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How can I prevent Facebook on my iPhone from adding my Facebook contacts to my phone contacts?

When you sign in to facebook originially, it should have asked you "Do you want to sync your friend's contacts to your iPhone?" You should have said "No, I do not want to sync the contacts" It doesn't say it exactly like that, b

Which case should I get for my iPad 4? The Otterbox Defender or the Griffin Surviver?

It is a matter of preference. Their are small differences between them all. I have an otter box and I dropped it today and the case broke. So I would go with a different one than the otter box

Why is it my Facebook friends only see my mutual friends but I want them to see all of my friends on my friends list how

At some point in time you must have changed your privacy settings to hide your friends list. I believe that you can fix this by clicking to view your own profile then scrolling to where your friends list is shown on the left hand side - hover your m

Does anyone know good mod packs that i can add on to the technic launcher cause i really want new mods

Don't no about mod packs but I no the doctor who mod is cool and the luck block mod

What's the best and fastest internet browser?

Google chrome is best browser for windows and also mac

so I made a new Facebook and I don't even have 200 Friends on my Facebook and it says I reached the 5,000 limit. any ide

I don't know what's going on and I just made it I don't want to make a new one again ?

Hey guys! Im really going to be crazyy! Does TEMPLE RUN has an end?

hey i m tired of playing temple run and i always think when does it end.i dont think it ends but it has come up with the new version of the game. Temple run 2. Try it...with new graphics and sounds. And there is a monster in it. Try it out

Which phone is the smartphone of the year 2013 ?

Like each year it is not easy to predict the winner of the ‘Smartphone of the Year 2013’ as the competition runs hard between Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z.

My phone won't turn on, why?

Recently, I dropped my phone the ground and it won't turn on!

Anyone here knows how does "Skype" works? What is it for?

Skype is a program used to video chat on computers with webcams.

Do you add device protection on your phone?

Yes. just in case something happen you won't have to pay full price to get it fixed..

How much is a screen replacement for an ipod touch 4th generation?

1. Call your local store! 2. If they don't know anything go straight to your local apple store 3. Ask them if they can replace your screen 4. leave give them your iPod 5. they'll phone u in a week 6. go pick it up and pay about 100$ 7. go home and

How do you get your number to come up private number on someone else's phone

One method that you can use to block your caller ID is by placing *67 and then the phone number. In addition, you can check on the call settings of your phone if there is a "Show My Caller ID" feature which you can disable.

How do i follow people here?

i know it sounds stupid but im new.. haha

What's a good computer?

I have a budget of 1000$ dollars, but if it's anywhere withing 200$ of it I could probably manage. Mainly for gaming, so a good graphics gard would be a plus along with good ram and procceser Desktops generally get alot more for your money, but lapto

How to determine if a cheater is playing on Call of Duty MW3?

I heard about CoD cheaters from a friend

Is sonic and the black knight ok for children?

i went on a review website and some people just said random things like MARIO IS BETTER and checked off all the bad stuff that could be in a game others just put lots of fighting. So is sonic and the black knight ok for children?

Is there a way of blocking phone number on an iPhone four

If you can wait for shortly over a month this feature is available in iOS 7. I am a registered iOS developer and have tested this feature first hand. Do not try to update yet as you need to be registered. -

What are some horror games

Here is a whole list for ya: 1. SCP Containment Breach. (My personal favorite) 2: Outlast 3: Skinwalker 4: Corpse Party (more creepy than scary, IMHO) 5.Slender Man: The Arrival. 6.Dead Space (adventure/horror) 7.Ao Oni 8.Fran Bow 9. Eyes: the horror

What is the main difference between an iPhone 5s and an iPhone6?

The iPhone 6 is huge. Also the screen on the iPhone 6 is thinner so it's more prone to breaking

Where is the cheapest place to buy an ipod

If you need cheap, you are better going off to Walmart and picking up a Sansung MP3 player for $15 to $40. (4-8gb).

how much does it cost to fix a phones broken screen or how to fix it

It's mostly around 100$ depending on where you get it and if you do it yourself

Does my Pokemon World Tournament team need changing?

I'm training a Pokemon team for the PWT in White Version 2. Here's my team so far (I'm trying to do a defensive team, or a mixture of defensive and offensive) : Milotic - Surf, Aqua Ring, Ice Beam, Refresh Togekiss - Fly, Aura Sphere, Toxic, Substitu

Why do certain types of batteries last longer?

I'm doing an expirement, and I understand which ones last longer, but what makes the types of batteries (AA and Alkaline being the controls) last longer? And if you could give me a link to a credible website, that would be great!

When I try to download an app it says it doesn't support my device?

Is there a way I can upgrade my iPod touch 4 so I can play games that support higher devices? I am confused? Can I even play the apps?

how can you get a mystery gift on pokemon white2?

dont say Google I tried that already.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Emojis?

I recently got the Samsung galaxy S4 and i cant, for the life of me, find the emoji keyboard? I've tried everything! It is not in the little microphone panel nor is it in settings, and if I look online, it tells me to download an app, which I do not

If i preorder Advanced Warfare from amazon, will i get on day zero, or will i have to wait longer?

I didn't select two day shipping when i ordered it, but if you preorder the game, you're supposed to get it the day before release. Will i get it on November 3rd, or will i have to wait longer to get it?

Legal, free and easy music website?

I just need a music website that is super easy to transfer music to. iTunes is driving me crazy with their security question thing I can't answer because I forgot. I need a free music downloading site, that's legal. I don't want illegal music on my c

iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6?

Which do you prefer?

How can I download music on a chromebook

Google not only owns the Chrome OS, but they also own Android. There are many Android music apps in the Google Play Store, most work great with a Chromebook. You can also use any of the Chrome specific music apps. One of the most popular sources is S

Why is my iphone 4 charger not working?It keeps saying "accessory not supported".

I bought the cord from the accessory store and it's not an original cord but the piece that goes in to the wall is??????

What would you get a *white or black* ps vita?

trying to figure out which one I should get. sooo I was wondering if you could help me decide :)

The charger for my Iphone wont go into the port what can I do to fix it without taking it to the store.

If I have insurance will this cover the charge if i take it in the store

Why is my xbox 360 profile locked?

I wanted to add point to my profile but it gave me a 8C320008 error code. Please help! I've tried to update my information but it keeps giving me that same error code!

How do you search for people

I use You cannot search Ask for people by name.

How can i send a picture to a friend from yahoo to that person?

look up a pic on google u want and copy and paste it to the email and make sure u lock it in place so they can see it.

How to get paid apps for free on the iPhone 4 ?

Check out an app called AppsGonefree. Each day they feature a few apps that normally cost, but are free for a short time or for that day only. I've found some good apps using it.

What is a good Minecraft skin for girls?

I want something that is not too girlish. I would like the skin to have long, black hair, and a (faded red) bandana over her face. I would also prefer her to wear black clothes, but not one solid color, maybe like a faded black to grey. Thank you so

How do i grow my youtube channel?

Well to begin with share to google plus, if you have one, use interesting tiles to catch people attentions, follow channels with the same category but make sure your things aren't cliché , and look at something all the channels have in common an

i found a iphone 5 locked,what do should i do with it ?

Look in the lost and found.or take to the police or you could take out an ad iPhone found most papers don't charge for lost and found if so request the owner reimburse you I would be glad to pay it.

The charger for my Iphone wont go into the port what can I do to fix it without taking it to the store.

If I have insurance will this cover the charge if i take it in the store

how to get more subs and views on youtube?

I don't have that much views and subscribers and I want more

Does your iPad charge while its switched off?

I have been having problems with charging my i pad these i figured out that if i connect it (with a USB cable given to me when i bought it) to my Mac Air it might you have any alternative ideas on how i can charge my iPad or