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What is your interpretation and what would you rate this poem out of ten?

"mama" mama never told me that she loved me maybe she never did, mama never told me I was beautiful maybe she never saw, mama never wiped my tears maybe she never knew, one day mama had to go but nothing changed

Is 1490 a good sat score?

Critical reading: 500 Math: 600 Writing: 390 Multiple choice: 41 (1-80) writing score: 6 (1-12)

does 25-30 chapters sound god for a book thats written for teenagers or young adults?

i writing a book for the first time and I'm not sure how long it should be

Whats your favorite series of books, and what is the genre?

I love mystery,murder, ghost and fantasy books I don't really have favorite books but the city of bones series is good

Do you think crying is a sign of weakness, or strength...?

I think crying is both a sign of weakness and strength... It is a sign of weakness when you are using it to get yourself out of a difficult situation because you don't think that you are capable of getting through it. But obviously if God didn't thi

What is political science

Political scientists study the origin, development, and operation of political systems. They research political ideas and analyze governments, policies, political trends, and related issues.

They wanted to go to the lake, but I told them not---.To, so or do ,which is better?

you already missed it, don't hesitate next time, you may not get inivited again, the water is rejuvenating and brings out the best in everyone! such good times!!

what is the meaning of the friends?

"friends" meaning the one who come into your life, they are the strangers at a time and after sometime become the most important part. you can share , love, fight with them,they love you, support you, stand by you, and have faith in you, th

Where can i find the Hesi Free Practice Test online?

You can find one HESI Test on When you practice taking HESI Tests online, you have got a high chance of passing the HESI Test on the first try. The Nurses Learning Center, o

What is a good method to study better?

I just made an F on my History test, and I don't want my grade to drop.

Are there any Fanfictions about someone who doesn't like Twilight appearing there?

I read fanfictions at, so I'm just wondering if there and of those "Oc character is stuck in the Twilight book/movie and is NOT a fan" stories out there.

Is there a word/term for people who don't like the direct sunlight and prefer shade and nighttime?

I want an actual word that is in the English language that describes people and creatures that prefer to stay out of direct sunlight. No I don't mean nocturnal.

What rhymes with peanut?

"No more rhymes now. I mean it!" "Anybody want a peanut?" ....... "Fezzik, are there rocks ahead?" "If there are, we'll all be dead."

How have horses impacted the lives of Americans?

It is for a speech for a queen contest. I feel the three different speeches I have written are not creative enough and do no justice for everything a horse truly has done to impact the lives of an American. It is difficult to come up with an idea due

What does Los Conjuntos mean in Spanish?

Google Translate is saying it means sets, but I don't know what that really means. Is there another meaning to it? Does it change if its used in certain contexts?

Where can I publish my manga online?

I want to publish a manga I created online but don't know what site. can you please list the sites that is free to publish mangas online.

Why is (Bill) short for (William)

How did Richard become Dick? The name Richard is very old and was popular during the Middle Ages. In the 12th and 13th centuries everything was written by hand and Richard nicknames like Rich and Rick were common just to save time. Rhyming nickna

Does this line make sense for a poem?

This is a start of a of poem I'm writing, does this line make sense? "I feel the Autumn lips upon the Winter's brow"

What is a cool way to tell future time?

im writing a book in the future and I want the time to sound different. so instead of 7:00 I want something weird and different same with the months and days of the weeks. please help!!!!

Title choices? Choose one

what sounds better "Adrenaline Revolver" or "Letters to an Inmate" :)

Without spoiling in the Walking dead comics who called Rick and said it was Lori?

You realize the phone was unplugged ... right? Even plugged in, there's no electricity to power the phone ... right? NOW do you get it?

A typical village in West Africa consists of _____.

I just heard on Fox that it contains Obama's home. Is that true? Must be I guess. Duhhhh.

what are some of the best inspirational quotes?

Inspirational and/or Bible quotes can be researched on line. But truly most important is What is the true meaning of the or any quote. Example: "All things are possible If You Believe." The question becomes How Does One LEARN to Believe or

How should I address older people in English?

English isn't my native language. I'll go to England for the first time soon and I don't know how should I refer to the elders (ex. my friend's dad). Should I use 'sir' with every sentence? I don't want to sound rude and using only 'you' seems someho

Is this a good poem?

"Dreaming without fear And loving without limits Is like knowing you don't have to be a pro Just to win it." For my English class at school, we have to find or write a poem or song (or a part of a song) and present it to the class with an

advice for thinking of a plot for a story?

narrow it down first by genre. do you want sic-fi, realistic, fantasy, etc. then look for inspiration. search random things on google, take a walk, go to the library, whatever you have to do. after you have a general idea, create characters. i would

What could be a stronger word?

I need a stronger word for hopeless romance, or futile love.

Is there an app or a website that can help you learn many kinds of languages for free?

The app duo lingo is amazing! I learned French, German and Spanish with it. It has also come very far and made great improvements since it first came out. It explains everything you need explained, tests you, and makes it fun and easy!

Is English hard to learn?

Fluent English can be quite difficult for non-native speakers, yes. Homonyms, homophobes, homographs, antonyms, phonym similarities, etc and the abundant use of foreign terms adopted into English and vast array of regional slang and idiomatic expr

What is a descriptive way of saying neon green?

Im writing a descriptive essay and I'm having trouble finding away to say that the cafeteria walls are neon green. I'm also trying to put as much figurative language in it as possible.

Are there any expressions or idioms using color in English? Please tell me those meaning, too.

See red, out of the blue, green with envy, brown-nose, in the pink. I'll let you look up the meanings because I feel like I'm doing your homework for you already.

How do you quote a famous saying on your paper?

how can i quote "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” by Confucius on my essay?

In french, to say we are immortal, would I write, "Nous sommes immortel," or, "Nous sommes immortels?&quo

This is for my french homework. Any answers are needed ASAP, please!

In the book the Perks of being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky what is the main conflict and resolution, with quotes?

So many things are happening in the book, and it is not exactly clear to me what the main conflict is and what the resolution is, please help!

What is the culture of little india?

more scientific explanation

Has anyone else read the Harry Potter series?

I am currently on the 5th book (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix). I've seen all the movies and I'm now reading the books. Who else has read the series? I'm just curious lol :')

Theme for : The Outsiders ?

Just wondering your opinions on the theme of the book, The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton. Please explain why you chose your answer :D.

What are some good books to read?

for a 19 year old guy. I don't normally read I want to start reading as a habit. but, I want interesting books to help me start.

Does anybody know this book?

when I was a kid I used to read a kids book that I think was Halloween themed... it had something to do with flamingos and a character named Leggy Lewis. (a flamingo probably?) anyways I can't seem to find anything about it online! THANKS!

What are some good artistic sounding first names?

male or female. It's for a book I'm working on.

It's getting allergies constantly normal?

My allergies are REALLY bothering me so, I am now miserable.

I am an aspiring writer and I want to write dystopian novel, but I want to do something different. Any ideas for me?

I am looking for cool ideas for writing a dystopian set novel, I have been drawing a blank, so if you can give me ideas, to get me started, that would be great. Thanks

Any ideas on civil war poems?

fave one i'll use for paper :)

What are the origins of the last name Tiffany

Tiffany Name MeaningEnglish (Yorkshire): from the medieval female personal name Tiffania (Old French Tiphaine, from Greek Theophania, a compound of theos ?God? + phainein ?to appear?). This name was often given to girls born around the feast of Epiph

I want to learn sign language any good websites or suggestions?

i really want to learn ASL and i don't know where to go to learn any of it. is there anyways suggestions on how i can start out?