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In electrical,what is a kilo ohm

In electronics, a kilo ohm is a unit of electrical resistance that is equivalent to 1000 ohms. The symbol of this unit is k?.

What a good name for a Rover that they have not used

like a Rover that could go to mar!!!!! don't ask haha

If your house were burning down, and you were unable to leave the house (for whatever reason), would it be best to hide

If you were to hide in the bathtub, would you be safe? I wasn't sure which category to put this in, though, so here it is.

Im a carpenter in Nj,is this a good career to have during these times?

If your young try to get in the electricians next best is the millwrights go to your local union hall and see when the next test for apprenticeship are and get your name in there for testing (007)

Does anyone know how to build a walk in closet with a bed on top?

i am redoing my room and want to know if any one has any ideas how to build this- Please help me

300x200mm what size is this in inches 25.4mm = 1 inch 300mm= 11.4" 200mm = 7.87 " 200x 300 = 60,000 mm = 2362.2047

What size carpet for 6300cubic feet room

Cubic feet is saying nothing about the size of the floor, what you need is the square feet measure. And even that only helps if you want carpet tiles. For the size of a real carpet, or wall to wall carpet, you have to measure the rooms length and wid

What's the science that makes a building with a high ceiling feel warmer?

I've noticed at my church the sanctuary feels colder than the fellowship center (with a higher ceiling) even though both room temperatures are the same. I'm guessing there's a reason.

How much would it cost to move a mobile home from KY to IN?

Its actually pretty expensive and rough on the mobile home. If its been stationary for any length of time, moving it causes a lot of cracking and shifts. You need to hire a moving and transport company (2) pilot cars and a signal lift if the height i

What determines a P.O. box number?

The post office assigns the number. It is a physical location - box number at the pickup place.

How big is 70x140 cm in inches?

Um try to ask someone smarter Probably 200

How much should I charge to do a concrete driveway?

to tear out and haul old, grade, form and finish. my buddy said his brother who he works for usually charges 130/yard. I've gone through and estimates rented tools and materials. I saw where tear out could range from 2-6$/sq ft. Now does the 130/yar

What (invented) product I can make for a class assignment? Any ideas?

I got a class assignment to make a product that doesn't exist. I have to make it in a small size first and then big. Any idea what product I can make?

what form needs to be filled out every year after claiming a dependent wrongly but paying the IRS back

There's not enough detail. If you owe the IRS, just continue to pay them. If you are due a refund, they'll probably take that and apply it toward the debt.

Are there any very thin Popsicle sticks for sale?

I need it for a project in Advanced Academics?

Is it possible to strip a screw if you unscrew it too many times

Re-screwing into wood or plastic incorrectly will strip out the previously formed threads in a hurry. To prevent this insert the screw and turn it either with your fingers or screwdriver counter clockwise slowly until you feel the screw slightly sett

Is it true that your house can explode if you forgot to turn off your oven and you just got home and opened your apartme

Auxarcs answer is correct , If it is a gas oven , What can also happen is carbon monoxide can build up to a dangerous level , Dizziness , Headache and nausea are signs of carbon monoxide poisoning , One time , My buddy invited me over for thanksgiv

How old do you have to be to adopt

Having researched this, in the US you must be at least 15 years older than the child you are wanting to adopt. There is no minimum or maximum age to adopt a child - you could adopt a three year old at age 20, or a 15 year old at age 65 - but you will

my flute is broken, how can i fix it?

i have this flute and it doesnt play notes, D, E, and F. the flute was in good condition, but then it fell from a table that was about 4 ft. tall. Two of the keys dont close all the way down, im guessing theres something bent. I currently dont have e

Where to go in house if there is an earthquake?

I remember some teachers telling us to go under a bed or table and some teachers telling us to go by a door. My room doesn't have anything i can go under so where would i go? Thanks

How can i make a homemade lightsaber PROP

It is probably cheaper to buy a $10 lightsaber online than purchase items necessary to make a prop - That is, if you want to make the prop look like a good lightsaber

If you have your house tented for termites does it make the treatment less effective if it rains right after they remove

It has nothing to do with spiders not breathing. Dope! The 2nd answer is correct. We used Vikane to tent homes and it killed everything! It is a true fumigant and penetrates and kills all wood destroying insects (and you too if you'd get trapped insi

Can thermal broke storefront windows condensate on the inside of building and if so , what causes that ? Glass is good a

Depends on where you live. Too much humidity or heat inside the bldg with cold temps out will cause condensation. Just like glass of ice water will pull moisture out of the air.

What causes house fires?

Such as careless smoking, careless cooking, etc

How to fix tiles on a chipped(small marble pieces) floor?

Just use simmilar color tyle or marble, cut it to size and use same color grout. Be sure to remove the chipped pieces first but if that's not possible and the chip is minor I would just fill it in with grout.

What's the best commuter bike?

If you really want to know, Schwinn makes a very good street bike.

What is infrared thermal imaging?

It's technology that relies on emitted radiation to create an image, analyzing the wavelength generated by an organisms body heat. Different temperatures show in different coloration, usually the redder the hotter.

I'm joining a Star Wars group, and I need to make a basic Storm Trooper armor, an E-11 blaster rifle, and orange pauldro

For the blaster, you can use a cheap airsoft pistol for the handle, and a wire and duct tape shoulder rest thingamabob. for the barrel, it seems that there are multiple designs, and for the one with the heat-sink you could go to a thrift store and lo

What are some fun things me and my brother can build out of wood

A cabin, boat, Flintstonemobile, shed, tree house, come over to my house I need a dock, pier, porch & bowling alley (just to say I have 1) glider, stage, billboard, battering ram, draw bridge, coffee table, poker table, the old style "the ra

Purex detergent 3 in 1 sheets, what store can I find them at?

I'm trying to find a store that carries Purex 3 in 1 detergent sheets

In Oklahoma, what is considered a high rise building?

There is no definition of a "high rise building" anywhere. Local building and zoning codes describe what is permitted and allowable. When it comes to tall structures, it may come down to the limits of the local fire protection agency.

Is $9100 a fair price to install a new Trane XL18i 4-ton, 2 stage HVAC unit?

what I personally do in these situations is to pay 4 dollars and get a cost review , and reliability data from consumer report , Trane is a very good cooling unit however, they are also very pricey .Consumer reports is very reliable for your situati

Is a construction laborer job hard? I just got a new job at hri incorporate a construction and asphalt job an I wanna kn

Difficult, yes, hard yes! Nothing like laying asphalt in the middle of the summer! If laying asphalt is the only job you are qualified to do, make the best out of it! Show them you have what it takes to run the crew someday! It pays the bills, an

Can someone help me determine the load capacity on a steel I-beam?

I need to remove 20 feet of a load-bearing center wall in my basement. I can't go into details here due to word count restriction

Can someone help me determine the load capacity on a steel I-beam?

I need to remove 20 feet of a load-bearing center wall in my basement. I can't go into details here due to word count restriction

Can someone help me determine the load capacity on a steel I-beam?

I need to remove 20 feet of a load-bearing center wall in my basement. I can't go into details here due to word count restriction

If I use 2"x4" stock as temporary subfloor support on both sides of a defective 4"x8"x12' main beam,

there is only 10' of clearance between the houses and they are at lower grade levels.

Will a 20' w8x18 carry the load of a basement load wall

I need this open space to bring a tournament-size pool table into the basement.

Can someone tell me what's the button slot for in the top left Bibb of all Carhartt overalls?

I don't mean the pencil slot even though it does look a tad shallow for a pencil slot btw.

How can you tell if something is iron and not metal?

Trying to protect yourself from ghosts, I see. Iron is heavier than most metals, and it's typically used to make crowbars, fire pokers, etc.

what is 1% of 22 inches

I need the correct answer

What license(s) are required to do interstate house framing?

My uncle wants to start framing houses for a living. Now he has 30+ years in this business, but I stopped him in his tracks. I explained to him he might need licenses especially if he is going to do interstate framing. He told me to do my research an

I want to buy a piece of property that's 50 feet wide and 144 feet long in Lake Village, Arkansas. How much do you think

That will not be too expensive if you will go through some good agents else you should first find out by These are some website that I bookmarked,may be help you too. Good Luck!! Go through