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What should I do right now in order to be as succesful and wealthy as bain capital?

Im currently 14 and my GPA weighted is 3.7 What can I currently do to assure i'll make millions. Also what should I do in school to accomplish my dream. And how can I be an expert in PE, LBO, Venture Capitalism. Investment, and Consulting. (sorry for

Have you been affected by this economy in the last 4-5 yrs ? or someone you know?

I've managed to keep my job, but I have to keep my wallet and money "closer to the vest" as the saying goes (if I remember the saying correctly). Gasoline prices has been a rough area also.

How does a student loan work?

Somebody decides that you are worthy of loaning money to, in order to further your education. Once you graduate, you have to pay that money back - sometimes with interest. If you don't, they garnish your wages (no court order required).

Will they take you? Read for more.

long story short. my bestfriend is 18 years old she has her ID and she drives and has a job, but her gardian (sister) won't let her hang out and will only let her out til 9 o'clock. she was telling me that this weekend she's going to her bf house and

how hard are the medical billing and coding classes?

Do not believe do not remember any numbers. As a matter of fact, you shouldn't remember them. You use a program that takes you through a set of questions to get your codes...most often. Coding is not given enough credit. You reall

What Courses Are Required For Medical Billing & Coding?

Someone pursuing a career in medical billing and coding will need to learn basic office procedures and computer skills initially. They will then need some courses in medical law and ethics as well as detailed courses on coding software and how to in

What do you think should happen in the Zimmerman case?

I think he should be found guilty. He should have never followed that boy. Also the police had told him not to follow him, so had he listened, the boy would still be here. Therefor I believe he should be found guilty. What do you think should happen?

What are some good themes for a club?

So ive been thinking about this forever .... what would be a good theme for a nightclub. I thought something cool like shot glasses made out of ice some kind of ice theme dance floor..... etc then i thought maybe a little cold for that ...... plenty

Will my fiancee have legal custody of my son when we get married?

I have an 8-month-old son who I have full custody of. His father sees him every week. I am getting married to someone else in September, will my fiancee become the legal father of my child? How does that work legally? Will he have any custody rights

What's the best deal to call Pakistan from USA

Maybe use an international prepaid calling card.

Is it legal for a minor to buy and sale stocks?

Not without help from your parents:

Is there a site that will show me how to set up a spreadsheet to print labels?

Office has a spreadsheet section. It is great. There are others you can try to access or buy. Try typing in spreadsheet lay-out tutorials. Good Luck. I'm not very good at them and have great appreciation for people who are! :)

I am 14 years old. During the summer I was working 40+ hours, and want to know what the legal limit of hours is at 14 an

Please tell me will happen to employer, and what the penalty is, and what I get off of it. thanks

What are some tips and ways to become rich?

I AM going to be rich when I am older. That is a fact that will happen (unless I die suddenly). My plan is to be a vet because I know I will enjoy saving animals, and I'll make a good amount of money. However, I fear that this job won't get me as muc

How can I earn money quickly?

I'm 14 years old and i need money for some things and i don't know how i can earn money. Any suggestions?

Tennessee knife law?

I want to carry a knife for self defense while walking to and from my friends house, and I was wondering what the law was for knives (I was thinking a small knife with a sheath instead of a pocket knife that flips open).

Can the police go onto the roof without asking the homeowner?

My son just had a murder take place on his block. They got the shooter on video and it looked like they threw something on his roof. He went out to talk to them and offer his help and a ladder. They stated they had already been on his roof. Doesn't t

Ok I have been wanting to go on a mission trip this summer to Africa and it costs $4000 rest is in the description

I don't want to ask my parents or anybody to pay for me so what is a fast way to earn money

Is there any point at which my criminal record will be wiped clean?

I'm 16 years old, live in Texas and work really hard in school, my extracurriculars, and work out on the daily. I know that I'm a good kid but I've gotten incredibly unlucky and have gotten two citations for curfew violation while driving in the past

Can a police officer ban me from Downtown Miami entirely?

I was skateboarding in private property the other day to be specific citi bank I was not destroying property at all we were just relaxing skating , two police officers pulled up started acting all macho and saying you can't skate here this is a felon

What consequences could there be if a job couldn't keep accurate accounting records?

isn't there something called a pomzie scheme or something like that idk not much of a business person XD

Should supplement companies be able to advertise unrealistic claims?

No, they should not as the USA Federal Trade Commission possess regulatory power to intervene and stop any advertising information considered potentially misleading or deceptive. Furthermore, there are various bodies and laws that govern such practic

Is the credit union a bank?

Yes it's a bank. It's a member owned financial co-operative,democratically controlled by it's members. It's focus is on promoting thrift and offering competitive rates.They differ from traditional banks, they are community based and members of the cr

If I'm married at 18 in alabama and still in school, can I still move out?

I turned 18 in December and I'm still in school, but I'm married, can I still move out of my parents house?

If a visitation order states " the visit shall be 6 hours at the respondants home" does this make the visit su

The visitation is only supervised if a court order states that you are having supervised visits. Contact your child's case worker for clarification.

How much does it cost Russia to produce a barrel of oil

The question has dozens of answers because of regional differences and new vs old wells. Lifting costs are about $6/barrell, but they cost $30 to find and drill, and this places the total costs for new wells at 36/barrell. Old wells are much cheaper.

Can my girlfriend get a restraining order on her ex? (Emergency)

her ex has been messaging her and calling her for an entire month now. refusing to leave her alone. he's made threats to her about both her and my safety, called her names, begged her to end things with me, shown up at places he knew she was at at th

What information can I give my employees after corporate has cut their hours due to Obama aca

Obama(Romney care YES IT IS /WAS developed by Mitt in Mass) doesn't go into effect till CONGRESS funds it and they haven't. we're still under the same Crappy For shareholder profit med system. The govt doesn't control Corp America just as they don't

Is it illegal to trespass in an ABANDONED BUILDING that has no signs that say no trespassing?

i am a minor and i was recently arrested for going into a friends abandoned home. even though there were no signs of no trespassing and i had no idea it was illegal to go into an abandoned home. I am going to court and have to see a judge but ive hea

How do i join illuminati

Go to the old abandoned warehouse downtown, you'll find a note under the floorboards. The note will redirect you to the 7th floor of the department store parking lot on 3rd street where you will find a parked black 1987 Chevrolet camaro. The trunk wi

What is 7/9 minus 2/3?

Please tell me! I am doing HW and i need to know1

You?ve been asked to sponsor a five mile walk for a great cause, impact your customers.How do you determine if it is the

The easiest thing to do is to check out the charity and see how legitimate or effective the charity is. If you are in the US, go to Charity Navigator is the watchdog organization for EVERY non-profit in the US ( and possib

Can you get a Verizon phone upgrade a month early?

i was wondering because my dad was going to get me an upgrade on my birthday since its exactly one month early.

Would it be okay to change my name?

So I don't really like my name and it doesn't really 'say who I am', if that makes sense. I would really like to change my name to Bonnie or Greta (I'm still deciding) instead of Zoe. I like the name Zoe, but it doesn't really say who I am. I think B

Why would an organization need to monitor how money is spent?

so they don't go in debt and can ensure they are profiting so someone doesn't steal from them so they know what they need to invest in or not

Is there a survey website online that actually PAYS you for taking them?

I HAVE TRIED SO MANY SURVEYS ONLINE TO MAKE MONEY AND NONE OF THEM PAY ME AND THEY JUST SPAM ME WITH EMAILS. Is there a survey website that actually goes through with paying you?

If a girl was to hit me three times, would I be able to defend myself from her legally?

A girl keeps threatening to attack me and I was wondering if I would be allowed to defend myself in such instances.

If i get " keep the peace " tattooed on my forearm would I have to cover it up as a police officer

I want to get it tattooed where it is visible but I don't want to have to hide it when I become a police officer it isn't offensive so I don't see why not but any information helps (:

How do I save money as a 14-year old?

Hi! I basically want to know how to get money, and save it. At 14, I can't really get a job, and all I can really do is house work and babysit, so if you have any tips on that, that would be great. I also don't know how to save money when I get it.

Our condo is pet friendly. a renter left dog bark on balcony 2 hrs next week the board declared no renters can have do

That's the problem with condos, they have control over you and your living arrangements as if you didn't own the condo. You'll have to read the agreement and see what it says about pets.

In the market,potatoes are sold at $3.50 per grams of mother needs 550 grams how much money will she need to buy the pot

Those are incredibly expensive potatoes. I think you missed a 'kilo' somewhere - $3.50 per kilogram?

Is it illegal to drive barefoot? More Info Below!

Alright so I'm looking at other questions and answers and I saw it is illegal... is it true? And why?

strong mold smell at work and I'm highly allergic to mold.

how do I approach my boss? he also isn't providing me with proper ppe for cleaning the bathroom

What is a cell?

If you're talking about science, then a cell is the basic unit of life. It is the smallest known organism that can live on its own. It can make up a human, who has trillions of cells, or it can be as simple as bacteria, which is a unicellular organis

How do I make 400$ a month?

I used to babysit but th kids I was baby sitting there sister came home so now I can't I am not old enough for a job I live in the country on a back road so.......