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What s everybody doing / going for thanksgiving?

Ill be staying home with just my mom and dad while i recover from a leg surgery the day before. Ofcourse, eating lol

Any easy barbecue chicken recipes for the oven?

I put some thawed out, or even frozen chicken breast in a roasting pan, put in a bottle of bbq sauce, and a little bit (1-2 cup) of water or chicken broth in pan with chicken, slow cook on 250 for about 6 hours... you will love it!! :)

Why are blueberries called blueberries when they're really purple

Fresh blueberries do look blue, it's only when they are cooked/frozen etc that the slightly waxy coating on them comes off and the purple shows

Do I need to put bacon in the freezer?

Hi guys, I just bought a big package of bacon. I am not sure if I need to put the bacon in the freezer or not. It is ok that I just put it in the refrigerator not in the freezer?

What's the best tasting apple?

Depends on the application. For just an eating apple, I like Red Delicious...sweet and good texture. Baking, Dipping, or other applications have different favorites :)

Why is a carrot more orange than a orange?

what is the thing in cells that determines color?

Should I use warm water or cold water when making pie crusts?

The best apple pie you?ll ever bake: There are three kinds of fat to consider: butter, lard, and shortening. Butter has the best flavor, lard makes the flakiest crust, and shortening makes it cris

Should I use warm water or cold water when making pie crusts?

The best apple pie you?ll ever bake: There are three kinds of fat to consider: butter, lard, and shortening. Butter has the best flavor, lard makes the flakiest crust, and shortening makes it cris

How can I stop drinking liquor?

You either go to AA or a therapist and find out why you feel the need. Genetics takes a part. I think there is a genetic component that is a major part. In my opinion there are two parts. Something is driving you and genetically you are predisposed.

What to make with half a can of sweetened condensed milk?

I have half a can of sweetened condensed milk, what recipe's can I make with it? (Besides fudge)

is chips and salsa healthy?

I have a REALLY bad chips and salsa (mostly salsa) addiction and its been going on since I was 9 (im 14 now) and I eat chips and salsa all the time! I probably eat it more than actual meals! is it healthy? or is it bad that I eat too much [chips and]

Why do I fall asleep when I drink caffeine?

Every time I drink I end up falling asleep. My mom said I don't show signs of ADHD. I am 15 years old girl average height and weight

Does anyone know where we can find unpasteurized milk ? It's for an experience at school it's urgent !

I know where to get it where I live and all I drink is raw Guernsey milk. I don't know where to get it where you live though. Try the link above or ask at local health food stores. If they don't have it they can probably tell you where to get it. If

There was this great pizza I had in Illinois, but I forgot the name of the place. What is it? (read disc)

It started with a G and the pizza was like the cheese and toppings were reversed to the bottom of it.

im making possum stew for dinner what else would be good with it?

Dessert possum pie swirls of whipped cream,hot chocolate fudge, fresh strawberry laces with crushed nuts yummy yummy.

Is there any cake recipes I can use to make my cousin a birthday cake?

I don't really care what kind of cake but maybe not plain chocolate or yellow I want something fun

What are some of the must-eats in Thai food?

Being a fan of salads, I especially loved the Som Tam (Spicy Papaya Salad)! It is a spicy salad made from a mix of fresh vegetables including shredded unripened papaya, yardlong beans and tomato. Som Tam is unique that the spicy dressing and salad ve

why do lots of people like mushrooms on pizza?

it's the earthy flavor. i like em in all kinds of dishes raw shitaki's black wood ear, chiken/hen of woods. and just so you don't get ripped off at the grocery store porcinis are baby portabella's not something exotic.

how do you make jello?

i can't see very well, thats why I'm asking.

I always thought sushi was raw fish. A friend told me that some sushi is made without fish & consist of different v

there is some that is made with ..anything from seaweed ..rice...carrot. .avacodo..and they usually have a peice of imatation crab..which is made from cooked fish....that's the only thing i can think of...i think its called a california roll....don't

Are Cheeerios good for you?

just a random question.

I am entering a chopped competition at school (based off of the tv show chopped) and I'm allowed to ask for help. Any s

I have a colby jack cheese stick, a can of vegetarian baked beans, and a thing of Ritz crackers. I can also use ANYTHING I buy from the store or get from my pantry.

What would happen if you ate the plastic wrap around cheese?

It's plastic, dude.. It's pretty harmful to eat plastic. It could do anything from nothing to cancer, so just avoid eating the plastic XD If you've already done just that, go to the hospital. They may be able to save you from some intestinal hardshi

How long does it take for an egg to boil?

I want to have a quick and easy to make breakfast for the morning any other foods are welcome...

What's a good strong coffee you could buy at a grocery store?

I'm used to drinking vanilla iced coffee from Starbucks which probably has shots of espresso. I want coffee that's kinda high in caffeine.

I want to make dinner for a date but I am a terrible cook. I need suggestions for a very easy meal.

Here is a trick my sister uses. She can't cook either but wanted to impress someone with a home cooked meal. Order take out at Olive Garden or some other tasty restaurant. Bring the food home and put it in your own dishes. Put the hot foods in the ov

What would be the best baking good to make for an iron-chef like game in my high school culinary arts class?

We are able to make cookies, cakes, cupcakes, biscuits, and breads but I'm leaning towards cupcakes. We as well will be given a mystery ingredient at the start of class for example strawberries or coconut milk. I will have an hour and twenty minutes

Is my mustard still good?

I found mustard in my fridge that says it expired in 2013 and I can't make out the month it still tastes good but I don't know. Do you think it's still good? Need answer within 15 mins.

Are these good ingredients a sandwiches:ham, cheese, bits of turkey, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and avocado

The ingredients can make a good sandwich indeed. Lettuce, tomato and cucumber usually make a good blend in a sandwich, especially when added with bits of turkey, ham and avocado. You can get more sandwiches ingredients at

What's a pickled radish?

I don't know why I just asked that,but, is it just what it seems to be, a pickled radish? Or is it something totally different like a pickled turnip they decided to call a radish?

Any tips for controlling the dew that forms inside a loaf of bread when it's cold outside?

Food scientists tell us that bread should be stored at room temperature. It dries that way, and it's ok to nuke it with a few drops of water and a bowl over it to restore the texture. I buy bread on sale so I freeze it and it comes out about the same

Your favorite food?

mine fav food is Food:)

Is cheese supposed to be slimy?

I will eat a cheese stick and it will be all slimy

How is coffee decaffeinated ?

Fascinating question I never thought to ask. You can learn so many interesting things on this site. There are three methods, each using a solution of some kind -- water, methylene chloride, and supercritical carbon dioxide decaffeination. There's

will eating a chocolate bar increase my acne?

No analogy between the two validates a positive for acne. Surely in moderation there would be no problem. You can discuss this with your doctor and get ideas to help the condition. Take a look at this-

How to activate a Domino's pizza gift card?

Wherever you purchase the giftcard. whether it's Walgreens,walmart,etc. you go to the register and activate it by giving the money to the cashier.

What is your favorite?

What's ur favorite skittle flavor (TASTE THE RAINBOW)lol I'm not allowed to eat them very much

What is the safest artificial sweetener?

Artificial sweeteners are not safe, in my opinion. They are very unhealthy but if you want to go for the best try Sugar in the Raw. I'm not sure if that is an artificial sweetener or real sugar but it is better than Splenda or any others.

I have never gotten period cramps when i get my period is there something wrong with me?

No nothing is wrong - in fact consider yourself lucky! If you just started or had just a few, they will probably come later on. I didn't get cramps till my 3rd or 4th. Enjoy your time without the cramps :)

Which type of milk is better for you?

Which is the best for you, 1%, 2%, Skim, Homo etc for losing weight

What crock pot recipes can I find

Hey Louise: try these ideas.

Is it true that sprite is good for headaches , cramps , and periods?

sprite makes both my stomach and head hurt... the only thing that helps cramps is curling up in a ball and hugging your pillow. Oh, chocolate helps too.

Where can I buy Everclear grain alcohol 190 proof in Massachusetts?

You can't. Everclear 190 is illegal in 15 US states, including Massachusetts, California, Hawaii, Iowa, Florida, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Washington, West Virginia, and Virginia. In Massachusetts, it

Does drinking tea help you sleep?

It depends which tea you choose. Celestial Seasonings makes a tea called "sleepytime"...add a dash of sugar and it's an awesome sleep aid! :) Or, just pick up some chamomile tea. It's said to help relax a person (although it never has relax

What's the best way to make lobster tails , and snow crab or king crab?

I prefer to cook all my seafood in old bay seasoning. Just follow the directions on the container. If you're still unsure, look up some recipes on the net. :)

I don't know I have tofu in my fridge that I want to eat but like am I supposed to cook it ? or what would be good with

I press mine first so it takes on a firmer texture, though it depends on what kind of tofu you have. If it's "silken" tofu, that means it isn't firm at all- best used in things like smoothies and for baking (I use it in homemade protein ba

Is it normal to eat a half gallon of fruit loops at 11:00 PM?

I do this now and then sometimes with raman noodles and other smorgasbord items can consum. Is this bad.