallows a flea it could lead to tapeworm so I am thinking it might be possible with humans as well. Of course, pets with fleas are gr

How can i get rid of stretch marks ?

I use mederma for stretch marks. That product will reduce the visibility of the stretch marks but unfortunately, without surgery, it is impossible for them to fully go away.

I have a bunch of acne and i seriously dont know what to do

Is there a tip for it cuz i hate them yes impatient but i like this boy and he s always looking at me probaly making fun of my pimples