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I never used to remember my dreams but the past week ive been having dreams that my brother breaks into our house. why m

my brother (the mean one) moved out recently and ive been having dreams where he breaks in and steals stuffs. and im worried because sometimes when I have a dream about something more than once (different dreams but about the same thing) it happens.

How to get close with older siblings?

I have 2 older siblings that I just met a few years ago, I am not very close with them AT ALL. Please help!

How do I convince my parents to let me do something that is against their rules?

I want to dye my hair, but my sister who is a senior just recently got permission to do it! (I'm only in 6th grade btw) How do I convince my parents?

Is 15 too young to get a belly button piercing

Im 15 and I want a belly button piercing am I too young.

My 2 year old brother is here I'm babysitting what games should I play with him

he's crying and I don't know what to do my parents left me with them while they have dinner together and idk what to do

I'm 8 weeks pregnant, I feel sick all day long!

I feel this baby is killing me!!!! I feel nauseous all day long. I throw up all my food. I get temperature. I can't stand it!!! How long will this last?

Do victims of child abuse become abusers

trying to do a research proposal and this is the topic i chose but am having difficulty finding information to compare, any suggestions

What is some way's to help find abducted children?

how many way's can people think of, to help find abducted children?

Why does my dog always chase neighbour’s cat

Because you didn't train the dog to not chase cats (or other small animals). Do you keep your dog in your own yard -- or (better yet) walk him on a LEASH and HARNESS? If not, YOUR neglect is putting both neighborhood small pets AND your dog in

How to convince your parents to let you take the bus.

I am going into High School in a few weeks, as a Freshman. But my dad can't pick me up from school, but my mom is against me taking the bus. My mom can pick me up, but she'll have to pay to have someone watch her store. I really don't want my mom to

i been having headaches, back aches, sore breast, fatigue, nausea & I been really hungry. could I be pregnant? i hav

Some of these are symptoms of pregnancy though to be sure you should have a pregnancy test done. Some other symptoms of pregnancy you could check for are implantation bleeding, frequent urination, constipation and mood swings according to http://www.

I know 16 year old's can get nose, lip, and ear pierced with parental consent, But can they get a tongue ring with it?

My daughter birthday is next may and she already has a lip piercing but she now wants her tongue pierced. What does the law says about that?

How do I get my 3 year old to quit taking a cup at night and to sleep all through the night?

My 3 year old still takes a cup at night. She wakes up 2 or 3 times during the night asking for more drink. She never sleeps through the entire night. She is on a regular schedule. She gets up at 7 each day, naps at 1 and bed at 9. I don't know how t

any suggestions on entertaining my 14 year old.. she gets bored fast and doesnt want to join sports or anything?

Give her a lot of chores to do as boo said. She will make herself busy in a hurry if she has to vacuum, dust and clean toilets. The best advice I ever received in my life on parenting was from my mother in law. She was a high school teacher with a m

if you say your sprung on someone what does it mean ?

I believe it means you're attracted to them. For example, look at the lyrics of Baby Got Back: "When a girl walks in with an itty bitty wait and a round thing in your face your get sprung, wanna pull out your tongue"

What should I give her for christmas?

I need to buy my mom a christmas gift, but she said she dont want anything. I can't just get her nothing! She likes the color purple, she likes pandas, and long skirts. what do I get her??

I'm having trouble potty training my 2 1/2 year old little boy, any advice, tips or tricks?

He has only urinated in the toilet 3 or 4 times a few months ago, now he just won't go for me-mom or dad. I'm tired of buying pull-ups and wipes!! Anything would be helpful, Thanks!

My dad is really depressed. What should I do?

My dad is mostly really sad the days we come their. My dad sings really sad country songs. He asks why our mom doesn't get along with him again. But, then my mom doesn't want to get with him because he had a affair and he was on dating websites when

How can I convince my mom to let me get a lip piercing?

So I've been wanting this piercing for quite some time now and I don't just 'want it' for no reason, I have reasons. I want to get it now (while I'm still young) so that when I have a job I won't have to experiment with piercings because I will know

My parents never let me be myself, what should I do?

my mom is always planning my dreams for me, she signs me up for things I never wanted to do and puts pressure on me to pass. And my dad is constantly telling me "dont wear that its too revealing" (yoga pants? when I'm doing yoga?) or "

How can I get my mom to be proud of me?

I do my best In school I bring her good grades I visit my relatives I help my grandma and grandpa.Yet no matter what I do she doesn't say good job or motivate me to try harder for example if I come home with a B in one of my classes she says "Wh

I feel like a disappointment to my mother.

I am a 13 year old child and sometimes I feel like I am unappreciated by my mother. I'm a smart student, I am in advanced classes. But sometimes I get bad grades. I recently got a 56% on a Math test. When my mother found out she was so disappointed.

How to deal with my soon to be step mom?

my dad has recently been dating this women who broke our family. I exercise all week then come to my dads house and not go out at all. she has bought new furniture she makes my cats stay in the garage, or outside, leaving them flea bitten, I am not a

Am I a bad person for hating spending time with my parents?

I obviously still love them, but I find that when it comes to being around them, I loath every second.

How do i be happy when my mom is so mean to me?

Im 14.Homeschooled.My mom is weird.She is overprotective but she is mean to me.She gets mad so fast and you can't even joke around.She always looks at me and just nitpick everything about me.Nothings ever good enough for her.And whatever i want to do

My mom is being very unfair to me what do I do? I'm powerless, my dad only believes her and does not listen to my side o

Sometimes, yes .. things aren't 'fair' .. Not that it's right or wrong .. it just happens. Do parents EVER make mistakes? Sure they do. There is no manual when it comes to raising children. However .. parents do the best they can .. Well, most of

why dont parents care?

Im a mom of a 14 yr old and her friends go through so much and their parents just dont care... communicate with your kids people! Just because they are teens doesnt mean you stop being parents.

What do you say to an adult without kids who want kids but can't have them? Read below.

What would you answer if you are the kid, when they say to you, "I wish I had a child like you," when they don't have any kids, but want to, and can't?

what could a 13 year old have done to not want to tell their parents but runaway instead?

Most of the time it's about one thing they did, it's when a kid tries to grow up too fast and thinks his/her parents are being too restrictive. I ran away for a little while when I was 16 because me and my mom were arguing all the time and I knew id

How do I appease someone (my father) when no matter what I do, it never seems to be enough?

Just to give an idea, I could go out the the gym, eat a protein bar, workout for an hour and a half, come home sweating and exhausted, and then get berated about how I'm not working hard enough. By the way I'm 16, and a guy.

When do babies start understanding words & try to talk?

My baby brother will be 7 months old in a couple of weeks. I'm 15, I babysit him a lot while my parents work & my older brother & sister are in college together & working in the summer so I'm like a second mom. I know about babytalk. He w

I want to start taking pole dancing classes but I don't know how to approach ny mom about it?

I've always thought pole dancing would be a fun way to get toned up and more fit plus it's supposed to help boost self confidence and what teen doesn't want to be self confident? I'm only 17 and I know my mom won't approve is there any way I could co

Any Fundraising Ideas?

I'm doing fundraisers for my dog/cat Rescue, any ideas of what I could possibly do. I'm already working on a Benefit Concert then a Rummage Sale but after that I don't know. So please help, no negative responses I'm sick of 'em. Didn't mean to put &q

Could this be chicken pox?

My 3 year old sons hand has tiny red spots. Tiny tiny red circle spots. They're not itchy or bumpy or crusty. It looks like weird. I tried washing his hands but the spots don't come off. Could it be early symptoms of Chicken Pox?

My brother has been having bad mental/physical issues and needs help... What can I do?

Okay, so my brother is 14 years old and has always had anger issues, but I believe lately it may be more because of teenage years. He recently got a girlfriend who is into some bad things (drugs/alcohol) and he has been hanging out with some guys who

Should i secretly create an INSTAGRAM? please answer

My mom and dad wont let me have a facebook/twitter/instagram.all my peers make fun of me cause of tht. should i risk getting in huge trouble and make an istagram? i have made a twitter before and my dad found out and wanted to kill me, he made me de

Why do all of us date who we date?

I want to know why we do. Why do we date who we date?

What should you do if somebody yells at you but you don't know what you did wrong?

Wait for them to finish. Let them get it out, whatever it is. Then say, non-aggressively, "I see your mad at me for something, but I honestly don't know why. I want to fix it, or apologize, but I can't if I don't know what it is I did. Witho

Does this make me pregnant?

I took 3 first response pregnancy tests, they all can out positive with two lines, but one of the lines on each was very fatal. Later on, I started to bleed which made me believe I had my period. Until I seen how light the bleeding was, It was extrem

Can 2 separate families appoint me legal guardian to their kids?

I'm 30 & my sister appointed me legal gaurdian (godparent) of her 2 kids, my niece & nephew ages 9/8. I also have 3 little cousins a boy & 2 girls ages 11/9/5 the boy is the oldest. They're all great kids. My Aunt also wants to appoint me

How do i get my little sister to leave my room?

As I type this, she is standing rite beside me haha anyways help she wont leave!!!

How to ask parents for contact lenses?

I'm thirteen, wear glasses and due to get braces soon... So you can see why I'd want contacts. It's just, I'm kind of nervous about asking them. Would they be too expensive for my parents (who are already paying hundreds on my glasses and dental)? An

I think I'm a little dyslexic, should I tell my parents?

sometimes my mind just mixes up letters and skips words or lines, sometimes it will just totally mix up words to where the sentence doesn't even make any sense at all. should I tell my parents that I'm dyslexic?

What is the percentage of kids on adhd ,add, or bipolar meds

im standing at the bus stop listening to all these moms going on about their kids meds, for these problems apparently the majority of their children are diagnosed, one or 2 of these. it seems like a high percentage

Can a father just take up his kids and not let the mother see them or talk to them, and she is not unstable or on drugs

I kinda had this happen to me about 5 years ago not to go into details about what happened but basically I wasn't able to take care of my son at the moment so my ex husband came and took my son without my knowledge or consent I had full custody of hi