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My front driver side tire shakes not often sometimes it shakes bad others times it doesn't. what could it be, will it be

I took my car on a trip which is a 2 hour ride the shaking started on the way back out of nowhere. it doesn't happen often. Sometimes it shakes so bad I feel like my steering wheel will fall off. when I looked in the wheel well I can see that somethi

Mystery of the Seven Seas. What happened to the Joyita and her skipper Dusty Miller"

According to the story, the 'Joyita' was found submerged in the south Pacific, and her skipper Dusty Miller, is believed to have perished. It was sighted by the captain of a merchant ship called 'Tuvalu'. There was no trace of any of the passengers o

Is a 2005 Toyota Camry a good first car or embarrassing?

As long as the car works and you can afford it then it is generally a good first car.

how many questions does a drives ed test have

Mine had twenty-five, and you could miss a max of seven. I feel like it's different in each state, though.

Hi i am 15, 5'9 and weigh 160 would i fit on a Yamaha yz125 dirt bike?

Yeah , a 125 would be fine. But if you can get a 250 it would be a lot funner.

Is 197,154 to much miles for a car?

Definitely depends on a few factors: -what kind of vehicle? -are they hard miles (was the vehicle constantly ramrodded around or driven gently?) -how much care was given to the car (fluid changes, etc)? -What is the asking price? If it's a 12-Valv

My car window won't work

My window is rolled all the way down and I don't hear the motor when I press the button to close the window. Is there anyway I can get the window to go up without taking the panel off?? - Of course its raining today.... fml

Can I use WD-40 on a serpentine belt to stop it from squeaking?

I've heard of bar soap, but WD40 will make it slip off. Check for smoothness on it. If it's wearing it will get smooth n dry out n eventually break. The best thing to do is replace it b4 it gets u stranded on the road somewhere. If it breaks u will l

Insurance price for teen?

So im 16 years old and im wondering how much insurance on a car is going to be. i have no record of any collisions/dui's or any of those problems. i'm buying (with cash no payments) a 2005 Mercedes e320 with 114k miles. im just curious as to how much

I have a white 2008 jeep wrangler unlimited x with a 2 inch lift kit what r some tire and rim set ups that look good

I bought some aluminum rims from Discount Tire, they were on sale. I took them to a powder coat shop and they stripped the finish and powder coated them white and left the machined lip. I had them spray the finish with DuPont Teflon afterwards. They

Shouldn't the Car Dealership be responsible for fixing something that was broken before I purchased the car?

I bought a used Ford Focus 2012 and after a couple days I noticed there was no wiper fluid so I filled it to the top with fluid. Much to my dismay, the fluid was all over my garage floor, all of it leaked out. The dealership said I would have to pay

Can I put a Honda cb200 gas tank on an 81' Honda cm200t?

You could give the thing a shot but probably won't work.

What is the best motorbike in the world?

help to people as transportation

How long is a drivers test usually? Are they stricter if you have to take the test a second time or are they easier?

The driving test is around 30 minutes, but it could be significantly shorter if you commit a critical error and your evaluator makes you drive back. If you fail the first test and take it again, no, they are not easier or harder. Level of difficult

Will i have good threads if i re-tap a 12x1.5mm thread with a 1/2-20 tap ?

There's two rules when using a tap. One is always back the tap out a little, when it gets tight, the other is never, ever, ever take the tap out until the thread is done. That's because if you put a tap in a second time, it will just start a new th

How would I go about getting my license? I'm 21.

I only have had two permits and that is it. I really need to get my license but I don't know how to do that being this late in age. Do I get another permit and do it like everyone else? I do have an ID but that is about it..

Where is the fuel pump on a 1987 Jeep Wrangler located

From the diagram I just looked at, I think it's inside the fuel tank.

What the best roller coaster in north America?

King Da Ka, which is the tallest in the world. Maybe Millenium force.

What size tires do I need?

I own a 97 Oldsmobile cutless SL and I don't know what size tires I need it's has a stock ride system. is there anywhere in the car or on the car that can tell me? or what's the stock size for the car

What car is the best

my mom getting a car and we need to find out which one is the best

Why won't my car move?!

Transmission is not working. RPM's shoot up when the car was only going about 15-20 mph and now it won't move at all. tried putting transmission fluid in it but that didnt work at all. car still won't move. the car is a 2012 cadillac escalade so its

Would you trust craigslist more for buying a used car or a dealership?

Craigslist can be dangerous. People have gotten killed buying "cars" off Craigslist. If it's a nice neighborhood and the item can be shown outside in daylight, I would take the risk and have done so. As far as a used car goes I would buy a

How much are insurance on a 2002 lexus es300?

I plan to get one in two years :)

Are Hondas good cars?

My family has had a Honda for years. They are great cars. They are spacious,comfortable,and safe. They are one of the top rated for safety because they have a special bar in place for accidents. My aunt also has a Honda and she was t-boned by a drunk

I'm 20 & lost my operator's license. Can I still use my graduated license from when I was 16 w/o restrictions? Or do

I'm from Michigan and I have a clean record. If for some reason I get pulled over, I want to make sure I can still use my graduated license. It's restrictions are that I cannot drive between 10pm-5am, but I'm not sure if there's a way for officers to

When I drive at night I can't really see what can I do?

Night blindness is called Nyctapolia. It is a medical condition where the rod cells(black-white cells) in the eye lose function. If it is not from the birth the most likely cause is lack of nutrition. However you should see an eye specialist. That ca

Insurance for 8 year old Honda Accord (2006) elderly aged

I was gonna ask what the average cost of a 8 year old honda accord insurance would be. please don't tell me to call and see I'm just looking for guesses and I need to know. please just tell me what you think it would be I don't need exact answers.

Can A nissan silvia s14 be engine swapped with the s15 engine?

You can do an engine swap with just about any engine it just depends how much work and money you want to put into it. The Aston Martin one-77 purchase fell through so you are getting a Nissan?

How do you wash a car cover? Can someone give me some simple cleaning tips?

I suggest first placing the car cover on a dry, clean place and then gently spray cold water on the entire cover. Dilute a mild liquid detergent into the water and slightly rinse it. Now clean the inside of the cover by turning the cover inside-out a

How much is the knowledge test for driving in NJ

u can only have 5 mistakes in the test

How much is the knowledge test for driving in NJ

u can only have 5 mistakes in the test

How much will a 2002 lexus E300 cost in 2015? please read description!!

I have dreamed about this car ever since it was 2005 this is my dream car and since im turning 15 in 2015 i thing i could get it bc it will b cheap enough please tell me my neighbors taught me how to drive and they used there lexus es300 to teach me.

Can a car ride using two spare tires, the donuts?

Not at all safe, they are meant for emergency use only, and for a very very very short trip Driving on them can do serious damage to your cars suspension, and if on the drive axel..... I don't even want to think about it. go to this site for inform

Can a car ride with two donuts?

yes but they are made for short trips. I would not keep them on to long, and if you are in the state of washington you could get a ticket, if you leave on to long. they are not made to replace your tires. and are ment to get you to a tire shop.

How do i find my car after its been towed

I was told it was at Pulaski highway but called and was then told it was not there i need to find my car

Is 2000 miles a lot of miles on a Kawasaki KE 100. 1998

on a 1998? not a lot of miles at all.

Has anybody gone to Orlando Florida and had problems ......

Our camper broke Down and we had 2 flat tires my nan and pap went to go get it today

Right now I'm studying my driver's Manuel for the NYC written test. Please tell me how many hours a day you guys study.

Iv only just read through it with the attention payed to the alcohol section . No more than a couple hours to learn the entire thing. They let you miss 5 questions . Or i think its still 5

I have a 1998 Cadillac Catera and today raondomly the engine just shut off. Any ideas why?

I went and got gass for it and when I started to drive off, the engine just shut off. I checked everything I could think of. The oil was low so I went and filled it up. Then it started fine. After a few mins, it dies again. Any ideas what is causing

How can you look up your engine?

I inherited a 1956 GMC pickup. I know it's a straight 8, but nothing more. The engine is not the original, so I can't use the manual or vin number. Is there some serial number on the engine itself? I need to change the oil soon, and I'd like to know

Can you use a kit to change your transition into an automatic?

I have a 56 GMC manual 4-speed. Can I get a kit or something to switch it to automatic? It doesn't have any computer systems so I figure it's easier.

What's wrong with my car key/lock?

recently purchased a used 07 4runner that came with a key and lock remote. the remote works with the car and the key works with the ignition but doesn't work with the door lock, meaning the only option is the remote. the key doesn't work on the trunk

What are some off-road tires that aren't rough while on the road?

what are some that can do well off-road and not be so rough and loud while on the street. the car they would be put on is a wrangler unlimited with a 4 inch lift.