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What is something great i can make for friends on valentines day?

The links wont help and i want to make something with paper to make my friends something cute and creative please help.

I love web design but are there any ways I can do it for people?

I really want to know some good websites I can do thinks like make websites and I also want to know how I can make websites... for people if that makes sense...

How do I make a rubber band bracelet... I need some help?

Please help me... I really want to make some for my softball team and I really don't know what to do!! Please answer ASAP...

How should I use the wedding invitation cards?

I have many invitation cards and they are really very beautiful... I wish to make something out of them... Something innovative and beautiful.. Please give me some ideas about what to make!!! I have tried greeting cards and bookmarks, please suggest

Anyone made money selling homemade jewelry online

I'm sure people have done it and been successful with it. If you have the time to make it and want to offer something barely anyone does, I highly recommend chain-mail. If your skilled at it you could probably made a bracelet in an hour or two. Its v

what are some cool things to draw?

I am bored at the moment an I want to practice my drawing skills so what are some cool things to draw besides people like nature items different kinds of animals structures you know cool stuff and it doesn't have to be realistic of you want you can

So I have a large canvas. I don't want to screw it up. I have never really painted on a real one. Any suggestions of ho

I have never really painted on a real canvas before I really want some cool and unique ideas of what to paint

Help With Film photography?

I have 2 questions. please try to answer both. So basically, I am a freshman in high school and I am in a film photo class that started about 2 months ago. we use Nikon 35mm fm10 slr cameras. I have been struggling A LOT with this. For some reason I

Any cute crafts I can make as a small gift for my friend?

So my friend is about 13 and I want to make a cute and easy crafty thing for her birthday. Any ideas?

Anyone know where to find paintings of 16th century spanish paintor Juan Ramírez?

I need to find Juan Ramírez artwork for a project. I am having trouble finding his work please help!!

What are pictures called with the funny comments on them

check this one

Where's the easiest place to build a website?

For my memoirs, pictures of scenery, painting, etc. Where is the easiest place to build a personal website?

What Should Be Included In A 13th Birthday Bash ?

What's a 13th birthday bash without all your best friends and family members? u guys can watch some movies, go out to a restaurant, go to an amusement park, etc. Also include a bunch of food. (make your pals happy :P) have fun! :)

what nail design should I put on my nails?

I only have reds and links ( and sparkles & clear coat)

how can I revamp my clothes?

I have lots of old shirts!

What are some good ways to reuse books?

im going to re do my room and I really wont to take some of my old books and make them into things to make my room look awesome. ive turned on book into a dangly thing for in the corner of my room to hang down but I don't know what else to do. anythi

What is some good surrealism subject matter?

I am painting a watercolor surrealism painting for my art post test in school. I need some ideas on what to paint. Must be school appropriate

What do Graphic designers do?

I know a person that does graphic design working with architects doing restoration projects on old cathedrals, etc. Very interesting stuff!

What should i do? Im so bored!

i dont know what to do. my twin went on a camp out and im alone. any ideas? i like craft things and plays.

How do you make you a instagram

idk how because every time i go on there it say sign in not up

How long does it take spray paint to dry?

25 minutes if you have a decent gloss quick dry 15 if you have a flat quick dry on metal and 5 with a flat quick dry on brick

When drawing characters is it better to use guidelines, does it matter is i use guidelines ?

Well, you need guidelines. Until you reach a certain level (about 10,00 hours of practice) your proportions will not be perfect. If you are starting you need lots of guide lines but as your intuition for drawing gradually improves you can take them o

What do i put as my instagram caption?

I have never posted a selfie of myself on instagram, only pictures of scenery and stuff! what can i make my captjon other than cheesy quotes. Im a girl and age 14!

Ideas for a superhero?

I have to do a project and I have to draw up and deign my own comic book hero, but I can not copyright or anything. I want my character to be a female and badass, but my drawings will be in Anime form, so what kind of idea should I do? Also what shou

How bad does a tattoo hurt

Imagine stabbing yourself in the same spot with a needle for 5 minutes and slowly moving it around a drawing. It's very uncomfortable and burns a little bit. I recommend spending time choosing the location and item you want tattooed. It's permanen

How to make green-grey eyes "pop" or look bigger?

usually to make any eye look bigger lining just the outside corner of your eye (so look forward and line up until your pupal begins) helps with that illusion, putting a light or even white on the inner corners of your eye helps with that too. if you

How to make photos look dark?

here is an example of what I want: how do they get that almost dark veil over their photos? Are there any apps? Thanks xx

Is there a way I could get my pictures back if i reset my iPhone?

I reset it and didn't think my pictures would get deleted

How long does Facebook block people from adding

I just made a new Facebook and I was addin people from my other account and then all of a sudden a note popped out sayin i was blocked temporarily. help

How do i create this color?

i have to paint this picture with acrylic paint and it has snow that is under night sky. how can i create that color? its kinda a dark gray

Any DIY projects?

I'm bored and looking for something relatively easy and fun to make or DIY, does anyone have any ideas?

My graduation is coming up and I don't know whether to use foundation or concealer?

I am not a girly girl, my natural makeup routine is eyeshadow and mascara. But i want to look really nice for my graduation and I am a beginner in makeup, so which should i use

Does anyone have any stop motion claymation ideas?

Oh oh oh!!!! You could have this green hero with a pointed head that has an orange-colored horse for a friend..........

How do you disguise yourself as a boy?

I'm making a fancomic, ok? It's kind of complicated, but here's what happens. I find out I have magic powers, but the type of powers I have can only be wielded by men. So, in order to get trained and allowed to use them, I need to pretend to be a boy

I was decorating a pillow case with fabric markers and made a mistake. Is their a way to correct or erase this?

Not that I know, but remember that it is art and now you might think about adding something or thickening the lines to hide the mistake, think 'tattoo cover-ups' and blend it into what you're doing already. Make it part of your art.

If you paint a picture of the blue dog, a famous concentration art piece(s), is that plagiarizing? I won't be selling it

it's just a picture I like and would paint for fun. I wouldn't call it anything new or sell it.

how to keep a autograph case not fade?

I have this case that my favorite idol SIGNED when I seen him and I don't want it too fade away it means so much to me how can I protect it because I wanna show it off without Gettin faded

What ways can i decorate my walls in my room for free?

my room is plain and i want to make it pop and colorful and just overall Bright!

Who can I talk too to get me started if I need help inventing a product?

First ... you would need to research (via the Patent Office) if somebody has already invented it, or a similar product.

What is better architectures or landscaping

I'm wondering what I should do cuz i have a apple tech class and I have to pick one

How do I keep my cats from scratching up my woodwork? I've tried the sprays and posts. They don't work. Any herbal conco

Depending on the age of your cat and if they are set in their ways. You can take a bath towel and wrap it around the table legs. If they are bold enough to scratch while your in the room.. then keep an empty soda can and put a couple nickles and pe

Is the new episodes of true blood on yet?

Ya you way missed the season. It ended 2 weeks ago, just about. If you have on demand you can catch up or online. :( sorry you missed it

What is a really soft toilet paper brand?

Whatever one has a puppy or baby

How to erase sharpie writing off skin?

It'll fade over time, but you can make it fade faster by scrubbing it with warm soapy water on an old washcloth (I doubt you'd want to ruin a perfectly good washcloth).

Where can i buy spray paint to paint my bike?

Get tractor paint from the tractor supply store it will last longer then regular spray paint

Who is one direction?

Look them up on YouTube they took 3rd place in xfactor uk on the 7th season they are a boy band from the uk 4 of them are British one is IrishA the members consist of Harry styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and the Irish one is Niall h

Is this correct grammer? "Would you mind to hold for me"

No because it's not clear. "To hold" Is this ment holding a physical object or waiting for a period of time: "Would you mind" (An action word answering the question what should come next) "Would you mind holding" or &qu

Whats your favorite color?

mine is purple whats yours?