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What color should I paint my nails?

Any ideas? Any cool designs?

Where to find fashion tips and ideas?

Where to find fashion tips and ideas?

If you are in the sun.....

will your hair get lighter ??

How do you keep your natural poofy curly hair straight in Florida?

I live in hot and humid Arkansas, and have the same's kinda naturally curly, naturally frizzy, natural disaster! Haha! If I use no product at all, I look like Medusa! The BEST product that you can buy like off the shelves of Walmart or W

How do I keep in style without spending to much money too often

I can't spend too money but i would like too keep in style-any suggestions (I know it's quite hard!)

What type of men's clothing looks good on girls?

I'm just looking for ideas for what type of men's clothing females can wear and still look really good in them. Two ideas I already have are wearing men's boxers and a Tshirt, and wearing a mans button down shirt with the sleeves rolled and the top b

When people have plastic surgery to make their lips smaller does it turn out to look attractive or not(males).

I find it unattractive when people make their lips bigger but I never seen anyone make their lips smaller through surgery, and I wanna make my lips smaller when I grow up. but I'm really to young right now so please help thank you!

How to change my style to more girly clothes and wear make up?

I wear a lot of tennis shoes. I want to switch my style. I just feel like whatever I put on I feel ugly .

how do you dye your pants?

what type of dye do you use?

If you put peroxide on a drake part of hair will it get lighter and stay that way

like if you want to bleach your peach fuss cause its a little drake but not really

Where could you find Beanies at?

Forever 21, Tilly's, Pacsun, Spencer's, Macy's, JCpenny, Kohls, Sears

What exactly is BB Cream ?

I know what it is but I just need to know in more detail.

Which is better getting your eyebrows waxed, threaded or doing it with the arching blade?

Getting them waxed. It stings for a second but is so worth it. It stays clean for months

Where can I buy a forest green cloak at a low price?

I want a hooded cloak or hooded cape but it can't be expensive. I would prefer it to be forest green but dark grey im also looking for. any websites?

any tips on helping hair grow fast ?

I really want my hair to grow faster because it's like 4 inches below my shoulders & I really want it to grow fast quick . any help please ?

What style should I try with my hair? My hair information is in the description.

So my hair is short at the moment, but grows back fast. At the top of my head and around it my hair is sorta wavy...but as it gets to my ears, my hair becomes curly. I usually let it grow until it gets to my nose...but I don't know what to do with it

how to grow hair faster?

I had a Bob haircut but now its shoulder length and its been like 1 year and I want it to the bottom of my ribs I use pantene and I eat a normal diet

How can you get your mom to let you get your hair colored

I want to color my hair blue and pink but my mom does not like that idea

What are some types of shoes that can be classy, sassy, and formal, and are not heels?

Blew out my flip flop, stepped on a pop-top... (Flip flops always stylin'!)

how come when I'm in the shower or bathe my hands wrinkle up

Excuse me when u wash ur hands or take a bathe the water gets into ur vacuoles .by the time enough water gets into them they burst.... That results in the condition of such time such as a balloon when it burst I am a bio student

will taking a shower get rid of my dip dye?

i just dip dyed my hair today. (im a light brunette and i dip dyed it red) i dont want to get rid of it so will taking a shower get rid of my dip dye?

how to wash Levi 501 ?

Levi 501s can be purchased as original un-shrunk or pre-shrunk. Lately I've bought them pre-shrunk and I wash them with other jeans or dark clothing for awhile. With un-shrunk jeans I used to buy them 2 inches too long and 1 inch too wide. I would wa

How can i stay in class for a whole day without touching my face and removing my make up? .i just don't want to keep red

Makeup in any grade through high school is a waste of time, money and energy. I might see someone using it to conceal a significant deformity.

I bought a new jump suit which i havent worn out even once and it got torn from the sides,m very upset abt it,please sug

Depending on the severity, you can sew it back together. If you don't know how, take it to a seamstress/tailor.

Will size 5 ring fit my 4.5 finger?

Will a size 5 ring fit a size 4.5 wearer? I'm buying a tungsten carbide size 5 ring cuz its almost impossible to find one i like in size 4.5 (as a wedding ring). I'm currently wearing a stainless steel wedding band in 4.5 that fits perfectly and I ju

What do you do when the plastic Security object is still on the shirt that you just bought?

I bought a shirt for my son and they didn't take the security object off. I bought it at Macy's . I don't have the receipt.. If I walk in the store with it, they will think I stole it... I need some advice from someone in the retail business... thank

My hair has always been a frizzy mess, how do girls get silky, soft, smooth hair naturally?

My hair is frizzy but it gets worse when you brush it and most people just take a shower and there hair dries soft, silky, smooth i want that so bad, my sisters have that kind of hair and they use the same shampoo i do and i already tried keratin sha

I'm trying to grow my beard out but my hair grows uneven?

like my sideburns and my goat tee connect the hair its already like 1 inch and a half but my cheek hair its only about half and inch should I cut it and see if it all grows together or at time when it gets bigger I wont be able to tell its smaller?

Does getting your ears double pierced hurt?

all my friends say it won't hurt but I don't know?! Does anyone who has had doubles remember how it felt? I just need reassurance it won't hurt as bad as the first one?

(Q for guys) Do guys like natural color lips on girls, or bright red?

This question is for guys to answer, please. I'm wondering, do guys like girls with bright red lips or natural colored? I am getting mixed signals from the internet. Some say that natural color is more kissable, yet red is sexier. What are your perso

How can i make a smoky eye look with only eye liner and mascara?

do a thick line with the liner. like start near the inner corner not as thick and gradually make it thicker as you go towards outer and wing it out. you can make it as thick as you want. it won't be a traditional smoky eye ofcourse but still give it

what us the difference between gel nail Polish and regular nail polish?

so from what i know gels tend to take longer to dry but last longer with a more high sheen finish (if you get your nails done gel is more expensive too) while a regular nail polishes dry faster but tend to chip and wear faster than gel would

how to make my hair less dry?

i really wish my hair was more healthy and not so dry any suggestions?

How do people usually react to your hair after you dye it?

I'm going to get my hair dyed next weekend. My hair is blonde about this shade and I'm going to get it brown around this shade I just wonder how th

Does it mean anything when you wear a ring on your second toe.

One doesn't know the difference between fingers and toes. Think about it.... Safe Journey

I need fashion help, I have no idea what to do!

I really love punk style, but I also want to dress all girly all the time. I honestly have no idea which I like better.

Is it necessary to have a wig cap on when you wear a cosplay wig?

It isn't necessary to wear one, but if your hair is long, a different color, or noticeable in any way, it'd be better to wear one. But, you can always pin all your hair to your head and put the wig on. :)

What hairstyle should I pick?

Friday, I'm going to a party with my friends. Its the last day of school party. I bought the dress its black, casual and really pretty ( american eagle) so idk wether i should have a french braid or my hair loose. My hair is VERY long. It ends right

how Aeropostale sizes run?

in Aeropostale or hollister,I'm usually a medium. but the clothes usually fit JUST about right. and I personally like my jackets to be a bit longer than barley waist length. so. I ordered a couple hoodies in girls larges and a couple in boys medium,s

How do you make your fingernails grow or get longer?

Stop looking every moment of them growing in time you will notice the difference. My nail will grow since i'm not paying attention, have no problem worry free. Maybe a clean coat of polish for starter then leave them alone, after a weeks time you wi